Facts about facial hair removal for women

Do you want even, lush and hair-free skin? Well, you’ll be relieved to know that you can easily and quickly get your desired results. We are here to break down the most efficient and reliable facial hair removal methods for you. That’s right, no more unwanted facial hair that seems to have been bugging you for a while.

Most commonly known hair removal methods are available at a local grocery store or pharmacy. People with higher-than-normal androgen levels must be checked by a medical expert. Excessive hair growth is a significant indication of a medical problem and requires immediate consultation with your doctor.

Why Do I Have an Over Excessive Growth?

Do you know your facial hair is of two types, the vellus and the terminal hair? Vellus hair is very fine and transparent; it is usually seen on your upper lips, lower lips, neck, chin, forehead, and cheeks. It is also commonly known as the almost invisible peach fuzz. It regulates temperature throughout the face, and that is its prominent role. On the other hand, terminal hair is thicker and longer, generally found on the upper lips, lower lips, neck, and chin.

Every woman has facial hair. In some women, it remains unnoticeable due to the delicate nature of the hair. However, some women have thicker, darker, and coarser hair, typically termed terminal hair, which is challenging to deal with. This could be due to a condition potentially running in your family, or it may be due to a medical condition or the use of a medicine/ointment. Either way having visible hair is nothing you should be ashamed of.

How can I get rid of facial hair?

There are multiple ways to get rid of facial hair. If you are bothered by your hair growth, you may follow any of these methods to get your desired result:


Contrary to popular belief, shaving facial hair does not make the hair grow thicker and faster. Hence due to the following misconception, this method is not popular among women. Nevertheless, shaving is one of the easiest, most convenient, and fastest ways to remove hair. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a disposable or an electric shaver; they both work in the same way and produce the same results. Shaver works on different body parts, including your legs, arms, armpits, and bikini area. They also remove facial hair securely from your upper lip, chin, sideburns, and eyebrows.

The only downside is that the outcome is not long-lasting and effective. Depending on your growth, you will remain hair-free for 1-5 days, and then you will have to re-shave. In addition, this method may cause skin cuts in some cases and may also lead to ingrown hair. If you prefer to shave, just make sure that you clean your face beforehand and apply a layer of soap or shaving cream.

Always remember to glide the shaver over your face in the direction of hair growth; otherwise, it will cause uneven hair growth.


Tweezing is another inexpensive and effective way to remove facial hair. It is probably the most common method women use to eliminate facial hair. This method uses tweezers to pull out or pluck the hair from the roots. Tweezing works on any facial hair. Due to its cost-effectiveness, many amongst the masses endure the slight pain that it causes. Typically the results of tweezing last longer, around 2-8 weeks. If you feel pain or discomfort after tweezing, rub ice over the area or apply soothing cream to reduce the effects of redness and inflammation. Remember to wipe your face with a warm washcloth to soften the skin as a precautionary measure. Isolate the hair you want to eliminate and pluck them one at a time. Always pull out or pluck the hair in the direction of facial growth.


Like tweezing, threading is another reliable option for removing unwanted facial hair on the upper lip, lower lip, side of the face, and chin and shaping eyebrows. For this method, we use a thread, which twists and pulls unwanted hair after lifting them from the hair follicles. You may experience minor pain or discomfort during threading, so apply a numbing cream beforehand. Moreover, this method also requires significant expertise, so consult a skilled esthetician or cosmetologist.


Epilation is another technique for removing facial hair. This method can eliminate growth for up to 3-5 weeks. So epilation may be a better alternative if you are occupied or don’t prefer shaving and tweezing. Epilators are made to eradicate facial hair by grabbing multiple hairs simultaneously and removing them from the root. Epilation results in hair growing back finer and softer. The hair strands also remain less noticeable. You don’t need to prepare your skin before using an epilator; however, you may exfoliate if you want to prevent the risk of ingrown hair. This method proves to be painful for many women, but slowing down can reduce discomfort. Of course, you can always apply ice afterwards to reduce swelling and inflammation.


Waxing is a way to eliminate all the hair in an area simultaneously. If you are waxing at home, look for soft wax instead of hard wax, as soft wax is generally formulated for use on the face, whereas hard wax is used for legs and arms. You can also go for wax that needs to be warmed; for that, you must possess a wax warmer. You have to purchase plenty of waxing sticks. Waxing can cause slight discomfort, but it shouldn’t irritate. Using hot wax can burn your skin, so make sure you first do a patch test on your skin to make sure that the wax is at the right temperature. You can also regulate the temperature of the wax by using a wax warmer.

Wash your hands before waxing your facial hair. Next, wash and exfoliate your face to eliminate all the impurities. Finally, apply wax while keeping the skin tight, and rigidly remove the strip toward hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal

For longer results, you may consider laser hair removal. It is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures. It is also the most costly way to get rid of hair. The laser technology uses a laser and pulsating beam to damage hair follicles, resulting in hair removal. However, it is not a permanent solution. The hair typically grows back after six months, but when it does, it grows back finer and much thinner. To achieve desired results, you must brace yourself for the frequent visits and appointments from your dermatologist or doctor. You can also buy an at-home laser kit, as it is convenient to use and economical.

Laser hair removal has lesser-known side effects, but you may experience tenderness and redness. However, the severity varies from person to person. It may also cause colour changes in the skin in some cases. Suppose you use an at-home device; always clean and shave your face before the procedure. In that case, the treatment produces the most desirable results. To begin the treatment, place the laser over the targeted area and repeat the process 2-3 times per week to get the desired outcome.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are another viable option for facial hair removal. These creams have chemicals such as salts of thioglycolic acid-like potassium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate, with bases such as calcium, sodium, or potassium hydroxide. These creams break down proteins in the hair so they can quickly dissolve and wash away. Before applying a depilatory cream, always do a patch test and use only a tiny amount to avoid the risk of redness, itchiness, and bumps. These products are generally available as lotions, gels, and creams; however, creams are specifically designed for facial hair.


Vaniqa is a medication approved to lessen unwanted facial hair growth. Consult your doctor to find out if the prescription is right for you. Signs of an allergic response may include redness, rash, and itching. Furthermore, if you stop applying the cream, facial hair will regrow.


Removal of facial hair abolishes hair, excess oil, debris, and dead skin cells, which can brighten the skin and give a radiant glow. Moreover, it helps makeup last longer. Getting rid of unwanted facial hair is an easy fix. Select any of the methods mentioned above based on your preference and predilection. Then, depending on your desired way, you can get rid of facial hair for days, weeks, or even months.

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