Orajel Mouth Sore Gel is an effective product for relieving mouth sores. Buy Orajel today from Click Pharmacy.


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What is Orajel

Orajel Mouth Sore Gel is an effective product for relieving mouth sores. 

Can I buy Orajel Mouth Sore gel online?

Orajel Mouth Sore Gel is an over-the-counter medication. You do not need a prescription to buy it from the pharmacy. Feel at ease to book an appointment with a health expert at Click Pharmacy to discuss how to best use this product. It can be purchased online in 18oz and 42oz packs. If you purchase in bulk, your package will be sent to your doorstep for free by Next Day Delivery.

How does Orajel Mouth Sore gel work?

Orajel Mouth Sore Gel is an oral pain relief product. It promotes fast and effective relief for various mouth sore conditions such as those caused by cold sores, canker sores, gum sores, dental work, braces pain, denture irritation and cheek bites. Its active ingredient, benzocaine, is a local anaesthetic and is responsible for providing temporary pain relief. This product aids in protecting against infection and is a widely-known pharmacist-recommended oral pain relief application. Children over 2 years of age and adults can use this mouth sores product.

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What dose should I choose?

Orajel Mouth Sore Gel is available in 0.42oz (pack of 2) and 0.18oz (pack of 2) variants. You can use this product for a maximum of 4 times a day or as directed by your dentist or doctor. Every 1g of the gel contains 150mg of the active ingredient benzocaine. Ask your dentist or doctor if you intend to use this product to a child under 2 years of age. It is safe for use by adults and children above 2 years old, but the use of this mouth sore gel for children under 12 years of age should be supervised.

How should I use Orajel Mouth Sore gel?

Cut the tip of the tube to open precisely on the score mark indicated. If the tube tip is cut before you have opened it, don’t use the product.

Squeeze a pea-size amount of the product to apply to the affected area. You can use the mouth sore gel for a maximum of 4 times a day or as directed by your doctor or dentist.

You shouldn’t eat anything for 1 hour after using the product.

While the numbness on your mouth persists, don’t chew gum or any food.

As an oral pain reliever, Orajel Mouth Sore Gel is used to temporarily relieve pain that is brought about by minor injury or irritation of the mouth and gums, as well as canker sores. It is also effective in protecting against infections.

This product provides fast relief for mouth sores associated with gum sores, cold sores, canker sores, denture work, braces pain, denture irritation and cheek bites.

Do not use this product for less or more than directed. You should stop using it after 7 days unless your doctor or dentist has directed otherwise.

Avoid smoking when you are using the product, and keep it away from flame or fire.

Stop using this product if your symptoms are not alleviated in 7 days, and seek immediate medical attention.

Side effects

After using Orajel Mouth Gel you may experience a number of side effects. These side effect are often mild and are expected to disappear as your body gets used to the product. Common side effects include the following:

  • Itchiness
  • Irritation
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Redness
  • Discomfort
  • Dry
  • Flaking of skin

If any of these side effects worsen to an extent, you should stop using Orajel Mouth Gel immediately. You should seek medical advice from a professional as soon as possible.

When shouldn’t I use Orajel Mouth Sore gel?

Do not use this product if you have a history of allergy to local anaesthetics such as benzocaine, butacaine and procaine, among other “caine” anaesthetics. This product should not be used on children below 2 years old. Ask your doctor to determine if you can safely use the gel if you have a personal or family history of any genetic enzyme deficiency. Take caution of taking this product if you have asthma, emphysema and other breathing disorders, heart disease or if you are a chronic smoker. Consult your doctor if this product is safe for use when pregnant or lactating.

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