The major common causes of dry coughs are a viral illness like colds/flu, allergies or throat irritants. Buy Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough Syrup today from Click Phar


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Benylin Dry and Tickly

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What is Benylin Dry and Tickly

Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough Syrup is an excellent way to relieve dry coughs are a viral sickness like colds/flu, allergic reactions or throat irritants and tickling in the throat.

How effective is Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough syrup?

The sweet syrup works by relieving and coating the back of the throat. This syrup soothes and relieves sore throat and stops annoying tickling sensations that propel a cough even though no phlegm is formed. Benylin Dry Cough Syrup also offer protection to the throat from environmental irritants such as smoke or dust particles that could irritate the airways.

Active Ingredients: 

Glycerol & Sucrose: Glycerol and sucrose have demulcent properties that help in relieving irritated throat and also block sensory cough effectors within the respiratory tract.

Glycerol is quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and passes through extensive metabolism mainly in the liver.

Name Jana Abelovska
Role Superintendent Pharmacist
GPhc Number 2220953

What dose should I choose?

This cough syrup is a clear, dark brown liquid solution. It contains glycerol (0.75 ml) and sucrose (1.707 g), as the active ingredients, in every 5ml of the syrup. Available in 150ml bottle.


  • For oral use only.

  • Do not exceed the prescribed dosage

Adults & children from the ages of one (1) year and above:

  • Adults & children above five years: Take two (2) 5ml spoonful 3 or 4 times per day.

  • Children within the ages of one (1) to five (5) years: Take one (1) 5ml spoonful 3 or 4 times per day.

Do not exceed four doses within 24 hours. If symptoms are prolonged and no changes occur, talk to your doctor.

Other Ingredients 

  1. Citric acid monohydrate

  2. Sodium benzoate (E211)

  3. Cough syrup 513277 flavours (which includes anise oil, liquorice, propylene glycol, ethanol (alcohol).

  4. Black treacle

  5. Liquid glucose

  6. Purified water

Precautions for use

  • Individuals with Diabetic conditions should take note of the level of the carbohydrate content in this product.

  • Not to be administered to children under one year of age.

  • Keep the medicine out of sight and reach of children.

  • This medicine contains a moderate amount of ethanol (alcohol), less than 100mg per 5ml dose.

  • Patients with rare inherited problems of dietary problems including: fructose intolerance, glucose galactose mal-absorption or congenital sucrase isomaltase deficiencies; should not take this medicine because of the active ingredients (sucrose and glucose).

How long should I take Benylin Dry & Tickly Cough syrup for?

No mucus is produced during dry or tickly cough. It should go away after a maximum of 3 weeks. If it persists, it could be a signal for a more serious issue. An allergic reaction such as hay fever can also cause a cough. When the body is trying to clear out something from the airway or the throat, the likelihood of having a cough is very high. Viral illness or inhaling of smoke can also cause dry coughs. 

When shouldn’t I use Benylin Dry & Tickly Cough syrup?

Do not use this medicine:

  • If you have had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients

  • If he or she is under one (1) years of age.

  • Diabetic Patients should consult a medical professional before taking this syrup.

  • If you have an intolerance or low tolerance to some sugars.

  • Do not use your medicine after the expiry date on the packaging.

Some of the ingredients can cause problems

  • This syrup contains glucose (1.85g) & sucrose (1.707g) in each 5ml, which could be harmful to the teeth. Contact your doctor before using this medicine, if you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance or low tolerance to some sugars, Diabetic patient should take note of this.

  • Carbohydrate level of the syrup is 3.85g per 5ml.

Incase you Overdosed on the syrup

  • In the event of overdose, contact a medical doctor or the nearest Accident and Emergency department. Note: Ensure to take the pack of the syrup with you for proper identification.

Incase you forget to give a dose

  • Do not take a double dose to cover up for the missed days, only take the one does at a time.

Possible side effects associated with the administration of the syrup

  • This sugary syrup is not likely to cause any side effect, but if you are allergic to the ingredients contained in this syrup the possibility of a side effect if possible. In the event of any side effects or you are not certain about anything concerning the syrup, talk to a medical professional or a pharmacist.

In certain situations, the symptoms may be underlying for a more serious condition:

Asthmatic condition

The dry cough associated with asthmatic patients can either be productive or non-productive. Chronic Dry cough is also a significant symptom of Asthma. 

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), also called Acid reflux happens when the stomach acid flows back up into the oesophagus regularly, which connects the mouth to the stomach. Stomach acid can upset the oesophagus and trigger cough reflex.

Post-nasal drip

Post-nasal drip is the situation where extra mucus drips down your throat. When there are cold or seasonal allergies, the membranes in the nose responds by producing a larger amount of mucus than usual. The mucus associated with Post-nasal drip is usually watery and runny unlike the normal mucus, and that's why it drips down easily to the back of your throat and tickle the nerves which then triggers a cough.

Viral infections

When you are affected by viruses that can cause the common cold, the short term symptoms normally disappear in a week. Post cold coughs are always dry and last for about two months. They're usually the results of an irritation in the air-ways, which is usually extremely sensitive after a viral infection/illness.

Can pregnant women take Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough Syrup?

Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough Syrup is not considered to cause any harm to pregnant women.

Can I drive after taking Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough Syrup?

If you begin to feel tired after taking Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough Syrup you should not drive or operate machinery until these symptoms wear off. However, for the majority of patients taking Benylin Dry and Tickly Cough Syrup they do not experience any tired feelings, making it safe for them to drive and operate machinery.

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