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What is Salamol Inhaler

Asthma is a disease which narrows the airways and makes breathing difficult. Prescribed inhalers help to ease the symptoms salwhich can range from mild to fatal and include a wide a variety of issues including, but not limited to:

  • shortness of breath which stops you from walking or going upstairs for example
  • coughing
  • tightness on the chest
  • wheezing

Asthma symptoms and attacks can be managed and by working with your doctor, you can find different ways to recognise and deal with your triggers effectively at times when inflammation strikes. Reliever inhalers such as Salamol are the first line in defence against an asthma attack as they quickly and effectively open up the airways and ease the coughing, wheezing and tightness on the chest before it can develop into a full blown attack.

How effective is Salamol?

Salamol works as soon as you take a puff as the medication is designed to get to work right away to relieve your dangerous symptoms such as shortness of breath and wheezing. It can then last for up to 5 hours.

The relaxation of the muscles in the walls of the airways leading down to the lungs also helps to relieve the cough which can occur with an asthma attack.

What is contained in Salamol?

Each puff of Salamol contains the active ingredient Salbutamol.

The inactive ingredient is the CFC-free propellant Norflurane and Ethanol.

Why choose Salamol?

Salamol can be used by children as young as 4 making it a good option for anyone whose child struggles with asthma. It prevents asthmatic symptoms or attacks being brought on by substances which cause allergic reactions such as pet fur and dust, as well as cigarette smoke or pollution. It is also highly effective when used prior to exercise to stop exercise related attacks.

Can I buy Salamol Online?

Salamol can be purchased online without a visit to your doctor or pharmacist being required by filling in the online health questionnaire after which our Click Pharmacy doctors can confirm whether this is the best medication for your situation. This approval will be based on a variety of factors such as other medication you currently use, any allergies you have and whether you currently have an asthma management plan in place.

If appropriate for you, you will be given a prescription so you can purchase Salamol online after which it will be sent to you via next day delivery.

How does Salamol work?

Salamol works quickly to open the airways thus aiding an asthma sufferer in being able to breathe. The active ingredient in Salamol, salbutamol, acts on the receptors within the lungs known as beta 2 receptors which, when stimulated, relax and allow the airways to reopen and air to flow back down into the lungs with each breath.

How long can I take Salamol for?

Salamol can be taken for as long as it is required and effective as part of your asthma treatment plan. Your doctor will prescribe you with the correct dose and you must get your plan and medication reviewed at least once a year, or when you notice your treatment is not working as effectively.

You must not take more than 8 puffs of Salamol in 24 hours leaving at least 4 hours between each dose.

Other Warnings to consider

Some inhalers may cause an increase in your wheezing after using them which is known as paradoxical bronchospasm. If this occurs, Salamol should stop being used and you must let your doctor know so they can find you an alternative option.

If you suffer from heart disease, hypertension, irregular heart disease, an overactive thyroid gland, diabetes or low levels of potassium then you may require a lower dose of Salamol.

How should I take Salamol?

The canister should be primed twice prior to first use by shaking it and spraying it into the air away from the face. You should also repeat this if it is not used for 5 days or more.

  • Remove the cover of the mouthpiece and make sure the metal pressurised canister which contains your medication is fully inserted into the actuator.
  • Breath out as far as possible and place the mouthpiece into your mouth, place your tongue below it and create a seal with your lips.
  • Begin slowly breathing in and press down on the metal canister to release your dose of medication.
  • Once you have finished breathing in, hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Remove the inhaler from your mouth and begin to breathe normally.
  • Hold the inhaler upright and replace the cap right away. Wash out your mouth and brush your teeth.

Using your inhaler correctly and as directed can not only decrease your asthma attacks but even prevent them.

What are the side effects of Salamol?

As with any medicine, side effects can occur but different people will experience each medication differently with some having no issues at all and others having more severe reactions. It is important you contact your doctor right away to discuss changing your dose or treatment if you have any problematic side effects and if you experience a severe reaction then stop using the treatment and seek medical help right away.

Common side effects include feelings of tension within the body and headaches (though this is more likely in high doses), shakiness or dizziness.

Very rarely you may experience issues with your sleep, itching skin, heart palpitations or mouth and throat irritations. Ensure you read the patient leaflet for a full list of possible side effects. If you feel concerned about your medication you can book an online and confidential appointment with the doctors at Click Pharmacy at any time.

Alternatives to Salamol

You can find multiple alternatives to Salamol at your local pharmacy. For instance, other 'reliever' asthma inhalers, including Ventolin and Salbutamol, can be prescribed. Ventolin inhalers contain the same active ingredient as the Salamol Easi-Breathe inhaler; however, Ventolin is an entirely different type of inhaler.

In addition, other 'preventer' inhalers are used to treat asthma, including Clenil, Flixotide, as well as Seretide. You may be prescribed a preventer inhaler that you must use regularly.

Are Salamol CFC free and Easi-breathe inhalers relievers?

Yes. Salamol CFC free, and Easi-breathe are both reliever inhalers. Reliever inhalers provide you with quick relief of your asthma symptoms. In addition, the inhalers relax the airways' muscles, allowing you to breathe more easily.

Does a Salamol inhaler contain steroids?

The Salamol inhaler does not contain steroids or any ingredients containing steroids. The active ingredient in Salamol is known as salbutamol. The primary objective of this active ingredient is to help open up your airways.

Can I buy Salamol inhalers over the counter?

No. You can not purchase Salamol inhalers over the counter in the UK. This is because it is a prescription-only treatment. However, if you do not have a prescription, you can simply fill out a survey available on our website. The survey will contain brief questions regarding your health. Once submitted, the survey will be reviewed by our on-site experts. After approval, you will be issued a prescription, which will allow you to purchase Salamol inhalers without any hassle.

Does a Salbutamol Inhaler interact with alcohol or food?

Not typically. You can consume a moderate amount of alcohol along with the Salamol inhaler. However, there must be a limit. Also, no foods are known to interact with the inhalers containing salbutamol.

However, note that you should avoid certain ingredients as they may worsen the side effects experienced while using the inhaler. For instance, you should not consume caffeinated drinks as they can lead to tremors.

Does a Salbutamol Inhaler interact with any other drugs?

Yes. Salamol inhalers can interact with various drugs. In particular, you should avoid the use of a salamol inhaler if you are on any course of treatment that helps regulate your heartbeat. Also, do not use salbutamol inhalers if you are using other asthma reliever medications.

We advise that you consult with your doctor or prescriber before you use or buy a Salbutamol Inhaler online.

What is the difference between a standard Salbutamol inhaler and Ventolin?

Both Ventolin and Salbutamol inhalers contain the active ingredient known as salbutamol. Therefore, they are also used to treat asthma. Not only that, but they are also acting as a fast-acting bronchodilator, which allows your airways to stay open while relieving asthma symptoms, such as chest tightness, wheezing as well as coughing.

The critical difference between the two is that the standard Salbutamol inhalers tend to come in the form of the Salamol inhaler. This performs the same as Ventolin Evohaler, containing the same active ingredient. However, the Salamol inhaler is just the more affordable version of the Salbutamol inhaler.

Can children use Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe?

Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe is suitable for use by adults and children over the age of 4 years old.

How long after using Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe does it take to notice improvements in symptoms?

You should begin to notice improvements after the initial use of Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe. Relief from symptoms last for up to 5 hours after the initial use.

Do I need to brush my teeth after using Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe?

It is advised to brush your teeth after using Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe. This is to ensure your teeth do not stain.

How much time should I leave between doses of Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe?

You must leave at least 4 hours between each dose of Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe. You must not take another dose within 4 hours of having taken the previous dose.

What is the maximum amount of doses of Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe I can take?

You must not take any more than 8 doses of Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe in one 24 hour period. These doses must be taken at regular intervals of at least 4 hours.

How should I store Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe?

You should store Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe in a cool dry place, out of reach from children, and at room temperature. This inhaler should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

Does using Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe affect my ability to drive or operate machinery?

There is no evidence to suggest that using salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe affects one’s ability to participate in activities such as driving and operating machinery.

After using Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe you are likely to experience a number of different side effects. Side effects are often mild and disappear over time as your body learns to adapt to the inhaler and its ingredients. Common side effects include the following:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Feeling tired
  • Shaking
  • Tension in the body
  • Nausea

If any of these side effects worsen, you should stop using Salamol Inhaler Easi-Breathe immediately and seek medical advice, from a professional, as soon as possible.

Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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