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  • First line of defence against asthma
  • Designed to relax the muscles in the airways
  • Quickly relieves symptoms such as wheezing


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What is Ventolin Inhaler

Ventolin Inhaler launched in 1969, also known as the blue inhaler in the UK, is used to provide effective short term relief from asthma symptoms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, such as coughing, tightness in the chest, wheezing and breathing problems. Although Ventolin Inhaler is not a permanent treatment for conditions like asthma, it can provide quick relief. Reliever inhalers such as Ventolin are one of the first lines of defence against an asthma attack. These are fast acting bronchodilators designed to relax the muscles in the airways and increase the amount of air flowing to the lungs to make it easier to breathe.

What is contained in Ventolin?

Ventolin inhaler (Ventolin Evohaler & Ventolin Accuhaler) contains the active ingredient salbutamol sulfate. The Ventolin Evohaler also includes the propellant HFA-134a. On the other hand, Ventolin Accuhaler also contains lactose.

Other Warnings to consider

You need to let your doctor or pharmacist know if you are taking any other medicines, including vitamins and herbal supplements. Be sure also to mention any of the following:

  • Diuretics
  • Antidepressants
  • Beta-blockers
  • MSO inhibitors
  • Any other inhaled medications/bronchodilators

How effective is Ventolin?

Ventolin is effective in quickly relieving symptoms such as wheezing or a full-blown asthma attack. 1 or 2 puffs usually relieves chest tightness for up to 6 hours. Once used, the medication will work immediately to relieve your breathing problems.

Why choose Ventolin?

Ventolin inhalers are a well-trusted and highly studied product that provides immediate relief to asthma sufferers. They can be used in children as young as 4, making it a good option for asthma treatment. You can also use it every half an hour to an hour for anywhere up to 3 hours if needed in an emergency without risk of major side effects, although this should be confirmed by your doctor.

How does Ventolin work?

Ventolin asthma inhalers are classified as reliever inhalers and are also known as short-acting beta-2 agonists. They work by relaxing the muscles in the airways, allowing them to open after they have tightened due to an allergic-type response to a trigger. This provides relief and makes it easier to breathe.

What dose of Ventolin should I choose?

There is only a certain number of doses of Ventolin inhalers you should take within a 24-hour period.

Ventolin Evohaler:

For Adults and adolescents over 12 years of age

To relieve asthma: 1 or 2 puffs

To prevent asthma: 2 puffs 10 to 15 minutes before exercise or potential exposure to a trigger

For regular treatment: 2 puffs up to 4 times a day

Maximum dose: 8 puffs in 24 hours


For children under 12 years of age

To relieve asthma: 1 puff (2 puffs only if needed)

To prevent asthma: 1 puffs 10 to 15 minutes before exercise or potential exposure to a trigger (2 puffs only if needed)

For regular treatment: 2 puffs up to 4 times a day

Maximum dose: 8 puffs in 24 hours


Ventolin Accuhaler:

For Adults and children aged 4 years and over

To relieve asthma: 1 inhalation

To prevent asthma: 1 inhalation 10 to 15 minutes before exercise or potential exposure to a trigger

Maximum dose: 1 inhalation, 4 times in 24 hours


Do not use the asthma inhalers more than the prescribed dosage. Inform your doctor if the ventolin asthma inhalers are not working, as it may indicate that your chest problem may be getting worse and require a different medicine. Do not stop taking the asthma inhalers without consulting your GP. If you have any further questions, talk to your doctor, asthma nurse, or pharmacist at Click Pharmacy.

How should I take Ventolin?

Ventolin Evohaler:

To use a Ventolin inhaler prime the blue inhaler prior to use. Remove the mouthpiece cap and shake the inhaler well so that the contents of the Ventolin inhaler are evenly mixed. If you are using it for the first time or after 5 days or more, spray it away from you once.


  • Hold the inhaler with your index finger on top and your thumb at the bottom, below the mouthpiece.
  • Breathe out as far as possible, and then place the mouthpiece in your mouth between your teeth.
  • Begin to breathe in slowly and deeply as you release the spray into your mouth by pressing on top of the canister.
  • Hold your breath and remove the blue inhaler from your mouth. Continue holding your breath for anywhere up to 10 seconds.
  • Breathe out slowly for as long as you can.
  • If you are repeating for a second puff, wait about half a minute before taking another dose.
  • Replace the cap of your blue inhaler immediately, rinse your mouth, and brush your teeth.

If you do not use your inhaler for more than 5 days or drop it, you will be required to prime it again as you did the first time it was used.


Ventolin Accuhaler:

To open the Ventolin Accuhaler, hold the outer case in your one hand. Put the thumb of the other hand on the thumb grip and push your thumb away from you. You will hear a click. This is the indication that the small hole in the mouthpiece is open.

  • Hold your inhaler upright in your dominant hand with the mouthpiece towards you. Slide the lever away from you. You will hear a click indicating a dose of your medicine is placed in the mouthpiece.
  • Breathe out as much as possible before putting the mouthpiece to your lips.
  • Breathe in slowly and deeply with your mouth and not your nose.
  • Remove the salbutamol inhaler, hold your breath for about 10 seconds, and breathe out slowly.

If you have any further questions on the inhaler technique, ask your doctor or pharmacist and follow the instructions carefully.

What are the side effects of Ventolin?

Negative side effects and Ventolin warnings can include shakiness or trembling in the hands, legs and feet, as well as a dry mouth, headache, cough, muscle or throat irritation, muscle cramps, or dizziness. If you experience side effects or Ventolin Evohaler is unable to manage asthma symptoms, it is wise to seek advice on whether this is not an effective treatment and needs to be changed. You can book a free online consultation at Click Pharmacy anytime to discuss your concerns.

If you experience any serious side effects, including chest pain, irregular heartbeat, faster heart rate or a sense of confusion, seek medical help immediately.

Although it is rare to have an allergic reaction to this medication, if you experience a rash, tongue, throat and/or lips swelling or have further difficulty breathing, stop using the reliever inhaler and get medical help.

What happens if I overdose on Ventolin Inhaler?

If you overdose on Ventolin Inhaler, you may suffer from side effects like:

  • Tremors
  • Dry Mouth
  • Chest Pain
  • Fast Heartbeats
  • General ill feeling
  • Fainting
  • Feeling light-headedness
  • Seizures (Convulsion)

Does Ventolin Inhaler interact with alcohol and food?

Ventolin does not have any interactions with food or drink. However, you should not combine alcohol with the inhaler as it may lead to potential interaction or prevent the drug from being absorbed properly.

The risks associated with alcohol and Ventolin interaction are low if kept to reasonable levels. But in the case of Ventolin inhaler overdosing, the consumption of alcohol can aggravate its effects.

How long does a Ventolin Inhaler last?

Typically, a Ventolin Evohaler contains around 200 doses of 100 micrograms, and a Ventolin Accuhaler contains 60 doses of 200 micrograms. Using it once provides 3 to 5 hours of relief. However, note that you should not overuse the inhaler and only take the prescribed dosage. This will help you avoid overdosing on medication. You can even use an asthma tracker in order to keep track of your inhaler use.

Can you buy a Ventolin inhaler online?

Yes, you can buy Ventolin Inhalers online in UK. Ventolin inhalers are available in 2 strengths: 100mcg and 200mcg. Click Pharmacy stocks both Ventolin Evohaler and Ventolin Accuhaler. Ventolin inhaler is a prescription only medicine. If you do not have a prescription, you can complete an online assessment on our website to obtain one.

Once a prescription is issued, you will be able to buy a Ventolin inhaler anytime and have it sent directly to your home in discreet packaging through Royal Mail 1st class or next day delivery service.

How should you store your Ventolin Inhaler?

It would be best to store your Ventolin inhaler in a clean, dry place at room temperature. Make sure it is not around scented products. In addition to this, make sure to clean your inhaler. You can find accurate instructions in the leaflet mentioned before. Finally, avoid using Ventolin inhalers that are expired. You can check the expiry date stamped on the canister of the Ventolin inhaler.

What's the difference between a Ventolin Inhaler and a Salamol Inhaler?

Ventolin Inhalers and Salamol Inhalers are both salbutamol inhalers. Both inhalers have the same effectiveness. However, while a Ventolin Inhaler and a Salamol Inhaler contain the same active ingredient – known as Salbutamol – the key difference is that Salamol contains less propellant and has a lower carbon footprint.

Can I buy Ventolin over the counter?

No. It is not possible to buy a Ventolin Inhaler over the counter. Ventolin inhaler is a prescription only medication, and you would require a valid prescription in order to buy it. You can buy Ventolin online through Click Pharmacy by completing an online questionnaire.

Is Ventolin a steroid?

No, Ventolin is not a steroid. The active ingredient in a Ventolin inhaler is Salbutamol. Salbutamol is not a steroid.

Who should not use Ventolin?

Almost anyone can use the Ventolin inhaler. However, you should not use the inhaler if you:

  • are allergic to the active ingredient (salbutamol sulfate)
  • do not have a prescription for it

In addition to this, before using the inhaler, you should inform your doctor or local pharmacist if you have the following:

  • high blood pressure
  • overactive thyroid
  • heart problems, such as irregular or fast heartbeat or angina

You should also inform your primary healthcare provider if you take other medications for existing conditions. This includes herbal supplements, too.

How long does Ventolin inhaler take to begin improving symptoms?

Ventolin inhaler begins improving symptoms of breathing difficulties right from the first use, and it is effective for up to 5 hours.

Is Ventolin inhaler suitable for children to use?

Yes, a Ventolin inhaler is effectively used to relieve symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems in children.

What is the active ingredient in Ventolin inhalers?

The active ingredient in Ventolin inhalers is salbutamol sulfate. This ingredient is effective at providing relief from asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems.

How should I position a blue Ventolin inhaler?

You should position your index finger on the top of the salbutamol inhaler and your thumb on the bottom to use a Ventolin inhaler.

How should I prime the Ventolin asthma inhaler?

Prior to using the asthma inhaler, it is important to prime it. To prime it you should spray away from yourself and repeat this process four times.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Ventolin inhalers?

Yes, you require a prescription to purchase Ventolin inhalers. After completing a short online questionnaire you will be provided with a prescription, allowing you to purchase Ventolin inhalers.

Does using using your Ventolin affect the ability to drive or operate machinery?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that using your Ventolin affects the ability to drive or operate machinery safely. If you are worried about this, speak to your doctor.

How often should I use a Ventolin inhaler?

It is advised to take one recommended dose every 4 to 6 hours, adding up to around 5 to 6 doses a day. You should not exceed any more than the maximum dose of 6 in a 24-hour period.

What is the difference between Ventolin inhaler and Salbutamol Inhaler?

While they are both effectively used to provide relief from symptoms of respiratory problems, the main difference is branding. Salbutamol inhaler is the active ingredient in both these products whereas Ventolin inhalers are the branded version.

After using Ventolin Inhaler, like all medicines, you are expected to experience a number of side effects. However, side effects are often mild and disappear as your body learns to adapt to the new medication.

Common side effects:

  • A dry mouth
  • Mouth and throat irritation
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Headache
  • Shaking in the legs and arms
  • Coughing
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dry lips
  • Peeling of lips


Rare Side Effects

  • Low level of Pottasium in blood
  • Increased blood flow to the extremities
  • Change in sleep
  • Change in behaviour
  • Restlessness


If any of these side effects worsen, you should stop using Ventolin Inhaler and seek medical advice from a medical expert.

Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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