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What is sun protection?

Everyone needs some exposure to the sun. It's not only healthy but even required in some cases. Sunlight helps make Vitamin D, absorb calcium, and strengthen the bones. However, like most things, excess exposure to the sun is harmful to the body. Overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation may cause skin damage, vision problems, immune system degradation, and even skin cancer.

How does overexposure to the sun cause damage?

When the sun shines its bright light on the earth, it promotes the growth of life. However, a small part of that light consists of harmful UV rays, causing tan, burns, ageing, wrinkles, and other skin damage. In rare cases, overexposure to UV may even cause skin cancer. In addition, UV rays may also cause vision problems (cataracts) and a weak immune system.

The damage from UV is especially evident in people living in areas where the Ozone layer has deteriorated, like Australia. Global warming is one of the foremost reasons for an increasing number of skin and vision disorders caused by the sun.

Who needs sun protection?

Everyone needs protection from the sun, but the kids need it the most. People with a lighter skin tone have less melanin, making them more vulnerable to UV radiation. Therefore, they may need more protection than people with darker skin tones. However, both skin types are vulnerable to tanning or burns caused by exposure to the sun. These are the finest ways to protect your skin;

Use sunscreen

Riemann P20 SPF 30 Spray is an effective and easy-to-use sunscreen. It provides SPF 30 sun protection to the skin. It comes in an expedient spray bottle that is easy to apply and ensure even coverage. It has no added fragrance, preservatives, or colours, making it suitable for sensitive skins.

A single application of this sunscreen provides protection for up to 10 hours. It also guards you against the Sun's UV radiation's damaging effects, thereby preventing skin damage.

Avoid the strongest rays during the day

Stay in the shade, especially when the sun is at its strongest. When the kids go out to play, apply a helping of sunscreen to them, ensuring their protection. Do not hesitate to use the sunscreen even if they are just going to play in your backyard.

Contrary to popular belief, most sun damage occurs from overexposure to the sun during daily activities, not from lying on the beach. Please remember that UV radiation also reaches down on a cloudy or overcast day. Therefore, you should always take safety measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Cover yourself up

Your clothes provide you with the first line of protection against sun damage. Therefore, you should wear appropriate attire, especially in summer. Make sure that you do not wear see-through clothes. Babies are more vulnerable to sun damage because of their thinner and sensitive skin. So, make sure to cover them up appropriately and keep them in the shade as much as possible. You can also use a minute amount of sunscreen to cover exposed skin.

When you or your kids go outside, make a habit out of carrying an umbrella or wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Also, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Wear sunglasses

The eyes are among the most delicate body parts, and they are extremely vulnerable to the sun. Even a day in the sun may lead to a burned cornea. In addition, overexposure to the sunlight may cause cataracts, leading to blurred vision later in life. Therefore, you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, especially when going out.

Double-check your medicines

Some medications make your skin more vulnerable to UV rays. Therefore, you should ask your doctor or a pharmacist if you should take any precautions when taking your medicines. Covering up, using sunscreen, and wearing sunglasses are generally enough to protect you from damage.

Can I buy sun protection online?

Yes, you can buy Riemann P20 SPF 30 Spray online with ease. It does not require a prescription and is available for purchase online. We will deliver it to your preferred address. Due to an abundance of sunburns in summer and travellers, while a low presence of side effects, this product is legally available without a prescription for use.

If you require information or proper advice in advance of your purchase, you may speak to one of the experts at Click Pharmacy, who will be pleased to help.

What to do if my kid gets a sunburn?

Kids feel pain and a burning sensation from sunburns. Symptoms may become worse even hours after sun exposure. Some kids may also get chills, itching and tightness because of the drying skin. In some cases, their skin may start peeling off about a week after getting the sunburn. Make sure that your kids do not scratch or peel off the skin to protect them from a potential infection.

Treating a sunburn

If your kid gets sunburn, a cool bath is recommended. Apply damp, cool compresses to the skin to deal with pain and heat. You can also apply pure Aloe Vera for relief. In addition, you can get your kid some anti-inflammatory medicine for the pain and itching. However, you must not give aspirin to kids or teenagers.

Apply sunscreen and moisturising cream to protect your skin. If the sunburn becomes too severe and develops blisters, contact your doctor. Make sure the patient doesn't scratch, squeeze, or pop the blisters –otherwise, they may become infected and cause scarring.

Make sure to keep out of the sun until the sunburn heals completely. Further exposure will only make things worse.

What else should I know?

Sunlight's intensity depends on a number of factors, including the time of the year, latitude and longitude of your location, and weather conditions. Typically, the UV rays are the strongest in summer. Therefore, when travelling abroad, especially in a sunny location, make sure to bring appropriate cover, sunglasses and sunscreen with you. Please take extra precautions when travelling near the equator region or high altitudes. Also, apply sunscreen when going skiing in the mountains because UV rays reflected from the snow increase in intensity.

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Last reviewed 11 April 2023

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