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Ear Calm

Ear calm is a medication that contains a popular antibacterial agent-acetic acid, which is what helps it treat your infection. Outer ear infections are among the common ones that most people around the world struggle with, especially when it comes to getting the right treatment. External ear infections are mostly caused by bacteria, thus making it hard to avoid them easily. Also, you can get these infections, if you are a regular swimmer since you expose your outer ear to a lot of moisture. You can treat external ear infections effectively, using Ear calm.

You can also use these natural home remedies to help you relieve your outer ear infection at home without much hassle:

  • Use a swim cap

  • Do not remove ear wax on your own

  • Dry your head and ears with a towel immediately after swimming

  • Use soft earplugs or a cotton ball to prevent water from entering your ears while bathing or showering

Above are some of the best ways that you can use at home to relieve your outer ear infection. However, these tricks might not help treat your condition, which is where Ear calm comes in. Before using this medication, you must seek some advice from experts like Click Pharmacy. Doing so will help you understand how this medication works and how you are supposed to use it to treat your infection fast and effectively.

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How effective is Ear calm?

Ear calm is the best treatment that you can use for your outer infection so far. This medication contains acetic acid, which is among the most effective antibacterial agents. The rich acetic acid content in Ear calm, allows it to relieve your infection fast and without causing any severe side effects, which is what makes it the best treatment.

Scientists have done lots of research revolving around this active ingredient-acetic acid. All their studies, which even involved hundreds of people with outer ear infections, show that using Ear calm can help treat this condition effectively, compared to other alternatives. Also, Ear calm is a licensed medication. So, you can trust it to deliver what it promises, as it has been verified by significant health regulatory bodies around the world.

Can I buy ear calm online?

Ear calm is one of the most accessible products to get as you can easily order it online without prescription, including, Click Pharmacy with Next Day delivery.

A professional seller should have great reviews online, and always promise to deliver your Ear calm the following day. If you want to deal with an experienced and professional seller, then Click Pharmacy is the place to be. We only sell high-quality ear calm and deliver it the next day as promised.

What dose should I choose?

To get maximum results, you must follow the recommended dosage when taking any medication. Ear calm should only be used by adults and adolescents above 12 years old. You should use one metered dose directly into every infected ear at least three times daily. However, you can also use this medication after every 2-3 hours if your infection is severe. 

It would be best if you continued administering your dosage two more days after the infection has been treated. Also, you must avoid using this product 7 days consecutively. Why? Doing so can cause some side effects, or make the infection heal slowly than expected. If you skip one dose of this spray, then do not worry. You can take the next dose as recommended, then continue from there. However, do not administer a double dose to make up for the missed, one as that can cause side effects.

You can also combine using this medication with other home remedies such as always drying your head and ears after swimming or bathing. Doing that helps ensure that your ears stay in their best condition, thus increasing the chances of treating the infection faster and effectively.

How should I take ear calm?

Follow these instructions when using Ear calm to ensure maximum benefits and avoid experiencing any side effects:

  • Shake your Ear calm before using

  • If it’s the first time you’re using the product, you have to prime it by pressing the pump down for about 6 to 10 times, until it produces a fine spray. Make sure you point your spray away from you and any other people around when doing this.

  • To administer the medication, place the nozzle tip carefully into your ear, and press the pump down once to deliver the content

  • Avoid touching your ear (s) after administering the medication to allow it to work on the infection

  • If you haven’t used your Ear calm for some time, then you must press the pump down several times, until a fine spray is produced before you can use it again. Also, remember to dispose of this product one month after use.

How does ear calm work?

Ear calm contains acetic acid as its active ingredient. Acetic acid is an antibacterial agent. So, using Ear calm helps fight the bacteria causing your outer ear infection. Doing that helps to effectively treat your infection at its source without causing severe side effects. Also, wetness in your ear canal can help bacteria to grow hence worsening the condition. Ear calm contains some drying agents such as alcohol and glycerine. Therefore, using it enables you to dry the ear canal, thus treating the condition.

How long do I take ear calm for before I notice a difference?

Ear calm acts fast. So, you can even start experiencing its benefits immediately after spraying into the affected ears. However, it might take a few days to treat the infection completely. So, you can expect some changes after you spray it for the first time and even more benefits as you continue using.

What are the side effects of Ear calm?

Like most medications, Ear calm also causes some side effects, but not every user gets them. Some of the most common ones are:

  1. Allergy or sensitivity

  2. A burning sensation or temporary stinging during the first few days of using

If you experience any other side effects apart from the above or suspect that you might be allergic to any ingredient, then you must report to your doctor. Doing so will help you get proper advice on how to reduce the side effects, or get an alternative.

When shouldn’t I use ear calm?

You should not use this spray if you have a perforated eardrum to avoid causing any harm. Also, it is imperative you don't use this medication past its expiry date as that can increase the chances of experiencing more side effects.

What is the difference between Ear calm, and other similar products like Earol Olive Oil Spray and Exterol Ear Drops with Urea Hydrogen Peroxide?

The main difference between these products is their efficacy and safety. Ear calm is more effective and safer to use as it contains natural ingredients, hence enabling it to treat your infections effectively, and without causing severe side effects, compared to the two.

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