The Wartner Pen is a medical device for the treatment of Verruca and warts. It contains a highly concentrated TCA gel to remove warts and Verruca effectively.


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What is Wartner

The Wartner verruca & wart removal pen is a medical device for the treatment of Verruca and warts. The Pen contains a highly concentrated TCA liquid to remove warts and Verruca effectively. The gel causes the peeling off the skin with the infection and promotes the regeneration of new skin free from warts and Verruca.

Compared to the salicylic acid treatments, the Wartner pen has an easy to use and innovative gel applicator, which effectively targets the affected area for precise treatment.

Name Jana Abelovska
Role Superintendent Pharmacist
GPhc Number 2220953

Directions of use

  • Apply the treatment over the wart or verruca for about five seconds and leave it to dry for about 15 minutes.
  • The skin will start peeling off after four days. Safely remove the peeling skin using warm water.
  • The new skin will start growing without warts or the Verruca.
  • If they do not disappear completely, start the treatment again after a session of four days. 

Warnings and cautions

  • Excessive use of the Pen could result in skin irritation, temporary pain, burning of the skin, mild ulceration, and temporary pigmentation of the skin. 
  • Do not use the Pen on moles, birthmarks, pigmented skin, or on other permanent skin conditions.
  • Avoid the use of the Pen on irritated skin, infected or reddened skin. 
  • Do not use the Pen to treat children under the age of four

If you experience irritation when using the treatment, rinse the area with a lot of water. If you experience more redness, pain, or inflammation after the treatment, consult a doctor.

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