Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser is a long-lasting and effective moisturiser to treat vaginal dryness. It works to provide lasting hydration and easing the symptoms.


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What is Regelle

Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser is a long-lasting and effective moisturiser to treat the vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can occur in women of different ages but is most common in those who are experiencing hormonal changes which can come as a result of the ageing process and menopause or as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Other lifestyle factors can also influence it, such as using perfumed soaps or other products which upset the natural balance in your intimate area. 

How effective is Regelle vaginal moisturiser?

Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser is highly effective in restoring a more normal level of hydration in your vagina, which has been caused as a result of vaginal dryness. It has been proven clinically effective in treating vaginal dryness (or atrophy) instantly and will provide moisture for up to 3 days.

It can be used by women who are undergoing treatment such as HRT and chemotherapy as it will not interfere and has a 3-step method of working to ensure hydration is delivered effectively. Its easy-to-use format single-dose tube format helps to ensure you can get it to work for you immediately.

Always follow the guidelines for use.

How does Regelle vaginal moisturiser work?

Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser has a clinically proven formula and easy-to-use pre-filled tubes allowing it to get right to the root of the issue. It will continue to deliver moisture for up to 3 days for normal levels of dryness.

It is a pH balanced and hormone-free, moisturising gel that is designed to work in 3 ways to relieve from vaginal dryness, itching and discomfort. These 3 ways are:

  1. It works instantly by coating the inside of the vagina to provide immediate relief from dryness and the discomfort associated with it
  2. Regelle will deliver a continuous level of moisture which will be absorbed by the dehydrated cells and will help them to regain their natural elasticity and structure.
  3. It will help the dry, dead skin cells to naturally shed themselves, which may result in some discharge. This leaves the vagina moisturised, healthy and comfortable, and the discharge will stop once the natural health and balance is restored.
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How should I use Regelle vaginal moisturiser?

Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser comes in a pre-filled applicator format. Apply the vaginal moisturiser directly into the vaginal passage. For best results, it should be administered in the morning.

Side effects

As with any product to be applied to the skin or sensitive areas of the body, there can be some side effects experienced, although these are not experienced by many people. As mentioned, you might notice a discharge or residue with usage, and this is harmless. It is the body secreting the dead skin cells, leaving the softer, healthier tissue beneath and should stop after several applications.

If any other side effects are experienced, you must discontinue use immediately and speak to your pharmacist at Click Pharmacy or medical professional.

When shouldn’t I use Regelle vaginal moisturiser?

  • Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser is suitable for use by women suffering from vaginal dryness as a result of many different conditions.
  • You can use this product in conjunction with HRT, as it does not contain hormones.
  • Speak to your doctor before using Regelle Vaginal Moisturiser if you are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant or are breastfeeding, as they may wish to recommend an alternative product.
  • It should not be used by children.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients which are present in the product.
  • Regel is paraben-free. Regelle is water-based and safe to use with the majority of condoms – check the packaging in advance of use.
  • Always use as directed. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, flush out with plenty of water immediately.

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