Bazuka Treatment gel is a fast and effective way of treating corns, calluses, warts and verrucas if they appear on adults or the elderly. Buy Bazuka Treatment gel to


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What is Bazuka

Bazuka gel is a fast and efficient medication for treating corns, calluses, warts and verrucas. Bazuka gel contains lactic and salicylic acid as active ingredients. These two acids soften the hard tissue caused by warts and verrucas while killing the virus, that may cause the same infections to reoccur.

Topical application is recommended when using Bazuka gel and adherence to instructions for better and quick results.

How long does Bazuka take to work? 

Bazuka gel may take up to 12 weeks for best results. Do not stop treatment until you achieve results. If 12 weeks go by without seeing any improvement, seeks the help of your doctor.

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Directions of use

  • Soak the affected area in warm water for a maximum of three minutes.
  • Apply the treatment gel every once a day, preferably in the evening.
  • If 12 weeks go by without any improvement or your condition worsens, seek help from a medical professional.
  • After the infected areas have dried you should apply a thin even layer of Bazuka Treatment Gel.
  • Once the gel dries it should leave a white film, this should be removed the following evening before the next application.
  • Continue with the treatment until warts, calluses, corns, or verrucas disappear.

Bazuka gel is not suitable for children under the age of two years.

Side effects:

After applying Bazuka Treatment Gel you may experience a tingling and stinging sensation around the infected area. This side effect is usually temporary and should disappear after a few applications. In rare cases some patients have experienced a temporary blemish around the infected areas.

Warnings and cautions

There are almost no side effects of using this medication, but you are likely to experience a mild tingling sensation when the medicine is working. A temporary blemish may appear on the area but in rare cases. As this product can irritate healthy skin, so always check the instructions on how to open the medication to avoid spillage.

If irritation persists, or you experience any other side effects not listed on the leaflet, report this to your doctor.

How should I store Bazuka Treatment Gel?

Bazuka Treatment Gel should be stored in a cool dry place, at room temperature and out of reach from children. It should not be exposed to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

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