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Emla Cream

Eutectic Mixture of Local Anaesthetics (EMLA) is an oil-based cream containing the active ingredients lidocaine and prilocaine and is commonly used as a treatment for premature ejaculation (PE). When applied, the cream acts as an anaesthetic, reducing sensitivity at the tip of the penis meaning that the user can enjoy sexual intercourse for longer.

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Why choose EMLA Cream?

PE is a common problem among men and can have a wide variety of causes; from stress and anxiety to relationship problems and medical illnesses. It has even been suggested by researchers that some men are naturally prone to premature ejaculation and that it can be part of their biological make-up.

In cases where PE is having a negative impact on the quality of a sufferers life and their relationships, or causing embarrassment which results in a loss of confidence, EMLA cream can have a positive impact. By gently numbing the surface of the skin for a short period of time with its mixture of local anaesthetics, it is effective in helping men to regain sexual and personal fulfilment.

Can I buy Emla Cream Online?

Emla is a prescription-only topical medication which can be bought online from Click Pharmacy after an assessment of your current medical situation, including any other medicines you take, both with or without a prescription. This is because EMLA has the potential to affect how well they work, and the medications or supplements themselves could affect the way EMLA works also. Once approved, the doctors at Click Pharmacy can write a prescription for either the 5g or 30g tube as necessary and send out your treatment for next day delivery. They can also support you in how best to use this treatment to achieve the desired results.

When to apply EMLA Cream

Application of EMLA cream should be at least 10 minutes prior to intercourse to allow enough time for the effects of the cream to kick in. Although the cream can take a little longer to work on the penis shaft as the skin is slightly thicker here, you should experience a slight numbing effect all over within 30 minutes.

How to apply Emla Cream

Although you may need to test out various dosage levels to help with your specific level of PE, the initial recommended amount for someone new to using EMLA cream is usually pea-sized or one quarter of an inch. You can then change the dosage very slightly if you find that this amount makes you feel too numb or not yet numb enough.

It should be spread lightly over the penis though if you find you only want to delay the time it takes to ejaculate very slightly, then using the cream on the penis head alone can be enough.

What dose should I choose?

Studies have shown that the most effective dose of the local anaesthetics which are found in EMLA cream, lidocaine and prilocaine, is 5% applied 20 minutes before sexual contact.

It is important to use this medication sparingly though, as, if users apply too much, the penis may become too numb and lose its erection. To ensure you receive the maximum benefits, talk to your GP or our experts at Click Pharmacy for help and advice on how to use this product correctly.

How does EMLA cream affect contraception?

A small amount of EMLA cream should be applied to the head of the penis approximately 20 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. Any excess cream should be wiped away, and further product can be applied if you feel you’re not receiving the desired effect. A condom can be used to protect your partner from the effects of the cream. However, it is important to be aware that this product can increase the likelihood of condoms splitting. To reduce this risk, you should ensure that any surplus cream has been wiped away from your penis before putting a condom on. If you are very worried, you might want to consider using two condoms or other contraceptive methods.

How will EMLA Cream affect sexual intercourse?

Lidocaine and prilocaine act as an anaesthetic and slightly numb the area which they are applied to, making the penis less sensitive. The result of this is that the neuro-signals, which are sent from the penis to the brain, are suppressed so that the penis receives less stimulation, postponing climax and increasing the time between developing an erection and ejaculation.

No longer being concerned about your ejaculation time will also have a positive effect on your sexual self-confidence which can enable you to begin to develop more intimacy with your partner.

What are the side effects of Emla Cream?

As EMLA is a cream that is applied directly to the skin’s surface, the most common side effects relate to the skin. These include forms of reaction such as swelling, burning, redness and itching.

While extremely rare, there can be more serious side effects most notably occurring if a patient uses too much cream or does not apply it as recommended. These unusual side effects include breathing trouble, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, fainting and severe drowsiness.

It’s important to seek medical help immediately should you experience any serious side effects when using this product.

When to avoid EMLA cream

Whilst EMLA cream can be highly beneficial for many men suffering from PE it is not advisable to be used in all cases.

These situations, though rare, will be discussed during your assessment with a GP or doctor at Click Pharmacy and can include:

  • allergies to lidocaine or prilocaine
  • certain rare blood disorders
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