Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser available at Click Pharmacy helps relieve vaginal dryness. It stays on the vaginal walls and releases moisture for up to 3 days.


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What is Hyalofemme

Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser is used to help relieve the symptoms of vaginal dryness. This intensive moisturiser is designed to stay on the walls of the vagina and release moisture for up to 3 days in order to help manage your vaginal dryness. It can even benefit the cells which have started to dehydrate and shrink (cell atrophy) by reversing these problems. It matches your vagina’s natural pH levels and can help to stimulate your immune system, which will help to prevent infections and repair tissue.

Causes of Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness affects women of all ages, but it is most likely caused as a result of significant hormonal changes which can come through the ageing process and menopause. It can also occur as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding or even as a result of using certain products in your genital region which can alter the natural balance of flora and pH which should be found there.

Here is a full list of possible causes of vaginal dryness:

  • You are breastfeeding
  • You are menopausal
  • You are taking antidepressants
  • You are having a hysterectomy
  • You are taking the contraceptive pill
  • You are experiencing other changes in your hormone levels
  • You are having a cancer treatment, e.g. chemotherapy
  • You have an underlying medical condition, e.g. Sjogren’s syndrome or diabetes
  • You have been using soaps, washes, or douches which are perfumed in or around the vagina

It is also known as vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis. It is the thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls, and it can occur when your body has less oestrogen, so it occurs most often post-menopause. The symptoms can be:

  • Soreness or itchiness around your vagina
  • Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • The need to urinate more frequently
  • Discomfort when urinating

This hormone-free treatment can be used in conjunction with hormone-therapy and is also suitable for cancer patients.

How effective is Hyalofemme vaginal moisturiser?

Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser is an extremely effective moisturiser for your most intimate area and is clinically proven to deliver the results you need. It has a mucoadhesive formula which uses a unique blend of sodium hyaluronate, which is a naturally occurring molecule that provides hydration and promotes the repair of tissue.  The mucoadhesive nature ensures it stays on the vagina walls – exactly where it is needed – to slowly release the moisture you require.

It has also proven effective at reversing the symptoms of cell atrophy (when they become dehydrated and start to shrink).

This formula will alleviate your symptoms of vaginal dryness when used as directed and can help keep them at bay if used as a preventative measure too.

Always follow the guidelines for the use which will be provided. 

How does Hyalofemme vaginal moisturiser work?

Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser is a clear and odourless gel which uses the active ingredient Hydeal-D to provide a long-lasting solution to the symptoms of vaginal dryness. Hydeal-D is a unique formulation of sodium hyaluronate, which is a naturally occurring molecule that serves to hydrate and repair tissue. It has been widely trusted in the healthcare industry to provide excellent hydration. 

Name Jana Abelovska
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How should I use Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser?

Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser comes in a tube with an easy-to-use reusable applicator. The instructions to administer the product successfully are as follows:

  • Wash and dry your hands before use
  • Screw the applicator firmly onto the nozzle of the tube
  • Squeeze the tube of moisturiser until it fills the applicator to the stop point
  • Unscrew the applicator and insert it into your vagina whilst crouched down or lying on your back with legs spread
  • Push the plunger on the applicator until all the gel has been expelled into the vagina
  • After using, push the plunger in order to remove it from the cannula. Rinse away any residue and then disinfect gently before rinsing again. Drain any water and store with the plunger back in the cannula and in the box until your next dose is required.

If required, you can expel a bit of the gel, so it lubricates the applicator before inserting into your vagina.

Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser can moisturise your vagina for up to 3 days thanks to its mucoadhesive formula. However, the product’s use should be dependent on how dry the vagina is. One application every 3 days for a duration of 30 days is recommended initially. You are safe to use this product whilst menstruating.

There will be more detailed instructions provided within the product packaging – please ensure you follow them to ensure you administer the product correctly. 

How long do I use Hyalofemme vaginal moisturiser for before I notice a difference?

Clinical studies have shown that this moisturiser will significantly reduce the symptoms of vaginal dryness, such as the irritation, burning and itching, quickly when used as directed. From the first application, you should begin to see a reduction in these, and the benefits may last as long as 3 days.

You should not need to reapply overly frequently as it works differently to a lubricant, and its hormone-free formula means you can use it in conjunction with other treatments that might otherwise be adversely affected. 

Side effects

At the start of your treatment, you will likely experience some vaginal discharge which will come as a result of your body shedding the damaged cells that are already found within the vagina. If your discharge is white and a bit lumpy, this is perfectly normal and is simply these cells combined with the gel itself. The worse the dryness is at the start, the worse the discharge is likely to be. If you notice any kind of intense or unpleasant odour, seek medical advice, as this is possibly due to a vaginal infection that already existed. Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser does not contain any ingredients which will cause a vaginal infection.

If any other side effects are experienced, these are possibly as a result of an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients found in the product. If they occur, discontinue use immediately and speak to your pharmacist at Click Pharmacy or medical professional. 

Does using Hyalofemme vaginal moisturiser affect my contraception?

Using Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser may affect the use of certain types of contraception. You should not use polyurethane condoms while using Hyalofemme Vaginal Moisturiser.

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