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Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment

  • Treatment for eye infection
  • Prescription-only medication
  • Kills infection causing bacteria

From £10.99

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  • An effective product for relieving dry and irritated eyes
  • Soothes sore and irritated eyes
  • Keeps the eye moist and protects it from infection and injury

From £6.99

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Opticrom Allergy

  • Contains sodium cromoglicate
  • Treats all types of allergies
  • Prevents histamine release

From £5.99

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  • A Prescription-only medicine
  • Clinically proven to alleviate the symptoms brought upon by conjunctivitis
  • Treatment should not surpass a 6-week duration

From £12.99

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Optrex Brightening

  • An incredibly useful product for treating dull eyes
  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • Reduces the redness in your eyes

From £4.99

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Optrex Double Action

  • A treatment for dry and drained eyes
  • Accelerates the recovery of iodine-induced corneal erosions
  • Maintains corneal epithelium

From £9.99

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Optrex Multi Action

  • Used to treat tired, irritated and uncomfortable eyes
  • Soothes and cleanses the eyes
  • Contains boric acid

From £3.99

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Optrex Refreshing

  • Soothes and refreshes tired and dry eyes
  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • Balances the natural pH level of tears

From £4.99

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Viscotears Liquid Gel

  • hydrates the eyes
  • Helps to calm down dry and sore eyes
  • Contains the active ingredient carbomer

From £2.95

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Optrex Allergy

  • Anti-allergy eye drops
  • Eases the signs of allergic reactions
  • Soothes and prevents itchy eyes

From £6.49

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Optrex Bloodshot

  • Reduces redness
  • Encourages the normal flow of blood
  • Contains theraputic ingredients

From £4.99

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Why is Eye Care Important?

Of the five senses that human being's have, the sense of sight is maybe one of the most important and aids the individual the most. Most of the world's population relies on their sight to perceive their surroundings. Therefore, it is vital to protect the eyes at all cost because negligence would lead to blindness, loss of vision, and various eye diseases. The eyes are the most highly developed of all the sensory organs and work together with the brain to maintain normal functioning. Together, the brain and eye work to maintain vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The eyes cannot be taken for granted as any impairment in eyesight can hinder the quality of life for any individual. Therefore, it is vital to take extra good care of the eyes to prevent any problems in vision.

Health Problems Associated with the Eyes

The optimal working of the eyes is not only vital for optimal vision but also for healthy brain functioning. The brain is the control centre of the human body, and without it not working in perfect condition, living an everyday life would be almost impossible. The optic nerves connect the eyes and the brain, which have a co-dependent relationship necessary for maintaining the quality of life. Good vision improves the cognitive working of the individual and improves athletic ability, driving skills, learning, and comprehension.

Neglecting Eye Care Leads To

For a body part as important as the eyes, a simple visit to an eye doctor can be a measure of preventative maintenance of the body. Modern medicine and medical knowledge have broken many barriers, and now, a doctor can determine whether or not there is anything else wrong with the human body. The inspection of the eyes leads towards the examination of the blood supply to the body and can help doctors spot numerous diseases such as the following:

  1. High Cholesterol: This disease is the leading factor for heart disease as it increases the amount of cholesterol in the body that might clog the blood vessels and arteries. High cholesterol has been seen to affect the eyes and vision, which in the most extreme cases can cause irreversible blindness. This can be seen as a bluish ring forms around the outside layer of the front part of the eye, the cornea.
  2. High Blood Pressure: or hypertension is when there is an intense build-up of blood pressure against the arterial walls, which, in turn, damage blood vessels and cause heart and kidney diseases. High blood pressure can cause damage to the blood vessels leading to the eyes damaging the retina. The retina is the tissue in the eye that is sensitive to light and can cause bleeding in the eyes. This can cause blurred vision and might lead to complete blindness. Extreme redness in the eyes near the retina is an indicator of high blood pressure.
  3. Diabetes: It is a disease caused by an increase in the blood sugar level in the body. Fluctuation in the blood sugar level is caused by increased consumption of fatty food and decreased energy expenditure. In the event that there is a deficiency of the production of the hormone insulin decreases the breakdown of glucose in the food consumed. Not only does diabetes affect blood vessels, but they also affect the eyes as the onset of diabetes can be seen by eye doctors in the back of the eyes.
  4. Liver Disease: Any disturbance in the functioning of the liver can cause liver diseases. As the liver has a very definitive role in regulating the body's functions. With the liver incapacitated, the body can suffer numerous different problems. Also known as hepatic disease, liver problems cause dryness and itchiness in the eyes and a collection of fat on the eyelids. Some liver diseases can be seen by the yellowing of the eyes as an indicator while also affecting the cornea and lens.
  5. Brain Tumours: A collection of abnormal cells in the human brain are known as brain tumours. Any growth forming on the inside of the skull can cause many problems that hinder the working of the human body. Brain tumours can either be cancerous or benign; either way, they can cause many changes in vision, such as blurred and/or double vision and abnormal eye movements. These aforementioned symptoms are indicators to an eye doctor that there might be an unwelcome growth in the brain.
  6. Macular Degeneration: It is an eye disease that progresses with time as an adult ages, leading to vision loss in people over the age of sixty. A small central part of the retina wears down due to usage and age-related degeneration. A routine eye exam can be an indicator of macular degeneration as tiny yellow spots appear under the retina and the clumping of pigments in the eyes.
  7. Glaucoma: Spanning over a group of eye conditions that are centred around damage to the optic nerve, which affects vision. High blood pressure is more often than not the cause of glaucoma. It is the leading cause of blindness in people over 60 years of age and can be checked by a simple dilated eye exam. This exam is conducted by an eye doctor through the dilation of the eyes to get a three-dimensional view of the optic nerve. Glaucomas can be seen visibly in the eyes of the afflicted as well.

Can I buy Eye care treatment online?

Yes! You can quickly and discreetly buy eye care treatment online through our website.

How to Take Care of the Eyes?

There are many different ways the eyes can be kept healthy such as incorporating a healthy, balanced diet with foods high in omega-3, which is very beneficial for the eyes. Maintaining a healthy body weight also decreases the risk of diabetes and other diseases that affect the eyes. A complete lifestyle change is the best remedy to take care of the eyes. Having a balanced diet and regular exercise can keep the body healthy enough to ensure the optimal working of all the organs. Moreover, wearing sunglasses can limit sun exposure that damages the eyes and reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration by blocking almost a hundred per cent of UV radiation. Wearing protective eyewear can also help prevent any injuries to the eyes while playing contact sports or working in factories and construction.

Another great way to take care of the eyes is to avoid smoking, as the nicotine in cigarettes has been linked to the development of age-related eye diseases that can damage the optic nerve. Specifically, people who wear lenses should take extra special care of their eyes and the lens they use to ensure that there won't be any eye infections. Cleaning the lens thoroughly and replacing them as needed reduces the chance of eye infections altogether. Lastly, as is the case with all other organs, the eyes need their rest to function properly. Blinking the eyes at regular intervals keeps them from being tired by closing them regularly. This reduces strain on the eye and helps the organ to work to the optimal level. The eyes are an essential part of the human body and should be taken care of to the best of an individual's abilities. Being careful regularly and scheduling appointments with the eye doctor is integral to ensuring no premature damage to the eyes and vision.  

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Last reviewed 11 April 2023

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