Betacap is a scalp application that is used for the treatment of inflammatory scalp disorders. Buy Betacap today from Click Pharmacy.


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Betacap Scalp Application

Betacap Scalp Application treats inflammatory scalp disorders by alleviating itching, redness, and swelling.

Medication features:

  • A prescription-only medicine
  • Designed to be used on the scalp
  • Contains the active ingredient betamethasone valerate

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About Betacap Scalp Application

Betacap is a scalp application that is used for the treatment of inflammatory scalp disorders. This irritation of the causes a compromise in the immune system, by releasing various chemicals that cause the surrounding blood vessels to widen, this results in the affected area becoming itchy, red, and swollen. Betacap helps relieve this by using its main active ingredient, a potent corticosteroid called betamethasone valerate. Other ingredients also include Macrogol 7 Glyceryl Cocoate (a water-dispersible derivative of coconut oil) Isopropyl Alcohol; Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, and Purified Water. It is a clear and colourless liquid. Betamethasone valerate is also used for other conditions that involve inflammatory disorders of the skin; these include conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Betacap Summary

Type of medicine

Eczema & Psoriasis


Treatment of inflammatory scalp disorders

How it works

Eases inflammation by calming down the body's immune reactions. It also helps relieve itching, redness, and swelling.

Active Ingredient

Betamethasone Valerate

Available strengths


Side effects

Common side effects include Irritation of the skin, thinning of the skin, causing inflamation

The information provided in the summary table is for reference only. It is important to consult a qualified healthcare professional before starting any Eczema & Psoriasis treatment, including Betacap.

How effective Is Betacap?

Betacap is a fast-acting and potent corticosteroid, it is very effective and is often used when treatments involving other corticosteroids are proved to be ineffective, this is because Betacaps active ingredient is much more potent than other solutions involving Corticosteroid. Although to purchase the medicine, you do need a prescription, so before purchase, please consult your doctor.

How does Betacap work?

The way Betacap does its wonders is via its main active ingredient, Betamethasone valerate, a very potent and efficient corticosteroid. These are used for reducing inflammation and works very well when it comes to relieving inflammatory conditions involving scalps. When betamethasone is applied to the skin, it works within the cells to inhibit the release of the various chemicals that cause the discomforting symptoms.

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How should I apply Betacap? 

Before any use, it is worth knowing that Betacap is only for use when it comes to conditions like eczema or other conditions involving the scalp.

Repeat the following twice a day, In the morning and evening, continue use until you see improvement in the condition of your scalp. For adults and the elderly, if using shampoo, use Betacap after drying your hair.

Carefully turn the bottle upside down over your head, holding the nozzle against the part of the scalp that needs to be treated. Once this is done, gently squeeze the bottle to coat the affected area with a thin layer of the medicine. Gently massage the affected area to rub in the application; this prevents it from running off. Allow the treatment to dry naturally, and do not use a hairdryer. Your scalp will feel cool until the liquid has dried; this is the active ingredient doing its wonders. After use, always wash your hands.

When the person that will undergo the treatment is a child (over the age of one), follow the same instructions as for adults, but do use the product more sparingly. Never use more than the necessary amount on a child. When using the product, do not cover the child’s head with a tight dressing. If the child is undergoing treatment for seborrhoeic dermatitis, do not use the product for more than 7 days.

If Betacap gets into your eye, rinse thoroughly with water until the medicine is absent, if irritation persists, go and consult a doctor immediately. 

How long do I take Betacap and what dosage? 

This depends on how your condition reacts to the medication and how severe your condition was before use. The dose for adults, elderly and children consists of 2 uses a day, once in the morning and once at night if using shampoo, use after hair is dry, as the use of Betacap continues and your condition gradually improves, you can use Betacap less often, eventually using it once a day or even less, depending on how your condition reacts to the medicine.

Side effects 

The betacap solution does have side effects and affects people in different ways, some of the undesired effects include

  • Irritation of the skin at the application site.
  • Thinning of the skin.
  • An allergic reaction to the medication.
  • Causing inflammation.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Change in the pigmentation in the skin.
  • Prominence of groups of blood vessels.
  • Excessive growth of hair in the application area.

If you experience any of these side effects, and you believe that they connected the Betacap, stop taking the medication and immediately consult your doctor, as this are could potentially become infected.

How long should children use Betacap Scalp Application for?

If you are using Betacap Scalp Application to treat seborrhoeic dermatitis in children you should not use this product for longer than 7 consecutive days.

Is Betacap Scalp Application suitable for children?

Betacap Scalp Application is not suitable for children under the age of 1 years old.

Can I use Betacap Scalp Application if I have a fungal infection in my scalp?

You should not use Betacap Scalp Application if you have a bacterial, viral or fungal infection in the scalp.

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