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What is Bazuka Extra Strength

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel is intended for treating corns, calluses, warts and verrucas.  It contains salicylic acid as the active ingredient.

Can I buy Bazuka Extra Strength Gel online?

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel is not a prescription medication, and therefore, you can buy it online or over the counter without any special appointment. Feel free to contact Click Pharmacy if you have any queries regarding using this product. 

You are also welcome to book an appointment with a health expert at Click Pharmacy, especially if you are allergic to salicylic acid or any other ingredients that make up the treatment. Bazuka Extra Strength Gel can be availed to you in a one pack containing 6g worth of product or as multipacks to be sent to you by Next Day Delivery.

How Effective Is Bazuka Extra Strength Gel?

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel works by breaking down the hardened skin, which is formed by warts, calluses, verrucas and corns. Salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in the gel, decreases the size of the hard-infected tissue dissolving it completely to reveal soft skin. The gel is applied once, preferably in the evening, as when it dries, it leaves a white patch on the skin surface. Hence, for effective use and quick results, always remember to read the leaflet and check the label for instructions.

What dose should I choose?

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel is suitable for adults and the elderly. It is only to be applied on the affected skin tissue and not on healthy skin. Before application, ensure that you soak the affected area in warm water for two to three minutes, dry the area, then apply the gel. This gel should be applied once a day, preferably in the evening. It would be best if you kept applying the gel on the affected area until warts, corns, verrucas, or calluses disappear. Although if symptoms persist after 12 weeks of application, seek further medical advice from your GP. 

How does Bazuka Extra Strength gel work? 

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel is a painless, quick and efficient way to treat the uncomfortable and unsightly lumps on the skin known as warts, verrucas, which appear on the feet, calluses and corns. The gel contains an active ingredient known as salicylic acid, which works by softening the hard tissue on your skin, resulting in the shedding of the affected skin. It also kills bacteria that cause warts, corn calluses and verrucas.  

How long do I take Bazuka Extra Strength Gel before I notice a difference? 

Some warts and verrucas disappear relatively quickly, that is, from four up to ten days, while others can take up to 12 weeks to vanish. This all depends on the size and resistance of the calluses, wart, corn or verrucas. Therefore, do not stop the treatment unless irritation persists. If moles have not disappeared, after 12 weeks of treatment, seek medical advice. 

How should I take Bazuka Extra Strength Gel?

This treatment includes a list of safety precautionary measures to ensure that the gel does not harm any healthy part of the skin. Therefore, after opening the tube as follows, you can proceed to the application. 

  • Find a suitable spot to avoid accidental spillage.

  • Place the tube of Bazuka Extra Strength Gel on the surface and hold it in an upright position. The base should be resting on the surface with the cap facing upwards.

  •  Unscrew the cap, remove the red collar and dispose of it appropriately

  • With the tube still facing upwards, wait for 30 seconds. This is to avoid spillage or spouts, which can harm healthy skin.

  • Replace the white/yellow nozzle or cap onto the screw thread and tighten firmly.

  • Pierce the top, loosen the yellow cap slightly, then retighten. 

  • A small gap is left between the base of the nozzle and the top of the tube if you’ve done it correctly. Screw back the protective yellow cap after use. 

To apply, 

First, soak the affected part in warm water for a maximum of three minutes.

Use your towel to dry the area. Avoid using another’s to curb the spread of the infection.

Taking extra precaution to avoid squeezing the tube, remove the yellow cap and leave the white nozzle attached.  

Apply one or two drops of the gel on the calluses, wart, corn or verrucas. Spread a thin coat to prevent the gel from spreading onto healthy skin.

Let the gel dry for a couple of minutes until it forms a white patch that sticks to the area. The patch is usually water-resistant, so you do not have to cover it with a plaster.

The next evening, peel off the white patch of gel and apply fresh gel as indicated. If you have trouble picking off the white dried gel, carefully apply a thin coat of fresh gel over the area and allow it to dry. The white patch will thicken, making it easier for you to peel it off. As you complete your medication, if the white patch becomes difficult to pick, leave it as it will fall off with time. 

 Every once a week before application of Bazuka Extra Strength Gel, gently rub the corn, calluses, wart or verrucas with a pumice stone or the emery board provide.  

Remember that you should not allow anyone else to use towels, pumice stones or an emery board you have used on the affected area to avoid the spreading of infection. 

When shouldn’t I take Bazuka Extra Strength Gel

Do not begin this treatment if you’re allergic to salicylic acid or any of the listed ingredients on the medication. You shouldn’t use this medication also if you have diabetes or if you experience poor circulation in your hands and feet. There are no recorded cases of this medication affecting your ability to drive. 

Although it is stated that Bazuka Extra Strength Gel can be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, consult your doctor for further advice. 

What are the side effects of Bazuka Extra Strength Gel 

The main side effects of this medication include a mild tingling sensation or tenderness at the applied area. However, this is how you know the medicine is working. In rare cases, a temporary blemish may appear in the treated area.  

Check for instructions on how to open the medication to avoid spillage on healthy skin, jewellery or fabric. Contact with healthy skin might irritate and, in the case of jewellery or fabric, permanent damage. If irritation persists, or you experience any other side effects not listed on the leaflet, report this to your doctor.

If you are pregnant, planning to be or are currently breastfeeding, consult your doctor to confirm if this treatment is appropriate for you.

Again, because drugs interact differently, please speak to your doctor or consult our specialist at click pharmacy should you require any further advice.  

What is the difference between Bazuka Extra strength gel and Bazuka Treatment Gel/Tea tree oil 

While Bazuka Extra Strength gel, Bazuka Treatment Gel and Tea tree oil are useful for treating warts, verrucas, calluses and corns, the three share a difference.

For example, Bazuka Extra Strength Gel is suitable for children, adults, and the elderly, while Bazuka Treatment Gel is not suitable for children under the age of two years. Also, children under the ages of 12 require supervision while undergoing treatment using Bazuka Treatment Gel. On the other hand, Tea tree oil falls under a home remedy that you can apply twice to treat the same symptoms,

Although tea tree contains antiviral benefits that may cure warts and verrucas, you shouldn't apply the oil directly onto your skin. You need a carrier oil to dilute it. This makes Bazuka Extra Strength Gel a fast, efficient and easy to use medication than the alternatives.

Can Bazuka Extra Strength Gel be used anywhere?

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel should not be used on or around the face or neck. It should also not be used on moles or birthmarks as these areas are sensitive.

What if I use Bazuka Extra Strength Gel too much?

Using an excessive amount of Bazuka Extra Strength Gel could cause irritation of the skin. If you experience any irritation, begin using Bazuka Extra Strength Gel less frequently.

How should I store Bazuka Extra Strength Gel?

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel should be stored in a cool dry place, at room temperature and out of reach from children. It should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Is Bazuka Extra Strength Gel flammable?

Yes, Bazuka Extra Strength Gel is highly flammable and should be kept away from flames at all times.

Do I need to cover my warts, corns, verrucas and calluses with a plaster after using Bazuka Extra Strength Gel?

No, you do not need to cover the infected areas with a plaster after applying Bazuka Extra Strength Gel.

After applying Bazuka Extra Strength Gel you may experience a tingling and stinging sensation around the infected area. This side effect is usually temporary and should disappear after a few applications. In rare cases some patients have experienced a temporary blemish around the infected areas.

Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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