Waxsol ear drops help unblock ears clogged by excessive, hardened, or dried ear wax. It takes only 2 days to clear wax buildup, providing quick relief.


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What is Waxsol

Waxsol ear drop solution is a water-based solution that helps unblock ears clogged by excessive, hardened, or dried ear wax. The solution softens the wax, making it easier to extract with a bulb syringe or be ejected naturally via physiological processes. It takes only two days for Waxsol to clear waxy build up in the ear canal, providing quick relief from blocked ears and muffled hearing. Its active ingredient - docusate sodium - is proven to soften cerumen (ear wax) before syringing by several studies conducted in the subject.

How effective is Waxsol ear drop solution?

Waxsol is a gentle solution containing the active ingredient docusate sodium. It is proven to work on hardened ear wax, moistening it and loosening it without damaging or irritating the ears. Waxsol safely preps hard, clogged ear wax for syringe-based removal in severe blockage cases or natural ejection from the ear. Several studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the active ingredient, making Waxsol a trusted remedy for quick relief from clogged ears.

How does Waxsol ear drop solution work?

When the ear is unable to eject ear wax naturally, it accumulates into a waxy mass and impacts your hearing. Using cotton buds regularly also contributes to this build-up as it pushes ear wax within the ear canal, packing it tightly together into clumps. The active ingredient in Waxsol - docusate sodium - is known to moisten, soften, loosen, and break up clumps of dry, hard ear wax in your ear canal. The water-based solution penetrates the ear wax and disintegrates it for easy removal via syringe or natural ejection. In case you are scheduled for ear wax removal by syringing, your doctor or nurse might ask you to prep your ear wax before the procedure with Waxsol.

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How should I take Waxsol ear drop solution?

Waxsol comes with a dropper that makes it easy to use. The recommended usage method prescribes filling the dropper with Waxsol solution and, with a tilted head, dropping the solution into the clogged ear canal. Once the ear canal is saturated with the solution, a cotton wool plug should be gently inserted to stop the liquid from seeping out. It is best to use Waxsol at night, and at a time, use Waxsol for only two nights. If your ear wax problem isn't resolved after two nights, consult your GP.

When shouldn't I use Waxsol ear drop solution?

Before using Waxsol, ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients it contains. Every individual's body reacts to medicines and ingredients differently, so it is worth checking this beforehand. Waxsol is meant for external use only. Avoid getting the product in your eyes; consult your doctor in case this happens. Also, Waxsol is not to be used if you have existing issues with the eardrum, such as perforated or burst eardrum. Similarly, if your ears feel sore inside or you notice problems or discharge that indicate infection, do not use Waxsol. Instead, consult your GP immediately.


What are the side effects of Waxsol ear drop solution?

Though Waxsol is an over-the-counter medicine and formulated to be safe and gentle, some users might notice side effects. This is bound to happen, mainly because every individual's body reacts differently to medicines and their ingredients. It is best to use Waxsol as per your GP's advice or as instructed on the product. Do not use it for more than two nights at a time. If you experience any pain in the ear when using Waxsol, discontinue use and consult your doctor immediately. Some people might notice allergic skin reactions that include redness of skin and rash. Though there aren't many documented side effects of Waxsol, please let your doctor know if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Do not use Waxsol if you have any injuries or swelling in the ear canal. This might do more harm and manifest painful, complicated symptoms.

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