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Paracetamol oral suspension can be used for mild to moderate pain, and to reduce fever. It can be used to relieve symptoms of colds, flu, headaches, toothache, sore throat, nerve pain, period pain and other general aches and pains. For children it can also be used to reduce a high temperature, including fever following vaccination at two months of age.

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Toothaches, the flu, colds; at some point, children may experience pain and aches due to known medical conditions. When this occurs, what do you do to alleviate the painful symptoms? Over the years, a widely used medicine known as the “go-to solution” for problems as such has been Ibuprofen also known as brand name Nurofen. While this medicine is known to provide relief, it is important to understand its makeup, side effects, and more to ensure children will have optimal results when taking this medication.

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Tixylix SyrupTixylix Syrup

If your child is experiencing a tickling cough, it is strongly advised that you consult a doctor before you begin any course of treatment. Ensure that your child is kept warm and that they drink plenty of fluids. If symptoms persist, Tixylix Toddler Syrup will help to soothe your child's cough quickly and easily.

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Benylin Children's Chesty Coughs syrup is used to help relieve the symptoms of children’s chesty cough. The active ingredient in Benylin Children's Chesty Coughs syrup is guaifenesin. Guaifenesin is an expectorant used to help loosen mucus (phlegm) from the lungs. The medicine is used in children between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

It is recommended that fluid intake is increased in order to help loosen the mucus.

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Calpol contains paracetamol which is used for mild to moderate pain and to reduce fever in children. This medicine is used to relieve symptoms of colds, flu, headaches, toothache, sore throat, post-immunisation fever, and other general aches and pains. It can also be used in conjunction with other medicines to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu. 

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Dioralyte sachetsDioralyte sachets

Dioralyte is an of rehydration salts that help you regain lost water and salt in the body. This product is in a powder form inside a sachet, to use it, you have to mix the contents of the sachet in water to make a drink. Dioralyte sachets come in different flavours such as:

  • Blackcurrant flavours, 

  • Citrus flavours and 

  • Natural flavours.

Dioralyte is majorly used to replace fluids and salt you lost while suffering from a bout of diarrhoea.

Dioralyte does not stop the diarrhoea, but, It helps you to regain your body fluid and electrolyte you lost because of the diarrhoea.

Rehydration salts are essential for frail or the elderly, children and babies with diarrhoea, to avoid getting ill as a result of dehydration.

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If your child is experiencing nasal congestion and or painful sinuses, it is strongly advised that you consult a doctor before you begin any course of treatment. Ensure that your child gets plenty of rest and drinks plenty of fluids alongside treatment. If symptoms persist, Olbas for Children will help to gently clear blocked up noses.

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If you or your child are experiencing a severe nappy rash, eczema, surface wounds, sunburn, minor burns, acne, bed sores or chilblains, it is strongly advised that you consult a doctor before you begin any course of treatment. If symptoms persist, Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream will help to relieve and heal these conditions. 

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Optibac ProbioticsOptibac Probiotics

Optibac Probiotics for Babies and Children will help to boost your child’s immune and digestive systems. Optibac probiotics won many awards including the Rude Health Awards, Your Healthy Living Awards or Mama & Baby Awards. Optibac live cultures supplements are a natural option as they are free from added sugars, flavours and made using only natural bacteria. All of the live cultures strains used in Optibac have been extensively researched in global leading laboratories for safety and survival.

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Dentinox Craddle CapDentinox Craddle Cap

Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo is designed to cleanse your baby’s scalp when suffering from cradle cap. Cradle cap can appear as dry scale-like skin on the baby’s scalp.The sodium lauryl ether sulpho-succinate and sodium lauryl ether sulphate in DentinoxCradle Cap Shampoo help to soften the skin and clean the hair. After a few applications the dead/dry skin should wash away.

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Colief Infant Drops contains the active ingredient lactase enzyme. Lactase is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. Its primary function is to break down lactose so that it can easily be absorbed. Colief Infant Drops being comprised of lactase breaks down lactose in your baby’s feeding milk. This results in your little one being able to digest their feed better and consequently relieving colic. 

There are various ways of avoiding colic, such as by infant massage or letting your baby suck their pacifier. The list could go on. However, colic is a condition that commonly affects babies during their first few months. Studies say that this is mainly because infants, in their early months, are unable to digest lactose in their milk correctly. If colic happens to be a problem with your baby, you can resort to giving them Colief Infant Drops.

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Infacol colic relief is designed to relieve your babies wind, infant colic and griping pain. The primary ingredient – Simethicone – is an anti-flatulent which helps release wind trapped in the tummy through flatulence or burping. Simethicone helps to turn small trapped gas bubbles into larger bubbles that are easily released. This helps make your baby comfortable and reduce crying.

Infacol colic relief can be used by new-born infants and up.

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Metanium has been developed to help prevent nappy rash. Metanium helps to soothe, protect, and treat soreness. Creating a thin barrier between the skin and waste products your baby will suffer less and recover quicker. Titanium dioxide, titanium peroxide, and titanium salicylate are contained in a water repellent silicone base to produce the ointment. Metanium is available in 3 forms – Treatment Ointment, Barrier Ointment (for Prevention) and Barrier Spray (for Prevention). Used together, you are ready to minimise the chances of a serious case of nappy rash.

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Anbesol Teething GelAnbesol Teething Gel

Anbesol teething gel is an over the counter antiseptic and anaesthetic used to offer temporary relief against baby’s teething pain, denture irritation, mouth ulcers, minor irritation, fever blisters and canker sores. The active ingredients in Anbesol teething gel include lidocaine hydrochloride (the anaesthetic that stops pain), cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorocresol that kill bacteria.

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Dentinox Colic DropsDentinox Colic Drops

The active ingredient contained in Dentinox Infant Colic Drops is activated dimethicone. This product is one of the substances belonging to a group of medicines known as surface-active substances. Dentinox Infant Colic Drops works to relieve colic by helping to discharge trapped wind, thereby alleviating related symptoms such as indigestion and tummy pain. 

There generally are proper means and ways of feeding and cradling your baby, among others, in order to avoid colic. Infant massage may work, or else having him or her suck a pacifier may do the trick. However, colic can happen to your baby all too often, especially in their early months. You can remedy this situation by having him or her take Dentinox Infant Colic Drops.

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Hedrin LotionHedrin Lotion

Hedrin Lotion is a solution used to treat head lice in adults or children over the age of six months. it contains an active ingredient known as Dimeticone which works by coating the louse, making it immobile. When this happens, the lice are unable to survive, making those that might have fed die of gut rupture, while the hungry ones die of starvation. 

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Hedrin Once Spray GelHedrin Once Spray Gel

Hedrin Once Spray Gel is a fast acting treatment for head lice and lice eggs. It contains dimeticone as an active ingredient that seals in the lice attached on the hair shaft, preventing them from moving. The lice die in place due to starvation. Penetrol is also another ingredient that aids in penetration o the lice eggs. This means that not only does the treatment kill the lice, but it does ensure that no more new lice will be hatched from the eggs that may be left behind, once you wash off the product. 

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Nitty Gritty NitFree CombNitty Gritty NitFree Comb

Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb is an award-winning and highly effective tool to remove headlice and the eggs which cause them. Its advanced design allows you to eliminate headlice in a chemical-free way. 

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Aveeno Baby Body WashAveeno Baby Body Wash

Dry skin and eczema is a common condition suffered by babies. Eczema is a condition that makes the skin dry, red, and itchy. In babies, eczema is mostly caused by irritation from skincare products, food substances, and other things their skins might come into contact with. Considering how sensitive a baby’s skin is, you need a product that will help treat eczema effectively without causing side effects.

Aveeno Baby Body Wash is ideal for baby's sensitive and delicate skin. Its mild formulation can be used daily and is ideal for babies suffering from eczema. This product is soap free and contains oat extracts, which enable it to treat your baby’s eczema effectively and fast.

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Aveeno Baby Daily Care LotionAveeno Baby Daily Care Lotion

The active ingredient in Aveeno Baby Daily Care Lotion is dimethicone. This compound is a skin protectant. Aveeno Baby Daily Care Lotion is a baby care product that has been formulated to nourish and protect your little one’s skin for 24 hours a day. As a fragrance-free lotion, it is also non-greasy. It contains colloidal oatmeal, able to prevent cracked, chapped or chafed skin. This baby lotion is safe for daily use, keeping the skin smooth, soft and healthy. 

Many known ways have been suggested to care for and moisturize baby’s skin. Some sources say that your baby’s bath should be kept short to only 10 minutes. Prolonged baths lead to dry skin. Lukewarm water ought to be used as well because it causes less drying. There are suggestions that soap should not be used, but a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic cleanser. The list is quite extensive. However, if you’re looking for an easier, safer and clinically-proven way to moisturize your baby’s skin, you can resort to using Aveeno Baby Daily Care Lotion.

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Full marks Head Lice SolutionFull marks Head Lice Solution

Full marks is an over the counter treatment for head lice in children over the age of two years and adults. It is a fast-acting treatment, and it contains active ingredients such as Cyclomethicone and isopropyl myristate, which work by sealing, smothering and dehydrating the lice, thus killing them.

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Vamousse Head Lice ProtectionVamousse Head Lice Protection

Head lice are small wingless insects that hide in a person’s hair and suck blood. Lice outbreaks are more common in children aged between 3 and 11 and can be hard to detect since the nits (lice eggs) do not cause itching at first. So, the best thing to do, especially for kids in this age bracket are having a prevention strategy. Vamousse Head Lice Protection Shampoo is one product that you can use. This product contains isopropyl myristate, which allows it to keep you safe from head lice effectively.

Using some home remedies is also great as it allows you to prevent head lice before seeking medicated options. Below are several tips that you can use:

  • Avoid head to head contact

  • Avoid sharing personal things like combs, hats, and brushes

  • Machine wash and dry all your clothes more often

  • Do not lie on items that have been in contact with a previously infected person such as beds, pillows, and couches

These tips are great as they allow you to reduce the risk of getting head lice. However, they might not be beneficial since you are not always sure of when you or your child might get head lice hence making it vital to have a better strategy. Using Vamousse Head Lice Protection Shampoo is the best way to prevent and even kill head lice. However, it would be best if you got proper guidance from experts like Click Pharmacy before using this product to ensure you do it accurately to receive maximum benefits.

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Woodwards Gripe WaterWoodwards Gripe Water

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Treatment For Children & Babies

Children and babies do not understand their bodies and neither can they fathom how an illness may affect them. Hence, in the case that they fall ill, it might be challenging for them to express the symptoms. It is even more difficult in babies who unlike children of five years of age they cannot report a discomfort. 

This is why the help of close contact is needed in describing a child's condition as they can deduce an ailment based on close observation of the child's behaviour. The advice of a doctor is also useful in getting a diagnosis and recommending the right medication. 

Hence should notice a change in your child or baby seeks medical from your GP.

Why treat children and babies.

Children and babies can experience extreme discomfort when they are ill. Aside from these, they exhibit noticeable changes including being cranky, pale, lethargic, hot and changes that might signal they are in pain.

As such, it is essential to visit a doctor immediately since symptoms such as fever, diarrhoea, coughing, headache or vomiting in a child could mean something different as compared to an adult. This is because their immune system is yet to mature and what might be dismissed as a common symptom in an adult might mean something serious in a child’s case. 

If you notice a sudden change in your child or baby, it is essential to seek medical help

How to treat children and babies.

Children need the help of parents or caregivers to ensure that they finish the prescribed dose of treatment. However, this is not often easy as the child might still be experiencing discomfort caused by the illness. Children also dislike the taste of some medication and more they are afraid of injections.

Therefore, to effectively treat a sick child or baby, couple the treatment prescribed by the doctor with caring tips like; ensuring your child gets plenty of rest, ventilating the room to keep it the best condition, giving th baby plenty of fluids and comforting them to make them feel at ease.

Always talk to your GP for needed assistance. Find out where you can access health services in case an emergency occurs during after hours, which is when you’re likely to have limited options.

How do children and babies treatment work 

A lot of children medications come in the form of a syrup which makes it easier for the child to swallow. Once the medication has been administered, it is broken down by the digestive juices in the body and absorbed into the bloodstream.

It is good to note that the form of medicine prescribed to a child may depend on the strength it contains and how best it will work in the body. That is why sometimes the doctor might recommend an injection and other times, a liquid medication. Always talk to your doctor to get the right technique for administering medication. This will ensure that you get the right measurements of the drug, the correct dose, timing and thus effectively relieving your child of pain and any symptom they may be suffering from.