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What is Junior Epipen

Click pharmacy specialises in supplying schools in the UK with EpiPen or Jext allergy (Adrelenine Auto-jector) pens for teachers or other staff member to keep on their school premises.

The process for schools to order adrelaline pens is very straight forward. Simply select the pen and quantity required and click ‘add to cart’ to proceed towards the order form. As part of the ordering process you will need to supply us with a signed letter from the headteacher or principal (or equivalent person) in your school or institution.

The written request from the headteacher or principal on letter headed paper must state:

  • The name of the school for which the EpiPen or Jext is required
  • The purpose for which that product is required
  • The name (EpiPen, or Jext), dose (150 mcg or 300 mcg), and quantity of pens required.
  • Signed by the headteacher or principal

See page 26 of the Department of Health guidance for a template letter that you can use.

We usualy look to ensure that pens are delivered securely to your school within one working day.

(Patients looking to place an order for personal use, please visit our EpiPen page).

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How to buy Epipen or Jext for your school?

You are required to send us a signed letter from your school's headteacher or principal (or equivalent person) when placing an order.

The letter must:

    1. Be on school letterhead
    2. Contain a written statement from the headteacher, principal, or equivalent person highlighting their wish to order adrenaline pens for their institution.
    3. Specify the purpose for placing an order of the EpiPens.
    4. Mention the name (EpiPen, or Jext), dose (150 mcg or 300 mcg), and required quantity of adrenaline pen(s)
    5. And be signed and dated by the principal, headteacher, or equivalent person

You can find an example letter on page 26 of the Department of Health guidance here. If you already have this letter, upload a scanned copy when completing the order form.

What dose should I choose? |AAI Doses

Adrenaline auto-injector is available in two doses from our site:

  1. The 150 mcg (or 0.15 mg) dose for children weighing less than 30 kg
  2. The 300 mcg (or 0.3 mg) dose for children weighing over 30 kg and for adults

The maximum dose of adrenaline for an adult is 0.5 mg. For a child, the maximum dosage is 0.3 mg. The ideal dosage depends on your body weight. Your consultation with one of our doctors encompasses the discussion on dosage.

Legislation requiring schools to stock adrenaline pens

Since 2017, the UK government permits UK schools to purchase and hold spare adrenaline pens on site for use in cases of anaphylactic shock, requiring emergency administration.

It is essential for schools to follow this legislation as sometimes the student's own adrenaline pen is either not functioning or unavailable.

Schools do not require a prescription for purchasing adrenaline pens such as Emerade, Jext, and Epipen for this particular purpose.

You may read the instructions from the Department of Health here.

Trained individuals with their names registered are a must for administering the treatment. If your school has not found a training provider, the Anaphylaxis Campaign has set up the Allergy Wise for schools initiative to provide training and resources.

The instructions from the Department of Health specify that school staff members are not required to take the responsibility of administering emergency adrenaline treatment. However, it is better to have more staff members are trained to inject adrenaline as you cannot delay the treatment of anaphylaxes.

How to store EpiPen?

To ensure you get the full benefit of the EpiPen, store it correctly. Follow the recommendations for optimally storing your EpiPen:

  1. Store it at room temperature, do not refrigerate it
  2. Keep the EpiPen away from sunlight
  3. Do not store in a car during hot or cold weather
  4. Keep the EpiPen in its carrier tube
  5. Keep it away from water
Can children use an EpiPen?

A person weighing more than 25 kg may use an EpiPen. EpiPen Jr 0.15 mg is for children weighing between 7.5 kg to 25 kg.

What is the difference between EpiPen and an EpiPen Jr?

Epipen is for children weighing above 25 kg, while Epipen Jr is for younger children weighing less than 25 kg.

How long should I hold the EpiPen in place?

Try to hold EpiPen in place for 3 seconds to receive the entire dose.

What should I do if I accidentally open the safety cap?

Discard the Epipen as opening the blue safety cap means it is activated.

If the EpiPen is not yet active despite removing the safety cap, place the needle gently back into its carrier tube and fasten it securely with the blue safety cap.

How do I dispose of an EpiPen?

Always seek medical assistance after injecting an EpiPen and give the used EpiPen to the medical assistant. It is vital to dispose of expired EpiPens in an appropriate bin.


Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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