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What is Nicotinell Mint Gum

The active ingredient contained in Nicotinell Gum is nicotine. There are different flavours of this product of nicotine gums, and all of them contain other ingredients such as chewing gum base, glycerol, gelatine, menthol, carnauba wax, calcium carbonate, talc,sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate anhydrous, mannitol, xylitol, purified water and titanium. Nicotinelle Gum is a nicotine replacement therapy product that delivers small amounts of nicotine to the body. As it does, it reduces nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms as a result of eliminating smoking dependence

There are various ways of stopping smoking. Some may resort to doing it “cold turkey”, but its side effects may be extremely discomforting. One can also opt to stay busy so that their craving to smoke will be diverted. A lot of sources say that drinking lots of water and juice may reduce the tendency to smoke. The list could go on and on, but among the most effective ways of quitting smoking is through nicotine replacement therapies, and one of them is by chewing Nicotinell Gum.

Can I Buy Nicotinell Gum Online? 

Nicotinell Gum is an OTC medication. It can be bought without a prescription online. You are welcome to book an appointment with a health expert at Click Pharmacy to discuss how to best use this product. You can purchase this product in strengths of 2mg and 4mg, and it comes in several flavours of mint, fruit and liquorice. Ordering Nicotinell Gum in bulk will have the product delivered straight to your doorstep for free by Next Day Delivery.

When Shouldn’t I Take Nicotinell Gum?

Do not begin this treatment if you are below 12 years old or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. Use nicotine gum with caution if you have a peptic ulcer, gastritis, food pipe inflammation or swelling of the mouth or throat. These conditions can be aggravated if you swallow nicotine. If you have diabetes, keenly monitor your blood sugar if you are on Nicotinell Gum treatment.

What Dose Should I Choose?

Nicotinell Gum is available in strengths of 2mg and 4mg, and boxes containing 96 pieces of gum. The therapy using this nicotine gum typically runs for up to 12 weeks, depending on the extent of the smoking dependence. You use the 2mg strength if you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day and the 4mg dosage if your smoking consumption entails more than 30 cigarettes a day. Children 12 years old and above and adults can use this product.

What Is The Difference Between Nicotinell Gum and nicotine patch/nicotine lozenges?

A nicotine patch is a nicotine replacement therapy option wherein it is attached to the skin like an adhesive bandage. It delivers a small amount of nicotine into the bloodstream through the skin.

Secondly, nicotine lozenges are an NRT method where a tablet is dissolved slowly in the mouth. This way, it provides nicotine to the body. This product is ideal for smokers who do not like to chew nicotine gum.

How effective Is Nicotinell Gum?

It is a nicotine gum that provides nicotine to the body as a replacement for ingesting the same addictive substance obtained by smoking. According to, a Family Medicine website, studies have shown that all methods of nicotine replacement therapy are effective for curbing the craving to smoke. With the use of nicotine gum products, such as Nicotinelle Gum, a smoking addict can increase their success for quitting smoking by 150% to 200%.

How Should I Take Nicotinell Gum?

Your dosage for taking the gum as NRT depends on the degree of your smoking addiction. Use the 2mg strength if you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day and the 4mg strength if you smoke more than 20- 30 cigarettes daily.

Follow the directions for using Nicotinell Gum on the product label. 

You do not chew Nicotinell Gum in the same way as a pack of regular gum. Instead, it is chewed slowly until its taste grows strong. Park the gum in the middle of your gums and cheek. Repeat this process whenever the taste of the nicotine gum begins to wane. After 30 minutes or so, the gum should lose its strength, and you then discard it.

Nicotinell Gum delivers nicotine to the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth. Don’t chew the gum too fast- otherwise, the nicotine will quickly be released and might be swallowed. Doing this could bring about discomforting side effects such as irritation of the throat and stomach, along with indigestion and hiccups. 

Your dosage and amount of nicotine gum use depend on how many sticks of cigarette you smoke each day. It likewise depends on whether you are trying to stop your smoking habit completely or are just trying to cut it down. Contact your pharmacist if you need further advice. Do not chew more than 15 pieces of nicotine gum daily.

If you think you are ready, you can begin to reduce the number of pieces you chew every day. Taper your dosage until you completely stop smoking.

How Does Nicotinell Gum Work?

Nicotine, the addictive substance found in cigarettes, is also contained in Nicotinell Gum. This product provides a small amount of nicotine to the body without the dangers of inhaling smoke from cigarettes. As a consequence, your cravings to smoke are alleviated, and your smoking withdrawal symptoms are relieved. When you ultimately stop smoking, Nicotinell Gum helps you break your psychological dependence on nicotine. With the implementation of NRT methods such as Nicotinell Gum, your success rates to quit smoking are doubled.

How long do I take Nicotinell Gum for before I notice a difference?

The stop smoking program using Nicotinell Gum initially runs for 3 months. Whatever strength you choose following the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, you should keep to the proper instructions of applying this product. You are not supposed to chew more than 15 pieces of nicotine gum each day. Adhere to the recommendations of your pharmacist or doctor, and you can ultimately be free from your smoking dependence in 6 months.

What are the side effects of Nicotinell Gum?

The side effects of medicines tend to affect different people in different ways. The following are the side effects of Nicotinell Gum which smokers may experience or not.

The common side effects of this nicotine gum include hiccups, headache, dizziness, increased salivation, sore mouth/throat, soreness and inflammation of the mouth, nausea or vomiting, aching of the jaw muscle and heartburn or indigestion.

The uncommon side effects of Nicotinell Gum are palpitations or being conscious of your heartbeat and rashes, redness or irritation of the skin.

Please speak to your doctor or consult our specialists at Click Pharmacy should you require any further advice.

Can I swallow Nicotinell Mint Gum?

Nicotinell Mint Gum is a chewing gum. You should continue to chew it until the flavour disappears. Once the flavour has disappeared you should dispose of the chewing gum, it should not be swallowed.

How should I stop taking Nicotinell Mint Gum?

Once you notice that your withdrawal symptoms have drastically improved, you should stop using Nicotinell Mint Gum. You should do this by gradually decreasing the amount of gum you chew in a day. By gradually decreasing your dose you are allowing your body to adapt to the slow change as opposed to a rapid change.

What if I do not notice an improvement in my withdrawal symptoms and cravings?

If after three months of consecutively using Nicotinell Mint Gum you do not notice an improvement in your cravings and withdrawal symptoms you should stop using Nicotinell mint Gum and seek medical advice from a GP or pharmacist as soon as possible.

Can I eat or drink while chewing Nicotinell Mint Gum?

You should not eat or drink up to 15 minutes before or after chewing Nicotinell Mint Gum. This is to ensure the nicotine in this gum is effectively delivered to its designated destination.

How should I store Nicotinell Mint Gum?

To ensure the product does not go off before the use by date you should store Nicotinell Mint Gum in a cool dry place at room temperature. The gum should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

Throughout your treatment you may experience lots of different side effects. It is important to understand that not everyone will experience the same side effects. Common side effects include the following:

  • nausea/feeling sick
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • indigestion/heartburn
  • Hiccups
  • Increased heart rate

If any of these side effects worsen, or you experience difficulty in breathing, you should stop using Nicotinell Mint Gum immediately and seek medical advice from a GP or pharmacist as soon as possible.

Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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