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    Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test

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    Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy (2) Tests

    The Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test help women test as early as 6 days before the missed period, which is 5 days before the day of the expected period. It focuses on measuring the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which rises rapidly in early pregnancy.  Clearblue is the first and only brand with Floodguard Technology which has been developed to reduce the top reason for errors by 70%, it can collect excess urine and provide accurate results where other tests would be affected.

    How accurate Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Tests?

    Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests are used to identify the 2 most fertile days in each menstrual cycle. This is generally done to improve the chances of conception. The tests measure changes in the level of a key fertility hormone - luteinising hormone (LH). This is a more accurate method than calendar (family planning) and temperature methods, with an unmistakable and clear result shown on a digital display.

    Can I buy Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Tests online?

    Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test can be purchased online without the need for a prescription from your doctor. However, you are welcome to book an appointment with a health expert at Click Pharmacy to discuss how best to use this product. They can be purchased and can be sent directly to you by Next Day Delivery.

    Why should I use Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Tests ?

    When a couple is trying for a baby, Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test helps a woman discover as soon as possible on her 2 most fertile days if she has become pregnant. There are only a few days in each cycle when a woman can conceive, and so it is important to have sex on these days in order to increase the chances of pregnancy. Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test helps to detect conception faster and more efficiently.

    How do I use Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy tests?

    It is recommended to use the test in the 2 most fertile days of the woman’s ovulation cycle as it would pick up over 99% accurate reading as it detects the LH surge in the urine. A line in the test window and the small control window indicates a positive (pregnant) result. It does not matter if one of the lines is lighter or darker than the other; the result is still positive.

    A single line in the control window only indicates a negative (not pregnant) result. Women who receive an initial negative result when testing early should test again on the day of their expected period.

    The test may be conducted at any time of day, but at the same time of day should be used for all the tests during that cycle. It is advisable not to drink too much liquid and to avoid urination for approximately 4 hours before doing the test. For these reasons, most women prefer to use the test first thing in the morning.

    The test should be removed from the packaging only when ready to use. The stick should be inserted into the holder before testing so that the pink arrows line up. The sampler should be placed under a flowing urine stream for 5-7 seconds or into a collected sample of urine for 15 seconds.

    This holder is wider than the regular Clearblue tests to provide more comfort and grip. The test stick tip is also wider to collect ore urine and test results won’t be affected by an excess as most other tests do. It should then be placed on a flat surface, not held up vertically pointing downwards or up. The flashing 'test ready' symbol shows that the test is working and that enough urine has been placed on the strip. The result will show within 3 minutes and will remain on display for 8 minutes.

    When  should  you use Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Tests?

    The day the LH surge occurs will differ from woman to woman and may be different from one cycle to another. To have the best chance of detecting ovulation when the LH surge occurs, it is best to know the usual cycle length.

     The cycle is calculated from the day one's period begins (when the blood is first seen) to the day before the next period. Some women have regular cycles while others do not. When cycles are irregular an average of days of different cycles should be taken.

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    Content reviewed 06 April 2020, Last updated 06 April 2020

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