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    Finacea Gel

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    What is Finacea Gel

    Finacea Gel is thus used to treat mild to moderate cases of rosacea which is characterized by reddish flare-ups on the nose and cheeks. The active ingredient in Finacea Gel is azelaic acid. Each gram of the gel contains 0.15gm of this chemical substance. As a naturally-occurring acid, azelaic acid is crucial for the faster renewal of the skin. In turn, the appearance of pimples and blackheads is curtailed. The compound also eliminates bacteria that produce pimples and rosacea.

    There are many known ways of treating rosacea eruptions on the face. Some sources suggest applying a green tea formulation on the affected areas. Others say that rubbing aloe vera gel on rosacea sites may work as well. Honey moisturizes the skin, too, thus massaging and letting it dry on flared-up areas may work. The list goes on and on. However, if you’re looking for a faster and more reliable way of treating rosacea, you can resort to medicating with Finacea Gel.

    What is Finacea Gel used for?

    Finacea Gel is used to treat symptoms of rosacea such as redness around the nose and cheeks.

    What is the active ingredient in Finacea Gel?

    The active ingredient in Finacea Gel is azelaic acid. This ingredient is effective at treating skin problems by creating new skin cell layers.

    Do I need a prescription to purchase Finacea Gel?

    Yes, you require a prescription to purchase Finacea Gel. if you are unsure whether Finacea Gel is suitable for you, you are welcome to book a free consultation with one of our medicine experts.

    How many times a day should I use Finacea Gel?

    It is advised to apply a thin even layer of Finacea Gel to infected areas twice a day, morning and evening.

    How long should I use Finacea Gel for?

    Most people begin to notice an improvement in their skin condition within 4 weeks of us. If after 12 weeks of using Finacea Gel you do not notice an improvement then you should speak to a GP or pharmacist.

    How should I apply Finacea Gel?

    You should apply a thin even layer of Finacea Gel twice a day. Prior to applying the gel you should wash your face using a mild cleaner or soap. After thoroughly drying your skin you should then apply Finacea Gel.

    Can I use other skincare products while using Finacea Gel?

    You should avoid using any powerful skincare products other than a mild cleanser and moisturiser.

    Can I use other medication for my skin?

    You should avoid using any other medication for your skin while using Finacea Gel. If you feel that it is necessary to use another product, you should speak to a GP or pharmacist before doing so.

    What if I experience irritation after using Finacea Gel?

    If after your first use, you experience irritation then you should only use Finacea Gel once a day. If you continue to experience irritation then you should stop using Finacea Gel and seek medical advice from a GP or pharmacist as soon as possible.

    How does Finacea Gel treat rosacea?

    The active ingredient, azelaic acid, reduces the production of keratin. This allows for all the build up of bacteria to be killed, treating the skin's condition.

    What if I forget to use Finacea Gel?

    If you forget to use Finacea Gel you should use it as soon as you remember unless it is almost time for your next dose. If it is almost time for your next dose then you should skip the dose you just missed and continue like normal. You should never apply two doses at once even if you are making up for a missed dose.

    How effective is Finacea Gel?

    Finacea Gel is an effective product for treating mild to moderate rosacea. In a study published on a credible online journal Biblioteca Cochrane, it was ascertained that azelaic acid, the active ingredient in Finacea Gel has been a known treatment for acne for over several decades now. Azelaic 20% cream was also found to reduce a significant amount of non-inflammatory as well as inflammatory lesions. The effects of this medication are comparable to that of other approved standard treatments such as tretinoin, erythromycin and benzoil peroxide. Treatment for acne using azelaic acid is better tolerated because of its fewer side effects. 

    Can I buy Finacea Gel online? 

    Finacea Gel is a licensed medicine that is manufactured by Bayer in the UK. It is obtained by prescription. You can feel at ease to ask for an online prescription and book an appointment with a health expert at Click Pharmacy to discuss how to best use this product. This medication is available in 30g tubes. 

    What dose should I choose?

    Finacea Gel is sold in online and local pharmacies in 30g tubes. This product is typically applied on affected areas on the face twice a day. In the morning and before bedtime are the ideal times for using this medication. Symptoms may improve after 4 weeks or longer. If your skin condition persists after this time duration, continue using the gel. Consult your doctor if there are no signs of improvement after 12 weeks of treating your rosacea with the medicine.  

    How should I apply Finacea Gel? 

    Use this product according to the directions of your doctor. Do not apply less or more of it, or for a longer time period than recommended.

    Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before and after handling the gel.

    Clean the acne rosacea- infected areas on your face using a soap-free cleansing lotion or a mild facial soap. Pat your face dry using a clean and soft towel.

    This medication is typically applied 2 times a day- ideally in the morning and at night before sleeping. Check your doctor’s instructions and stick to it diligently.

    Do not cover the treated areas of your face. Doing so will cause excessive absorption of the gel by your body, and this can be risky.

    Symptoms may improve after 4 weeks of using the product. If they persist after this period, keep on applying the gel. Consult your doctor at the soonest time if your skin condition does not improve or if it persists or worsens after 12 weeks.

    The doctor may advise you to reduce using the gel to once a day only if you experience severe skin dryness, irritation or burning.

    Check the expiration date on the product package. Refrain from using if it has lapsed.

    Store this medicine at room temperature and away from heat or moisture.

    If you missed a dose, apply one as soon as you remember, or proceed on your next application time. Do not apply two doses of the gel to make up for that you missed.

    How does Finacea Gel work?

    Azelaic acid, the active ingredient in Finacea Gel, is categorized as a dicarboxylic acid. This substance treats rosacea by reducing the symptoms it produces, namely redness and swelling of the skin. Acne is alleviated by azelaic acid because it destroys the bacteria that infect the pores. It also reduces the production of keratin which is a natural substance that results in the growth of acne. A period of 3 months may be required for this substance to work on eliminating acne rosacea completely. 

    How long do I use Finacea Gel for before I notice a difference? 

    Finacea Gel is usually applied 2 times a day- in the morning and at bedtime. It may take 4 weeks before improvements start to show. If, during this time duration, your symptoms do not alleviate, keep on applying the gel as usual. Wait for 12 weeks to see if your acne rosacea is completely treated. Otherwise, if your symptoms persist or get worse, consult your doctor right away.

    What are the side effects of Finacea Gel?

    Medicines may have side effects that are experienced in varying degrees or nature by different people. The same goes for Finacea Gel. This product may also produce side effects, but not all of its users experience them.

    Seek medical attention immediately if you experience allergic reactions when using the gel. Symptoms of medicine allergy include difficulty in breathing, swelling of the lips, tongue, face or throat and hives.

    Stop using this product and notify your doctor right away if the following symptoms occur in the treated areas:

    Severe tingling or itching

    Severe warmth, stinging or burning

    Severe dryness, peeling, redness and other associated irritations

    Changes in the colour of your skin

    Serious side effects of using Finacea Gel are unlikely, or you may experience none of them at all. 

    Please speak to a doctor or consult our specialists at Click Pharmacy should you require any further advice.

    When shouldn’t I use Finacea Gel? 

    Do not begin this treatment if you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the product. This medication is for use only of adolescents 12 to 18 years old and adults. Be careful when using the gel- avoid getting it in your eyes, mouth, nose and vagina or rectum. Do not apply on irritated, broken, chapped, dry or wind or sunburnt skin. Allow these conditions to heal before treating with the gel initially. 

    What Is the difference between Finacea Gel and Mirvaso Gel/Noritate Cream? 

    Mirvaso Gel is a topical application used to treat the persistent redness caused by rosacea. Its active ingredient is brimonidine tartrate.

    Secondly, Noritate Cream is an antibiotic that is used for the treatment of rosacea. The active ingredient contained in this medicine is metronidazole.

    Side Effects

    While using Finacea Gel you may experience a number of side effects. These side effects should disappear as your skin gets used to the gel. Possible side effects include:

    • Irritation
    • Itching
    • Dryness
    • Redness
    • Stinging
    • Swelling

    If any of these side effects worsen you should decrease your dose of Finacea Gel to once a day. If these side effects continue to develop, you should stop using Finacea Gel and seek medical advice, from a GP or pharmacist, as soon as possible.

    Patient Information Leaflet

    Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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    Jana Abelovska

    Last reviewed

    21 September 2020

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