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Stop Smoking

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Champix Initiation Pack

A prescription-only nicotine-free stop smoking medicine, Champix (varenicline) works to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with giving up cigarettes.

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Champix Maintenance Pack

Champix contains the active ingredient varenicline and is used to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with quitting smoking.

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Nicorette Inhalator

A Nicorette Inhaler is an ideal solution for someone who has quit smoking, looking to quit or is currently in the middle of quitting. The Nicorette inhaler does, however, contain nicotine.

To get rid of the habit and for the Nicorette inhaler to help, it is recommended that the person should have the correct mindset and that if you cannot quit altogether, Nicorette inhaler can help reduce the number of cigarettes that he smokes gradually. This can make it easier to stop smoking completely eventually. 

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Nicorette Gum

Nicorette Gum contains the active ingredient nicotine polacrilex. Other ingredients added in this product are chewing gum base, glycerol, sodium carbonate anhydrous, sorbitol solution, sorbitol powder, flavour for smoker 846422 and haverstroo flavour ZD49284. This product is categorized as a nicotine chewing gum, a medication belonging to the family of nicotine replacement therapies. It helps to reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal by substituting some amount of the nicotine that an individual no longer obtains by smoking cigarettes. 

Smoking can become a physical and psychological addiction. It’s mainly because of the nicotine content in cigarettes that give an addictive but temporary “high”. Trying to quit smoking can cause the body to go through physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This process can be complicated, but with the help of nicotine replacement therapies such as Nicorette Gum, you can be successful in breaking your smoking habit.

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Nicotinell Patch

The active ingredient contained in Nicotinell Patch is nicotine. This product is a nicotine patch that is used in nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). As a transdermal patch, Nicotinell Patch delivers nicotine to the body by way of the skin. In turn, this helps to stop smoking by preventing cravings along with withdrawal symptoms that typically occur when eliminating the smoking habit. 

There are many ways of breaking smoking or nicotine dependence. Some people resort to quitting “cold turkey” where they abruptly discontinue their habit. However, this measure tends to have many and unwanted side effects. Diverting one’s attention may be an option, too, where an individual may resort to a hobby or activity that will take their mind off smoking. The list could go on, but among the most effective and easiest way of eradicating nicotine addiction is by using Nicotinell Patch.

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Nicotinell Mint Gum

The active ingredient contained in Nicotinell Gum is nicotine. There are different flavours of this product of nicotine gums, and all of them contain other ingredients such as chewing gum base, glycerol, gelatine, menthol, carnauba wax, calcium carbonate, talc,sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate anhydrous, mannitol, xylitol, purified water and titanium. Nicotinelle Gum is a nicotine replacement therapy product that delivers small amounts of nicotine to the body. As it does, it reduces nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms as a result of eliminating smoking dependence

There are various ways of stopping smoking. Some may resort to doing it “cold turkey”, but its side effects may be extremely discomforting. One can also opt to stay busy so that their craving to smoke will be diverted. A lot of sources say that drinking lots of water and juice may reduce the tendency to smoke. The list could go on and on, but among the most effective ways of quitting smoking is through nicotine replacement therapies, and one of them is by chewing Nicotinell Gum.

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Stop Smoking

Awareness concerning the dangers of smoking has never been greater and many people are now keen to kick the habit. However, actually giving up for good is often much easier said than done. Cigarettes contain the highly addictive substance nicotine, which acts both as a stimulant and a relaxant, and can be extremely difficult to give up. Fortunately, there are now a range of treatments on offer that can help people to quit.

Why quit smoking?

Smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the world. In the UK alone, around 100,000 people die each year from the habit, and many more pass away from smoking-related medical complaints. Lighting up can increase your risk of developing over 50 medical conditions, including a range of cancers, coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

So, while giving up cigarettes may be a challenge, you stand to reap significant health benefits if you achieve this goal. For example, after just a few months, you should notice that your breathing has improved and any coughing you had has reduced. Meanwhile, after a year without cigarettes, your risk of heart attack and heart disease will drop to around half that of a smoker.

How to stop smoking

Many people find that determination alone is not enough to enable them to quit the habit. After all, as well as overcoming the chemical addiction, there is the psychological dependency to get over. To increase your chances of giving up successfully, you may wish to take advantage of treatments that are specifically designed to make this process easier.

How do stop smoking treatments work?

Stop smoking treatments work in variety of ways. Some are designed to supply nicotine to the body through alternative means. These options can help people to break the habit of lighting up without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Other treatments are designed to reduce people’s desire to smoke. For example, at Click we offer varenicline, which is sold under the brand name Champix. This prescription-only medicine works by blocking the pleasure induced by nicotine in the brain, decreasing people’s desire to smoke.

You can find out more about Champix on our website and if you have any questions about this treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts by email or phone. We are on hand to answer your queries and to help make the process of giving up cigarettes more straightforward.

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