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Though the cause of asthma is unknown, the likelihood of it developing can be increased due to allergy related conditions including food allergies and eczema, genetics, breathing in secondhand smoke in childhood or the mother smoking whilst pregnant, developing the lung infection bronchiolitis as a child or being born before 37 weeks.

People who suffer with it develop inflamed, narrowed airways from triggers such as pollution, moulds or certain medicines which result in difficulty breathing. For day to day management, inhalers such as Seretide Evohaler or Accuhaler can reduce the inflammation brought on by asthma triggers as well as lower the amount of mucus being secreted in the lungs which results in a phlegmy cough. They can also prevent asthma attacks from occurring if used regularly as directed.

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How effective is Seretide?

Seretide can only work effectively when being used every day, either once or twice as directed. It contains two active ingredients, fluticasone and salmeterol. The medicine salmeterol is a long-acting beta 2 agonist. Although this particular drug does not open up the airways as fast as the short-acting beta 2 agonists it is able to keep them open for far longer. In fact, it keeps on working for up to 12 hours where the short-acting versions only last up to 5 hours. This long-lasting ability makes it highly effective at preventing asthma attacks as opposed to relieving them quickly which requires medication such as salbutamol or terbutaline.

It is important to note that your breathing issues will flare up again if you stop using it.

Why choose Seretide?

A preventer inhaler such as Seretide is designed to be used at the lowest effective dosage making it a good choice for managing your asthma long term. The two active ingredients work well together to decrease the inflammation in the lungs and keep your airways open for longer than other medications might as well.

It can also be used safely by patients as young as 4 and by women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Can I buy Seretide Online?

You can purchase your prescription-only medication simply and easily online at Click Pharmacy rather than arranging an appointment with your doctor. You will be prompted to complete a medical assessment form which enables our in-house doctors to approve you for this medication if appropriate. If they feel this is not the best option they will be able to discuss this with you in a free, online appointment and advise you on a preferable alternative.

Once you have been approved for a medication you can reorder your prescription without having to fill in the form each time. Your medicine will then be sent directly to your address.

What is contained in Seretide?

The active ingredients in a Seretide inhaler are the corticosteroid called fluticasone propionate and a bronchodilator called salmeterol xinafoate.

The inactive ingredient is lactose monohydrate which contains milk proteins.

Before using the treatment, check the ingredients in the leaflet to ensure you do not have any allergies or intolerances to them.

How should I take Seretide?

The Evohaler and Accuhaler are the two methods for using Seretide and you will be advised as to which is best for you.

  • The Seretide Evohaler delivers your medication in the form of a fine mist/spray. Breathe out fully, place your mouth over the mouthpiece, before beginning to breathe in deeply and slowly as you press down on the top of the inhaler to receive your metered dose.
  • The Seretide Accuhaler gives a dose of the medication in the form of a dry powder. The inhaler has pre-filled blister packs within it. Slide the lever on the side of the inhaler to pierce the pack before breathing out as far as possible and placing your mouth over the mouthpiece. Breathe in steadily through your mouth to receive your dose, hold your breathe for 5 - 10 second and breathe out slowly.
How does Seretide work?

Corticosteroids are a man-made version of the hormones produced by the adrenal glands. When the body comes into contact with an allergy trigger, which in the case of someone with asthma could include dust, pollen or pollution amongst others, the cells in the lungs and airways begin to create a chemical which causes the airways to tighten and mucus to build up in the lungs.

The corticosteroid ingredient, fluticasone propionate, gets absorbed by the affected cells and stops the production of this chemical. This reduces the asthma symptoms and can even prevent full blown attacks from occurring at all if used regularly as directed.

The second active ingredient, salmeterol xinafoate, enables the airways to remain open for up to 12 hours by relaxing the muscles around them. It is this relaxation function which makes it is so crucial to use the inhaler regularly, either once or twice a day as prescribed, so sufferers can manage their asthma more effectively.

How long can I take Seretide for?

Seretide is designed to be used over a long period of time as it helps to manage asthma and even prevent asthma attacks when used correctly. Your dose may change over this time, but it can be safely used on a regular basis in most cases.

Although still safe to take over a long period of time, some people may require a lower dosage due to other medical complications. For example, anyone with an overactive thyroid, heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, low potassium, TB, a fungal or viral infection of the airways or a patient who suffers from a tumour of the adrenal gland.

If you have any of these issues please let your Click Pharmacy doctor know.

What are the side effects of Seretide?

Each individual will experience medications differently and side effects can vary from non-existent and mild to severe. The mild side effects to fluticasone and salmeterol can include headaches though they tend to be minimal enough so as not to stop you from using the medication. Other common side effects include throat irritation, oral thrush and muscular cramps.

The most uncommon side effects include anxiety, disturbed sleep, shakiness and heart palpitations

Other Warnings to consider

Inhaled corticosteroids have far fewer side effects than orally used steroids though when taken at high doses over long periods of time they can cause incredibly rare side effects including but not limited to glaucoma, osteoporosis and Cushing’s syndrome. Let your doctor know if you experience changes to your vision from using Seretide right away.

If you find your breathing becomes laboured, or you experience swelling of the lips, tongue or throat you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. As such, stop the treatment right away and seek medical help.

If you notice these, or any other issues after using this medication, or you have further concerns about using this treatment then book a free, online appointment with one of the Click Pharmacy doctors.

Patient Information Leaflet
Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.