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Sumatriptan Tablets

Taken at the onset of a migraine, Sumatriptan is medication used to treat acute migraine headaches.

Medication features:

  • A prescription migraine treatment
  • Generic Imigran
  • Relieves headaches, nausea and light sensitivity

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Buy Sumatriptan Online

You can order Sumatriptan online in the UK from our registered pharmacy. Complete the online medical assessment to be reviewed by one of our prescribers. If approved, your medication will be dispensed by our pharmacy team for next day delivery to your address. 

About Sumatriptan tablets

Sumatriptan is a prescription medication that is used to treat migraine symptoms. It eases migraines, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to sound and light. It's a triptan medication with sumatriptan succinate as the active ingredient.

It works by blocking the release of chemicals called serotonin and other substances in your brain that cause pain, nausea, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Sumatriptan is used when regular pain relievers don't work for migraines.

Sumatriptan Summary

Type of medicine

Triptan – For Migraine symptom relief


Treats acute migraine headaches in adults

How it works

Narrows swollen blood vessels in the head to reduce migraine headache symptoms

Active Ingredient

Sumatriptan succinate

Directions of use

Swallow the tablet whole with a drink of water as directed when required. Do not chew or crush tablet. Do not take more than 200mg in 24 hours.

Available strengths

50mg, 100mg

Side effects

Common side effects include nausea, tiredness, dizziness, drowsiness, tingling feeling.



The information provided in the summary table is for reference only. It is important to consult a qualified healthcare professional before starting any migraine treatment, including Sumatriptan.

How does Sumatriptan work?

Migraine headaches occur when blood vessels around the brain swell. Sumatriptan reduces blood vessel swelling to relieve migraine headaches. Sumatriptan begins to work in 30 minutes. You should take it when a migraine starts. To learn about dosages, talk to your GP or one of our pharmacists.

Other prescription medications to treat migraine

There are other prescription medications that can provide relief from migraines. We have a wide range of migraine relief medication, including other triptans, nasal sprays, and wafer melts.

Other prescription medications include:


  • Imigran (Branded version of sumatriptan)
  • Zolmitriptan
  • Zomig (Branded version of Zolmitriptan)

Nasal Sprays

Wafer Melts

You can find a detailed guide on the different options available for migraine treatments here. 


What dose should I choose?

Sumatriptan comes in either a 50mg or 100mg tablet and should be taken at the onset of a migraine. If the migraine comes back after 2 hours, you can take another tablet. Just make sure you don't take more than 300mg in 24 hours.

Sumatriptan 50mg tablets

The dose usually offered at first is the 50 mg tablet. If this dose works for you, then there is no need to take the 100mg dose.

Sumatriptan 100mg tablets

 If the 50mg tablets don't work, you can try the stronger Sumatriptan 100mg tablets.

Check the label or instruction form to learn more about dosages. You can talk to your GP or one of our healthcare specialists at Click Pharmacy for more info.

How to take Sumatriptan at a time?

Take Sumatriptan tablets when you feel an attack coming on to prevent it from happening.

How long does 50mg Sumatriptan last for migraine

It depends on the person and the severity of your migraine. The effects can last up to 6 hours but are usually stronger if you take them after a meal.

If you have a severe headache, it's best to take Sumatriptan with food because it will help reduce any side effects caused by this medicine (such as nausea). If you can eat, stick to simple meals and do not consume rich or spicy food.

Side effects

Common side effects of Sumatriptan include:

  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness 
  • Shortness of breath

If you experience a severe allergic reaction to this drug, such as a rash, swelling, itching and difficulty breathing, seek medical assistance immediately.

Avoid taking any more Sumatriptan if you experience unexpected feelings of warmth or coldness, heaviness in the face or chest and tightness in legs and arms.

An overdose of Sumatriptan Tablets can result in loss of bladder and bowel control, a slower heart rate, feeling faint and sickness. You can read more about the side effects of sumatriptan here

Is it safe to use Sumatriptan whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

No evidence shows harm when taking Sumatriptan while pregnant. Speak to doctor before use. Sumatriptan can enter breastmilk, so avoid breastfeeding for 12 hours after taking it.

Visit BUMPS - Sumatriptan for further information. 

Who should not use Sumatriptan?

Before using sumatriptan, discuss with your doctor if any of the following apply to you.

• Over 65 years old.
• Have had a heart attack or other heart related conditions
• High blood pressure
• A history of fits or seizures.
• Liver or kidney disease.
• A heavy smoker

How long does it take for Sumatriptan Tablets to work?

The tablets usually begin working in between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Can you buy Sumatriptan over the counter?

If you have been previously diagnosed with migraine, you are able to buy sumatriptan tablets over the counter, limited to a dose of 2, 50mg. If you require a higher strength dose, then a prescription is still required.

Can I take Sumatriptan Tablets if I have a history of heart problems?

Sumatriptan Tablets are not suitable for people who have any history of heart problems such as chest pain, stroke, coronary heart disease or have previously had a heart attack.

Can I take Sumatriptan Tablets if I have a high blood pressure?

Sumatriptan Tablets cause the blood vessels which cause migraines and headaches to narrow, increasing blood pressure. If you already have a high blood pressure you should avoid taking Sumatriptan Tablets.

Can I take Sumatriptan Tablets to treat normal headaches?

Sumatriptan is not a pain killer, it should not be used to treat normal headaches.

Can I drive after taking Sumatriptan Tablets?

If you experience common side effects such as dizziness, you should avoid driving and using machinery until you feel better.

Is Imigran the same as Sumatriptan?

Effectively they both contain the same active ingredients, meaning they are medically the same. The main difference is price and branding. Imigran costs more as it is a branded version of Sumatriptan.

What do Sumatriptan 50/100mg tablets look like?

In Uk, Sumatriptan 50mg tablets are white and capsule shaped. Each pack of Sumatriptan, 50mg Tablets, contains 2, 4, 6 or 12 tablets in blister strips. Further details can be found here at the Patient Leaflet Page.

Is Sumatriptan a narcotic?

Sumatriptan is not a narcotic, meaning it does not produce any type of high when taken by mouth. This makes it safe for people who have had problems with prescription painkillers in the past because they could lead to addiction or dependence on these medications (which can be dangerous).

How long does Sumatriptan 50mg stay in your system?

Sumatriptan 50mg stays in your system for 10 hours. After that, its minor side effects, such as serotonin syndrome, will disappear.

Is it ok to take Ondansetron 4mg and Sumatriptan 50mg?

If you're taking ondansetron 4mg and sumatriptan 50mg, it's essential to know that the combination of these drugs is not a narcotic.

Ondansetron 4mg and sumatriptan 50mg are prescription medications for migraine headaches. Each one has its own specific purpose and usage--the first is an anti-inflammatory that reduces pain, while the second helps relieve symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light.

How much does Sumatriptan 50mg cost?

Sumatriptan 50mg is £9.99 per pack, and it's available at most pharmacies like Click Pharmacy in the UK.

Does Sumatriptan 50mg make you high?

Sumatriptan, 50mg tablets, are not opioids and do not cause high, but they are sometimes abused by people who want to get high.

Can I take Sumatriptan with Ibuprofen?

You should avoid taking Sumatriptan with ibuprofen. Ibuprofen can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke and cause bleeding in the stomach or intestines.

Can I take Paracetamol with Sumatriptan?

You can take Paracetamol while you're taking Sumatriptan. Paracetamol is a pain reliever that may help reduce the pain of your migraine headaches.

You should not take more than one dose of Paracetamol in 24 hours if you also use Sumatriptan. You should not use this combination if you have liver problems or other conditions that Paracetamol (such as asthma) could affect you.

Can I take 2 50mg sumatriptan?

Sumatriptan comes in 50mg and 100mg tablets and should be taken at the onset of a migraine. You may take another tablet after 2 hours if the migraine returns with the maximum dosage not exceeding 300mg within 24 hours.

At first, the dose usually offered for Sumatriptan tablets is 50mg tablet. If this dose works, then there is no need to take the 100mg dose.


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