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What is Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Clearblue digital pregnancy test is a revolutionary test, that instead of using lines, plus or minus symbols, the pregnancy test uses words. The digital display clearly states ¨pregnant¨ or ¨not pregnant¨; this has proven to be 99% when used on or after the day your period is supposed to come. This pregnancy test has been designed to avoid confusion and misinterpretation when it comes to the result of the test, as it has been proven that when the result is represented with lines or plus and minus symbols, 1 in 4 women can interpret the test incorrectly, meaning they may think that they are pregnant when they are not, or vice-versa.

What is the difference between Clearblue digital pregnancy tests, Clinicaguard HGC pregnancy test strips, and First response pregnancy test?

A primary difference between Clearblue and Clinicalguard is that despite Clinicalguard being a cheaper alternative, is a much less efficient way to find results accurately.

Another difference between Clearblue and First response is that the latter has much more accurate results because it has a much higher sensitivity when it comes to detecting the pregnancy hormone hCG; however, as a consequence of this, this result is slower to show than the Clearblue test.

When does medication or any medical condition affect the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test?

Some medication can affect the results of the test; an example of this are fertility drugs containing hCG, these drugs are usually given via injection, and testing too soon afterwards may give a false ¨pregnant¨ result.

Other conditions that can affect results are other fertility therapies such as clomiphene citrate. Painkillers and other hormonal contraceptives like contraceptive pills should not affect the result of the test. If you have recently been pregnant, even if it was not carried to full term, you may get false ¨pregnant¨ results. Ectopic pregnancy and ovarian cysts may lead to misleading results. If you have recently stopped using hormonal contraception or are using fertility therapies, this may cause irregular periods, leading you to take the test too soon.

How effective Is the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test?

Both health experts and consumers recommend this product. Clearblue Digital tests are the most recommended pregnancy tests by doctors, according to research carried out in the UK. This is because these tests have been proven to be more than 99% accurate when they are used after a woman's period is due.

Can I buy Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests online?

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests can be purchased online from most online pharmacies at a very affordable price, with packaging varying from 1 to 5 tests.

Feel free to speak to medical professionals at Click Pharmacy if you need further advice on how to use the medication or if it is right for you.

How does the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test work?

When you are pregnant, your body produces the pregnancy hormone hCG. The amount of this particular hormone found in your body increases exponentially in the early stages of pregnancy: Clearblue is accurate that it can even detect minuscule amounts of this hormone in your urine because the sensitivity of this test is 25mIU/ml. Also, based on the level of hCG in your urine, the ¨weeks indicator¨ in the test can provide an accurate estimate of when you conceived.

What are the test errors of the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test?

There are 2 main errors when it comes to tests include:

Block errors; this error may be caused by 2 things, one is that the absorbent sampler was not kept pointing downwards or the was not laid flat after the urine was applied to the sampler. The other reason that this error may occur is that too much or too little urine was applied to the sample. In the case that this does happen, use another test and follow the instructions carefully. Blank error, this error occurs when the instructions were not followed carefully and properly, if this is the case, you will need to use another test and, with care, follow the instructions.

How should I use the Clearblue Digital pregnancy test?

When you are ready to test, remove the test stick from the foil wrapper and take the blue cap off the test stick, after this, use the stick right away.

Now there are 2 ways to do the test; the first is to place the absorbent sampler pointing downwards in your urine stream for only 5 seconds, be careful and try not to get the rest of the test stick wet, after this, you may want to replace the cap and lay the test stick flat and wait for the result. The other way to have the test to collect a sample of urine in a clean and dry container, after, place just the absorbent sampler in the urine, do this for 20 seconds, no more, no less. As before, you may wish to replace the cap and lay the test stick flat. Now, it's the waiting game; the test will flash to confirm that the test is working. When the flashing stops, the results will show.

The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test does have a 'weeks since conception', which provides an estimate of when you conceived; this will appear if the result of the test is 'pregnant'. After using the test, 3 minutes will pass for the result; during this time, this flashing will stop; before the flash ceasing, 'pregnant' may appear on the test, so to be sure, wait until the flashing stops. If the final result is 'pregnant', you should consult your doctor to find out what are the best steps to do afterwards. Despite the test itself being 99% accurate when it comes to finding out if you are pregnant or not, the test is 93% accurate at detecting when you conceived. This estimate is based on the pregnancy hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) found in your urine.

What is Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test used for?

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test is a pregnancy test used to determine whether or not a woman has conceived.

When is it best to use a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test?

It is advised to use a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test the day after your period is due, if you have still not started your period, to determine whether or not you are pregnant.

Should I use a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test if I have missed my period despite me not having any sexual contact?

If you are certain you have not made any sexual contact with anyone, then this may mean you are experiencing an irregular menstruation cycle. However if you continue to experience these irregular menstruation cycles you should consult a GP or pharmacist who may advise you to use a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test.

Can a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test tell me how long I have been pregnant for?

Yes, the digital screen is able to display a number of days. The number of days represents the number of days since you have successfully conceived.

There are no possible side effects from using Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test.

Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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