Gaviscon Advance is a medicine in the form of a syrup that is used to treat heartburn (reflux) and indigestion. Buy Gaviscon Advance today from Click Pharmacy.


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Gaviscon Advance

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What is Gaviscon Advance

Gaviscon Advance is a medication in the form of a syrup that's used to treat heart burn (reflux) and indigestion.

How does Gaviscon Advance work?

Gaviscon Advance contains alginic acid that acts by forming a protective layer which acts as a raft on top of the stomach contents. This keeps the stomach acid from rising to the food pipe. The syrup also contains the antacid potassium bicarbonate, which neutralises excess acid, reducing the pain and discomfort that this causes. Potassium bicarbonate reacts with the acid in the stomach, releasing carbon dioxide bubbles, which are trapped by the gel in alginic acid, allowing this to float.

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How should I take Gaviscon Advance?

Adults should take 5-10ml of Gaviscon Advance syrup up to four times a day when needed. It is important to shake the bottle before each use. It is best to take it when the symptoms of indigestion and heartburn appear, which is usually after meals and at bedtime. This is when the pain and discomfort is generally at its worst.

It is important to follow some lifestyle changes to improve the condition, especially if you are prone to heartburn, reflux, or indigestion. You may notice that some foods affect you more than others. 

Your pharmacist or doctor will advise on some lifestyle changes that may be necessary for you in particular. For example, you may need to lose weight, avoid alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, and avoid large meals. It is also essential to avoid eating large meals close to your bedtime. Other people may be sensitive to specific food products such as red wine and chocolate. Highly acidic foods, such as those with high-fat content, including fried foods, citrus and tomato-based foods, as well as spicy foods, should be avoided at least for a short time until the symptoms improve.

Sometimes heartburn may be caused by stress, in which case measures should be taken to alleviate the underlying problems.

If the product is needed several times a day, every day, and over more than a week, the doctor should be consulted. Heartburn, reflux, and indigestion may be symptoms of other infections and conditions that may require further investigation and treatment. Gaviscon Advance doesn’t usually cause problems when taken over a long time, but this should only be done under the guidance of a doctor.

Side effects

If too much of the product is consumed, there may be bloating and abdominal discomfort. It is unlikely to cause any harm, but the doctor or pharmacist should be consulted if this is prolonged or causing excessive discomfort.

Side effects occur very rarely with Gaviscon Advance. Less than 1 in 10,000 patients may experience allergic reactions to the ingredients. Symptoms of this may include difficulty breathing, dizziness or swelling of the face, tongue, lips, or throat, skin rash, and itching.

Please speak to your doctor or consult our specialists at Click Pharmacy should you require any further advice.

When shouldn’t I take Gaviscon Advance?

Gaviscon Advance should not be taken in case of allergy to any of its ingredients, including the previous reaction to its intake. 

Special care should be taken in those who are on a low sodium diet. The maximum recommended daily dose of Gaviscon Advance contains 424mg sodium which is equivalent to 21% of the adult recommended maximum daily intake of sodium. 

Gaviscon Advance may be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, in these cases, the treatment duration should be kept as short as possible, with doses only taken when there is discomfort or pain. 

If the medication makes no difference to the symptoms, especially on repeated use, a doctor should be consulted as this might indicate the presence of another condition or infection which needs further investigation. If the product is required several times a day, every day, and over more than a week, you should seek medical advice from a  GP.

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