Care Olive Oil Eardrops help to decongest the ears when you have a wax buildup. It comes with an easy applicator for painless and easy wax removal.


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Care Olive Oil

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What is Care Olive Oil

The Care Olive Oil Eardrops help to de-congest the ears when you have a build-up of wax. If you are looking for a natural way of removing the earwax, the Care Olive Oil Eardrops are ideal. The eardrops soften the wax, making it easier to get out of your ear naturally. The oil comes with an easy applicator for a painless and easy wax removal leaving your ears clean and fresh.

There are several reasons why your ears might get clogged by wax. The following are the common reasons for wax build-up in your ears:

  • You have a hairy ear canal.
  • As you grow older, the wax in your ears become harder, hence hard to remove.
  • You have a narrow ear canal.
  • You often use ear products such as hearing aids or earplugs that push the wax further inside the ear.
  • Some people produce more wax than others, and you could be one of them.

How effective is the Care Olive Oil eardrops?

The Care Olive Oil Eardrops is effective in cleaning and removing the wax build-up from your ears. Once you add the drops, it softens the wax on your ear canal. The melted wax will naturally flow out of the ear, or you or the nurse can use a syringe to draw it out.

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How should I use the Care Olive Oil eardrops?

Before you use the eardrops, ensure to read and understand the directions provided on the patient information leaflet. Tilt your head and have the affected ear face upwards. Draw the oil with a dropper, and place 2-3 drops of oil into the ear. Ensure the dropper or any object does not touch your ear. Before placing the drops into your ears, ensure oil is at room temperature. After the application, gently massage the area around the ear for proper absorption. Keep your head tilted briefly to ensure the oils reach the eardrum. To keep the oil from oozing out of the ear, lightly plug in a ball of cotton wool into your ear. If you are using the product for both ears, repeat the process. To completely melt off the ear wax, place two drops of oil in the ear daily for one week.

How does Care Olive Oil eardrops work?

Care Olive Oil Eardrops softens the hardened wax and other blockages on the ear canal. The melted wax drips out of your ears naturally for easy removal. Olive oil has been scientifically proven to melt ear wax, making it easy to clean and unblock the ears. You can use a syringe to remove the melted wax out of your ears.

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Care Olive Oil eardrops?

Care Olive Oil is used for medical purposes, and it can have mild side effects to some users. One of the common side effects is an allergic reaction to the product. If you are allergic to olive oil, you should not use the product. 

If you experience any irritation while using the product, discontinue the use and talk to your doctor. To avoid any effects, discard the product after 28 days of opening the bottle.

Do not freeze the olive oil; keep the bottle between 10ºC and 25ºC. Keep the dropper inside the bottle always to avoid contaminating the oil.

When shouldn’t I use the Care Olive Oil eardrops?

The Care Olive Oil Eardrops contains nothing else except pure natural extra virgin olive oil. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you can safely use it. Although there are possibly no effects during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, you should talk to your doctor before using the product. It will ensure the product is both safe for you and the baby.

If you are using other medications, talk to your doctor before you start using the eardrops. Some medications can interact with the olive oil making the drugs less effective. Additionally, interactions can cause undesirable side effects. To prevent this, talk to your doctor first.

Care Olive Oil Eardrops should not be used for children below one year. Before administering to children below the age of five, you should first talk to a doctor.

If you have a perforated eardrum, you should avoid using the product. Also, if you have underlying issues with your ears, you should only use this product under the supervision of a doctor. If you are allergic to the ingredients of this oil, you should avoid its use.

Do not use the product if you have had recent ear surgery, inflamed ears, have an ear infection, or using grommets. Talk to your doctor for further directions on how to use the oil if you have any of these medical issues.

How long can I use Care Olive Oil eardrops for?

You should use Care Olive Oil Eardrops for no longer than 7 days. If after 7 days of using Care Olive Oil Eardrops you feel it is necessary to continue using them, you should consult with a doctor or pharmacist who will be able to guide you accordingly.

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