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    What is Tamiflu Tablets (Oseltamivir)

    Flu is caused by the influenza virus and it affects the respiratory passages. It is highly contagious and causes a variety of symptoms including aching, fever and a high temperature, a runny or blocked nose, fatigue and in some cases it can develop into more serious illnesses including pneumonia or bronchiolitis.

    There are products on the market such as Tamiflu which are designed to treat these symptoms, making them more bearable whilst simultaneously shortening the length of the illness by up to two days. This same product can also prevent the flu from taking hold if you have been exposed to someone suffering with it or in cases where there is flu within a community such as a school, retirement home or workplace.

    How effective is Tamiflu?

    Tamiflu is effective at speeding up your recovery from flu by up to 48 hours if taken within 2 days of the virus starting. If you are specifically suffering from influenza, Tamiflu is proven to lower the risk of developing more serious complications including pneumonia by over 40% and hospitalisation by over 60%, whereas, if you are suffering only with flu-like symptoms, the medication will not be effective as part of your recovery.

    Once taken, the drug is detected in your blood within half an hour of an oral dose of the medication and levels are at peak concentration within 3 to 4 hours demonstrating how quickly it gets to work to fight the virus.

    Can I buy Tamiflu Online?

    Tamiflu is a prescription only product available to purchase from Click Pharmacy where you can buy your medication online before having it sent directly to your address via next day delivery.

    To receive a prescription you will be prompted to fill in a brief medical form which will be assessed by our in-house doctors who will be able to approve you for the medication.

    Why choose Tamiflu?

    When you have been around someone with the flu or in an environment where the influenza virus is prevalent, Tamiflu has been shown to reduce the possibility of flu developing by more than 50% in anyone from the age of 2 weeks to 65 years after which it is less effective. This beneficial outcome of using Tamiflu makes it worth having a prescription if you will be visiting someone with the illness or you live/work in a community where flu is currently present.

    The active ingredient in Tamiflu is oseltamivir phosphate

    The inactive ingredients are croscarmellose sodium, povidone K30, pregelatinized starch, sodium stearyl fumarate and talc.

    How should I take Tamiflu?

    Swallow the whole tablet with water with or without a meal although when taken with food it can stop the possibility of feeling nauseous or being sick.

    Tamiflu works most effectively when the drug is kept at a constant level in the body. As such it is recommended you take the medication at evenly spaced intervals for as long as directed by your GP or Click Pharmacy doctor. Stopping the prescription early, even if you feel better, can cause a relapse with either the virus returning or else a lack of protection again the flu.

    How does Tamiflu work?

    The influenza virus invades the cells of the body, replicating itself as it goes so that new virus cells begin to destroy healthy cells. Once a certain number of healthy cells have been affected, the patient begins to feel the effects of flu including aches and fatigue.

    Tamiflu, if taken early enough can inhibit the influenza virus’ ability to invade the cells of the body by binding to the surface of the virus, restricting its ability to destroy healthy cells and replicate itself and eventually enabling the body’s own immunity to kill it.

    If left too long before taking the medication, the number of cells which have been destroyed by the virus is too great for Tamiflu to help so taking it with 48 hours of infection is key.

    How long can I take Tamiflu for?

    You will be advised as to which dosage you require and how long you should use the medication based on your age and whether you need it for prevention or treatment amongst other factors.

    It is generally recommended that if you have the flu virus you must take Tamiflu twice a day for five days. If you are taking it for prevention then you are likely to be recommended to take it once a day for ten days, though it is crucial you follow your doctor's direction for using this treatment to get the full benefit.

    For patients with weakened immunity, treatment can be prescribed for anywhere between six and twelve weeks.

    What are the side effects of Tamiflu?

    There may be some side effects similar to those which occur due to the flu itself such as dizziness and headaches, as well as stomachaches, nausea and vomiting or diarrhoea.

    More serious side effects which require medical help can also occur, and though very rare they are more common in children. These include:

    • anaphylactic shock
    • sudden confusion or feelings of delirium
    • seizures
    • seeing things (hallucinations)
    • a change in mood or behaviour
    • self-harm

    You should discontinue the product and seek medical help if any of these serious side effects occur or if you experience side effects which suggest an allergic reaction has occurred such as swelling of the tongue, lips or throat, or hives/rash.

    Other Warnings to consider

    Tamiflu cannot replace the benefits of an early, annual flu vaccine but can only support the body in fighting it once you have been infected and when taken within 2 days of infection.

    Tamiflu cannot prevent or treat bacterial infections which may develop due to the primary influenza virus and you must not use it for this reason, nor give it to others who may be suffering from an infection due to the flu virus.

    There are a number of medications which can interact negatively with Tamiflu either decreasing its effectiveness or causing it to react dangerously with other drugs. Speak to your doctor about any other medications you currently take before using Tamiflu including but not limited to:

    • entecavir
    • clopidogrel
    • warfarin
    • a live flu vaccine

    Patient Information Leaflet

    Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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    Jana Abelovska

    Last reviewed

    25 September 2020

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