Hardened wax can be difficult to remove. Otex Express, therefore, helps to soften this hard wax and ease its removal from the ears. Buy Otex Express today from Click


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What is Otex

Hardened wax can be difficult to remove. Otex Express, therefore, helps to soften this hard wax and ease its removal from the ears.

How do Otex ear drops work?

Otex ear drops have the active ingredient-hydrogen peroxide, which enables them to soften the earwax causing some build up in your ears. Hydrogen peroxide does that by breaking the earwax into tiny chunks that can quickly get out without the need for syringing. So, applying these drops in your ears daily allows you to finally get rid of the entire build-up, hence leaving you free from symptoms like hearing difficulties and itching.

How effective are the Otex ear drops?

This active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, helps to soften the excess ear wax that’s causing the blockage in your ear canal. Doing that allows the earwax to get out easily without the need for syringing.

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How should I take Otex ear drops?

To ensure you receive maximum benefits from using Otex ear drops, follow these directions:

  • Slowly tilt your head to the side while keeping one ear facing up

  • Being very careful not to touch the ear with your applicator nozzle, gently squeeze about 5 drops of the Otex ear drops into your ear

  • Keep the head tilted for some minutes to allow these drops to kick in

  • Use a tissue or cotton wool to wipe the excess drops away

  • Repeat the same steps for the other ear

  • Wash your hands after use



What are the side effects of Otex ear drops?

Like most medicines, using the Otex ear drops can also give you some side effects. However, you might or might not experience some or any of these side effects. Some of the most reported side effects of using these drops include:

  • A mild bubbling sensation in your ear. This feeling occurs due to the release of oxygen as the Otex ear drops break the excessive earwax into smaller pieces and is usually temporary.

  • The worsening of some symptoms like causing more discomfort, pain, irritation, dizziness, tinnitus (ringing sound in your ears) and loss of hearing

  • Although this rarely happens, you might also experience a very unpleasant taste in your mouth. If you get this side effect, you should stop using Otex ear drops and talk to your doctor to get immediate help.

When shouldn’t I take Otex ear drops?

As much as Otex ear drops are safe to use, there are times when you should not take them to avoid complications. So, do not use these ear drops if:

  • You are allergic to hydrogen peroxide, or any other ingredient in these drops

  • You have ear problems

  • You are currently using other eardrops

  • You use a hearing aid

  • Your eardrum is damaged

  • You get dizzy a lot

  • You have syringed your ear in the past 2 or 3 days

Can I combine other ear drops with Otex Ear Drops?

You should not use Otex Ear Drops if you are already using any other form of ear drops. This is because the two eye drops combined may interfere with one another and cause harmful side effects.

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