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Click pharmacy specialises in supplying schools in the UK with Asthma Inhalers for teachers or other staff member to keep on premises. Having readily available asthma inhalers on school premises is crucial, especially where vulnerable students are present. If you're a staff member at a school, click pharmacy enables you to order inhalers online to ensure your school is prepared.

The process for schools to order asthma inhalers online is very straight forward. In most cases, we ensure asthma inhalers are delivered safely to your school within one working day. You need to select the number of asthma inhalers required at your school and click ‘add to cart' to proceed to the order form.

(Patients looking to place an order for personal use, please visit our asthma inhalers page)

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What is Ventolin Inhaler?

Different variations of the asthma inhaler work differently for people. Ventolin is very effective in quickly relieving symptoms such as full blown asthma attack or wheezing, whereas many may use it prior to exercising or before being exposed to anything which can cause an allergic reaction, such as animals. Once Ventolin is used, the medication gets to work right away, relieves your breathing difficulties, and continues to work for up to around 5 hours.

Ventolin can be used in children for as young as 4 years of age, making it an excellent option for young children with asthma. You can also use Ventolin in short durations if needed in an emergency without the risk of significant side effects, although it should be confirmed by your doctor first.

Ventolin is one of the oldest asthma inhalers on the market after salbutamol was launched under the brand name Ventolin in 1969, making it a well-trusted and highly studied product.

Can I buy asthma inhalers online?

School staff can purchase salbutamol inhalers from Click Pharmacy.

You will need to provide us with a signed letter from the school's headmaster (or principal) before we can dispense and send the inhalers. You can either:

  1. Upload this letter when filling out the online order form;
  2. Or you can place the order first without uploading it, and one of our staff will contact you to arrange the provision of this letter.

Please note that this letter must:

  1. Be on letter-headed paper, with details of the school the inhalers are being ordered for;
  2. Include a statement from the headteacher (or principal) explaining that they would like to order asthma inhalers for use in the school.
  3. Explain what purpose the inhalers are being ordered for
  4. State the name, dose, and quantity of the inhaler(s) required
  5. ?Contain the signature of the headteacher or principal, along with the date on which the letter was signed.

Once your order has been confirmed, our pharmacy will dispense your inhalers and send these to your school by secure next-day parcel.

What are the common side effects of Asthma Inhaler treatment?

Side effects are generally mild as the medication is breathed directly down into your lungs and does not go through your system. One of the main side effects is oral thrush staying in the mouth after taking a dose. To help avoid this, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after every use regularly.

Other possible side effects can be:

Hoarse throat



If you experience anything more severe than this, it is crucial you either speak to a doctor to discuss any substitute treatment or get medical help according to the severity of the reaction.

If the medication somehow gets into the eye, it can cause glaucoma. So avoid spraying it near the face by first placing the mouthpiece into your mouth prior to use.

How effective is the Asthma Inhaler treatment?

Asthma inhalers are either known as relievers or preventers. Reliever treatments effectively stop your asthmatic symptoms at once and restrict them from developing into a full blown attack. The medication absorbs into the cells within the lungs and reduces the allergic reaction occurring and the constriction of the air passages.

Preventers are a long-term, daily treatment that keeps the airways open and relaxed so as to restrict symptoms and attacks from occurring in the first place, even when the patient comes into contact with any triggers. However, they are only effective when taken regularly as directed by the doctor, and if you stop using them, your breathing issues will return.


Asthma, a chronic condition affecting millions of people in the UK alone. A large number of sufferers are disagnosed in childhood, but it can even develop later on in life too.

People with asthma have sensitive airways, which tend to become inflamed when they come into contact with specific allergens that trigger a constricting action of the muscles around the airways resulting in wheezing and a tight chest. There can also be a build-up of mucus which causes coughing. These reactions make it challenging for the sufferer to breathe, varying from mild to fatal if left unmedicated.

Ventolin and Salbutamol inhalers for schools

Salbutamol is a type of medicine that is called a 'reliever'. This is because it helps open the airways when asthma symptoms increase, making breathing easier. The medication is given through an inhaler. It is available at Click Pharmacy under the Ventolin brand and Easyhaler Salbutamol.

In 2014, the UK government changed legislation enabling schools to hold salbutamol inhalers on premises for use in emergencies. There are cases in which a pupil with asthma or who has an asthma prescription:

  1. cannot access their inhaler,
  2. has their inhaler, but it's not functioning or has run out.

Schools purchasing asthma inhalers do not require a prescription. However, it is necessary that the authorised person in the school storing asthma inhalers should be trained on how to support a pupil with an asthma attack. A school must have the written consent of the child's parent or guardian for an inhaler to be used in such cases.

A copy of a consent form and a notification to a parent notifying that an emergency inhaler has been administered can be found on pages 21 and 22 of the Department of Health guidance.

There are benefits to having emergency asthma inhalers readily available and having staff trained in their provision.

Not only is it improving safety for pupils, but it may also mean that the pupil doesn't have to make a trip to the hospital if they start to develop any symptoms. It also helps assure parents of pupils with asthma that there are procedures to protect their child if their inhaler malfunctions. The scheme also helps school staff be confident that they can adequately handle a situation where a pupil develops asthma symptoms or has an asthma attack.

What is Salamol Inhaler (Salbutamol) Easi-Breathe?

Salamol Inhaler works as soon as you take a puff. The medication is specifically designed to relieve your severe symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath. It has the tendency to last for up to 5 hours.

The relaxation of the muscles leading down to the lungs also helps relieve the cough that can occur with an asthma attack.

Asthma narrows the airways and makes breathing challenging. Asthma inhalers help to ease the symptoms ranging from mild to fatal and include a wide a variety of issues, including:

Shortness of breath



Tightness in the chest

Your doctor can help you manage asthma symptoms and attacks. You can find alternative ways to deal with your triggers efficiently. Asthma inhalers such as Salamol are the first line of defence against an asthma attack. They quickly open up the airways and ease the coughing, wheezing, and tightness in the chest before it can develop into a full blown attack.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is one of the UK's most common lung conditions. It affects your lungs' airways and causes breathlessness, coughing, and wheezing.

How many people have Asthma in the UK?

Approximately 5 million people in the UK have Asthma. About one in every 12 adults and one in every 11 children suffer from this lung condition.

How frequently do Asthma symptoms appear?

Asthma symptoms can vary at times. But unfortunately, there are plenty of cases in which symptoms remain hidden without decreasing the quality of life for weeks or even months at a time.

How many people in the UK die from Asthma?

Asthma can be fatal. It kills around three people in the UK every day. The best way to decrease the risk is to continue taking your asthma medication, even when you feel well.

What do I take for swift relief from Asthma symptoms?

You can always use an inhaler including the active ingredient Salbutamol to relieve asthma symptoms quickly.

Can children use Asthma treatment?

Yes, it is safe for children to use an inhaler if a doctor approves it.

How frequently do I need to take Asthma treatment?

Asthma is one of those persistent disorders that need treatment every day. Even if you feel fine and seem to have no symptoms, you must still take your prescribed medicine.

How long can it take for Asthma treatment to work?

When using an inhaler, you will instantaneously notice relief from symptoms. However, the treatment effects may last up to 5 hours after administration.

How effective is asthma treatment?

Continue to take regular treatment, and you will notice a substantial improvement in your quality of life. It is very effective across all gender or age groups.

Is it safe to use Asthma treatment?

Yes, it is safe for both adults and children to use asthma treatment. However, taking it with a certain regularity is preferred.

How often can I use an inhaler for Asthma treatment?

You can take a dose for Asthma every 4-6 hours. However, avoid exceeding your asthma inhaler doses of more than 6 a day.

Can I buy Asthma treatment online?

Yes, you can fill out a questionnaire and have the inhalers delivered to your doorstep.

What are the common side effects of Asthma treatment?

Salbutamol is quite safe to use and rarely shows any symptoms. However, you can experience a dry mouth, dizziness, shaking, coughing, or dry lips in some cases.

Is there a cure for Asthma?

Unfortunately, any cure for Asthma is yet to be discovered in medical sciences. However, people mostly have a quality life as long as they take their medication.

How can I make Asthma go away permanently?

Unfortunately, in most cases, Asthma is a lifelong condition and doesn't go away. However, if you continue to take your medication correctly and follow a healthy lifestyle, you can live a primarily symptom-free life.

Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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