Permethrin Cream is one of the most effective treatments of scabies available at Click Pharmacy, with the ability to get rid of the problem within 8 hours.


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What is Permethrin

Permethrin 5% Cream, is an effective treatment for scabies. With its active ingredient, insecticide, it has the ability to get rid of scabies and mites within just 8 hours. thanks to the  If symptoms do not entirely disappear, a second dose can be used to clear up the remaining problem.

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How to use Permethrin 5%?

Permethrin 5% Cream, should only be applied to clean, dry and cool skin – do not take a hot bath or shower before the application.

The cream should be massaged into the skin until it has soaked in, with particular attention being paid to areas of the body such as under the nails, the armpits, wrists, in between the fingers and toes, the genital area, breasts and buttocks.

  • The cream should be used all over the body with approximate quantities specified by the doctor or listed in the information leaflet present in the packaging.
  • The cream should be left on the skin for a minimum of 8 hours and should be washed off with soap and water within 12 hours of application as a maximum.
  • If you need to wash the hands or anywhere else within the 8-hour window, ensure you reapply the cream immediately.

Side effects

Permethrin 5% can cause some side effects in patients, although they are rare and are most commonly caused due to a result of an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Side effects can include:

  • A prickling, tingling or burning sensation on the skin
  • Increased or persistent irritation lasting for a short period, such as redness, swelling, a rash or itching
  • Itching that feels like the itch you had as a result of the scabies mite infection. This can continue for as many as 4 weeks after using the product and is most likely a result of an allergic reaction to the dead mites – it does not mean the treatment has been unsuccessful.

If you experience these or any other side effects after applying the cream, please get in touch with the experts at Click Pharmacy to discuss them.

Side effects can also occur if the product is misused. If the cream gets into the eyes, for example, or is ingested, so it is important to always use as directed. If it does get into the eyes, flush out with water. If it is ingested, contact emergency medical services.   

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