Jana Abelovska

Superintendent Pharmacist


GPhC Registration number 2220953.

Professional Registration:



M Pharm (Hons)


Comenius University Bratislava






Masters Degree

Jana Abelovska is our Superintendent pharmacist and oversees our pharmacy operations. She completed her Masters in pharmacy degree from the Comenius University Bratislava in 2018.

As part of her studies, Jana conducted research on colorectal carcinoma and the problem of chemo resistance in therapy. Following her graduation Jana had been working as a pharmacist in a community setup before joining click pharmacy in 2019.

Jana continues to further develop her interests in natural ways of managing PCOS and other cycle disorders faced by women, being a keen advocate in promoting healthy hormonal cycle for women.

In her spare time Jana loves to keep fit and regularly visits the gym. She is also an accomplished baker and believes in maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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