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Balneum Plus Bath Additive

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Balneum Plus Bath Oil is a moisturizing bath oil designed to relieve itching of dry skin and to make it feel softer and smoother. It contains the main active ingredients, such as lauromacrogols and soya oils, which help to treat skin disorders efficiently and quickly. These active ingredients help to make skin oily while still relieving the pain and irritation from feeling from dry. Doing that enables you to treat dry skin disorder effectively, thus leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy.


Shake Balneum Plus Medicinal Bath Oil bottle well before using it. Add the recommended dosage to lukewarm or warm water as your bath is still running, then mix properly. If you are also experiencing some itching, then use the lowest water temperature to avoid experiencing pain while bathing. 

Do not use soap when bathing with the Balneum Plus Medicinal Bath Oil. If you use the. Apply it evenly on the body without any water. Take shower, but remember not to let all the oils be washed away from the skin.

Pat dry the body with a towel after showering or bathing. Do not rub the skin with your towel, as that will remove the protective layer of the Balneum Plus Medicinal Bath Oil.

It is very rare to experience side effects from using Balneum Plus Bath Oil. Side effects may include itching, redness and irritation. For the minority of patients who experience side effects, they usually disappear within a few days of using Balneum Plus Bath Oil.


Can I use soap while having a bath using Balneum Plus Bath Oil?

You should refrain from using soap in the bath when using Balneum Plus Bath Oil. This is because the two combined products can potentially interfere and remove a layer of the skin making it vulnerable to infections.

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