Aloclair Plus Mouthwash treats multiple mouth ulcers. The unique formulation treats aphthous ulcers and other types of tissue damage in the mouth.


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Aloclair Plus

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What is Aloclair Plus

Aloclair Plus Mouthwash is an ideal treatment for people suffering from multiple mouth ulcers. The unique formulation of Aloclair Plus Mouthwash treats aphthous ulcers, also known as Canker sores, and other types of tissue damage in the mouth. This includes lesions caused by dental treatments like long-term orthodontic braces or ill-fitting dentures. Usually, mouth ulcers cause severe pain, especially while eating or drinking. Aloclair Plus Mouthwash speeds up the healing process and helps to manage the pain caused by ulcers. To reduce pain, it numbs the exposed nerve endings in the ulcer and forms a protective layer. The treatment is gentle enough to not cause any additional damage or irritation.

How does Aloclair Plus mouthwash work?

Mouth ulcers are painful open sores within the mouth, often characterized by damaged, raw mucus membranes. There are several causes of mouth ulcers - mental stress, constant friction and abrasion due to braces or dentures, or infections and disorders, etc. Additionally, once ulcers form, eating and drinking become extremely painful. Spicy foods and carbonated drinks are known to damage healing ulcers, irritating the newly formed tissue and causing more pain.

Mouth ulcers can be extremely uncomfortable due to the open nerve endings. Also, healing takes time; most untreated sores take months to heal. Aloclair Plus Mouthwash has ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, which are proven to promote healing and provide quick relief from the pain. The mouthwash numbs the exposed nerve endings in the ulcer and forms a protective layer, protecting tissues from further damage. It endeavours to help you manage the pain, accelerate the healing process, and bring back the comforting sense of normalcy.

How effective is Aloclair Plus mouthwash

Aloclair Plus Mouthwash is an easy and effective treatment trusted by millions of users. It is alcohol-free, so it doesn't inflame existing ulcers; alcohol in any form is known to irritate open sores causing more pain and slower healing. Its efficacy comes from its unique formulation, which takes a two-pronged approach. First, it helps in managing the pain caused by ulcers. To do so, it numbs the exposed nerve endings in the ulcer and creates a protective film over it. This film covers the nerve endings from further damage and inflammation. Second, it accelerates healing, providing quick relief from ulcers. Its ingredients, such as aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, are proven to promote healing.


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How should I use Aloclair Plus Mouthwash?

The recommended usage method is to use 10ml of the solution - measured using the bottle's marked cap - and rinse for a minute. Ensure that the solution reaches all corners of the mouth, as it works by creating a protective layer on ulcers and numbing exposed nerve endings to reduce pain. Post rinsing, expectorate the solution, but don't worry if you happen to ingest it; Aloclair Plus Mouthwash is absolutely safe! In fact, the mouthwash is safe to use by adults, pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as children.


What are the side effects of Aloclair Plus mouthwash?

Aloclair Plus Mouthwash is an over the counter medicine and formulated to be safe and gentle even if ingested accidentally instead of expectoration. However, every individual reacts differently to drugs and their ingredients. It is advisable to check if you are allergic to any of Aloclair Plus Mouthwash's ingredients. Though Aloclair Plus Mouthwash users have not presented side effects in the past, it is best to keep your GP informed in case you feel your ulcers worsening. If your ulcers take more than two weeks to heal - or if you notice any other problems while using Aloclair Plus Mouthwash - discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor, dentist, or Click Pharmacy's specialists.

When shouldn't I use Aloclair Plus mouthwash?

Before using Aloclair Plus Mouthwash, check the ingredients to rule out the possibility of allergies. If you might be allergic to any ingredient, it is best to avoid using the mouthwash as it might cause unnecessary complications. Also, consult your doctor to identify the best course of action for your ulcers. Other than that, Aloclair Plus Mouthwash is exceptionally safe to use and trusted by millions of ulcer-free users.

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