Allergy Relief


EpiPen is an emergency treatment containing epinephrine and is used for severe allergic reactions to insect bites and stings, medicines, foods and other substances.

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Telfast (Fexofenadine)Telfast (Fexofenadine)

Telfast is an antihistamine that is available on prescription. It is used to address the symptoms of hayfever and seasonal rhinitis.

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Nasonex Nasal SprayNasonex Nasal Spray

Nasonex nasal spray offers effective relief from allergic rhinitis. It contains the active ingredient mometasone, which is a type of corticosteroid.

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About allergies

An allergy is an unpleasant bodily reaction to a specific substance, commonly referred to as an allergen. These reactions happen when an allergen triggers an immune response in the body, causing it to produce antibodies to fight against it. When the body comes into contact with the allergen again, the body releases more antibodies. This leads to chemicals such as histamines being produced, which causes an allergic reaction. Common symptoms of these reactions include swelling or a tingling sensation in the face, eyes and mouth, sneezing, skin rashes and breathing difficulties.

What causes allergies?

There are many allergens that can cause allergic reactions, but some of the most common include pollen, dust mites, animal skin or hair and particular types of food.

Allergies can run in families and they can also be triggered by environmental factors. For example, studies have revealed that children are at an increased risk if they grow up in a home where people smoke, have pets, are exposed to dust mites and use antibiotics.

How does allergy-relief treatment work?

The type of treatment you use will depend on the nature of your allergy. Here are the allergy-relief treatments Click provide:

Telfast (fexofenadine)
Telfast is a prescription-only medication that is used to treat and prevent hay fever. It comes in the form of a tablet that should be swallowed once a day to help ease symptoms. It can be taken when symptoms occur or as a preventative form of treatment if you suffer from regular bouts of hay fever. Telfast works by preventing the chemical histamine from being produced during an allergic reaction. The generic version of Telfast, fexofenadine, is also available and has a similar level of effectiveness.

Nasonex Nasal Spray (mometasone)
Containing the active ingredient mometasone, Nasonex is a spray medication used to treat the nasal symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as a running nose and sneezing. It works by stopping the production of substances in the body that lead to the reaction.

EpiPen is a brand of an adrenaline pen that is prescription-only. It contains a single dose of adrenaline which is given to people suffering from a severe allergic reaction. Symptoms may include tingling and swelling of the eyes, lips and face, itchy skin and rashes, difficulty breathing and a tightening of the throat.

For more information on these treatments, consult your GP or contact one of our healthcare specialists here at Click.