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    Robitussin Chesty Cough

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    What is Robitussin Chesty Cough

    Robitussin Chesty Cough is what is called a cough expectorant. Robitussin Chesty Cough works on increasing the amount of fluid produced within the affected patient's airways.

    What is Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup used to treat symptoms of?

    Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup is used to provide relief from symptoms of a chesty cough and flu.

    Do I need a prescription to purchase Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup?

    No, you do not require a prescription to purchase Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup. However, if you are unsure whether this product is right for you, you are welcome to book a free consultation with one of our medicine experts.

    How does Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup treat chesty coughs and flus?

    The active ingredient, guaifenesin, is used to increase the amount of fluid allowing for airways to open widely.

    Can children use Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup?

    Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup is suitable for use by adults and children over the age of 12 years old. It should not be used by children under the age of 12 years old.

    What dose of Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup should I take?

    The recommended dosage of Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup is 10ml at 8 hour intervals.

    What is the maximum dose I can take?

    You must not exceed any more than 3 doses of 10ml in one 24 hour period.

    What is the shelf life of Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup?

    The shelf life of Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup varies depending on the bottle's capacity. The shelf lives are as follows:

    • 100ml: 27 months
    • 250ml: 36 months

    How should I take Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup?

    You should use the measuring spoon provided to measure out 10ml of Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup. This cough syrup should be consumed with a drink of water.

    Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup?

    You should consult with a GP, pharmacist or midwife before using Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding.

    How long after taking a dose of Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup does it take to notice an improvement in symptoms?

    You should begin to notice improvements in symptoms after taking your initial dose of Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup. If after 3 doses in one 24 hour period you notice no improvements, you should seek medical advice from a GP or pharmacist as soon as possible.

    Does using Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup affect my ability to drive or operate machinery safely?

    After using Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup you may experience side effects such as blurred vision and drowsiness. If you experience these side effects you must not participate in activities such as driving or operating machinery.

    How should I store Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup?

    You should store Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup in a cool dry place, out of reach from children, and at room temperature. This product should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

    How effective is Robitussin Chesty Cough?

    Robitussin Chesty Cough is a solution to help your body be more effective at fighting your cough all day long.  The active ingredient - guaifenesin -  belongs to a group of medicines called cough expectorants that work by providing relief from chesty coughs by breaking down the mucus (phlegm). To get the most from your medicine, it is recommended that you take a dose four times per day but avoid taking it before going to sleep.

    Can Robitussin Chesty Cough be purchased online?

    Fortunately, there is no Doctor’s prescription is required for a patient to purchase Robitussin Chesty Cough  from any chemist. Should you wish to purchase this medication online for easy delivery, you may do so through several reputable online pharmacies.

    Should you need any assistance with your diagnosis, most online pharmacies have medical professionals available to help with analysing your symptoms and prescribing the medication.

    What is the correct dosage for me?

    Robitussin Chesty Cough syrup comes in either a 100ml or 250ml size bottle. The active ingredient, Guaifenesin PhEur is present in the following quantity: 100mg per 5ml. These are the dosages recommended by the manufacturer:

    Dosage for Adults and children over 12 years: 10ml orally, every 8 hours or as needed. Do not exceed 3 doses in a 24-hour period.

    How do I take Robitussin Chesty Cough?

    Robitussin Chesty Cough is administered orally, using a medicine measuring spoon or cap. We do not recommend drinking Robitussin Chesty Cough straight from the bottle OR using a standard teaspoon or tablespoon.

    Robitussin Chesty Cough should only be ingested using the listed dosage instructions. Patients should not consume alcohol while using Robitussin Chesty Cough. Please note that the syrup contains 2.7% v/v ethanol (alcohol), up to 214 mg per dose, (which is the equivalent of approximately 2 ml wine per dose) this medicine is not suitable for use by any patients suffering from alcoholism or substance addiction of any kind. For a suitable alternative, please consult a medical professional. The alcohol content in this medication is also a factor that any pregnant women, breast feeding women and high risk groups (such as patients with pre-existing epilepsy or liver disease) should take into account. Robitussin Cough syrup should not be consumed after its recommended shelf life which is the following:

    • 100ml bottles: 27 months

    • 250ml bottles: 36 months

    Do not consume Robitussin Chesty Cough which has been stored above the recommended storage temperature (25 degrees Celsius). This cough medicine can be taken with or without food, with a full glass of water at each dose.

    How does Robitussin Chesty Cough work?

    The active ingredients in Robitussin Chesty Cough is Guaifenesin. Guaifenesin is from a family of drugs known as expectorants. These help thin out and loosen up the mucus or phlegm that builds up in your lungs and throat so that each cough starts to rid the body of these irritants. This helps to clear your airways which allows for easier breathing and less irritation. Guaifenesin helps to treat the symptoms associated with your chesty cough but does not assist in treating the cause.

    How long do I take Robitussin Chesty Cough before I notice a difference?

    Robitussin Chesty Cough Forte works as soon as the first dose is taken-acting. You should follow up with the same dose again in 8 hours, taking no more than 3 doses in a period of 24 hours.

    What are the side effects associated with Robitussin Chesty Cough?

    Side effects that may possibly be experienced when using the cough mixture are the following:

    • Abdominal pain

    • Diarrhoea

    • Nausea

    • Vomiting

    • Allergic reactions such as a rash or itching

    • Dizziness

    A severe allergic reaction to this medication is unlikely, but please consult a medical professional immediately should you experience any of the following symptoms:

    • Rash

    • Itching

    • Swelling, especially of the face, throat or tongue

    • Respiratory issues

    • Severe dizzy spells 

    Side effects may vary. Should you experience any of the side effects listed here or any not listed here, we encourage you to report them to a medical professional.

    When shouldn’t I be taking Robitussin Chesty Cough?

    You should avoid taking Robitussin Chesty Cough Forte if:

    • You are allergic to Guaifenesin

    • You suffer from alcoholism

    • You are consuming alcoholic beverages

    Patients taking Robitussin Chesty Cough should be aware of the dosage they ingest especially if the patient is pregnant or breast-feeding: limit dosage to “only when absolutely necessary” in these cases and consult a medical professional if you are uncertain.

    If you are due to have surgery, it is recommended that you stop all medications within enough time beforehand to allow them to pass out of your system, as interactions between medicines in a surgical environment can cause unforeseen complications. Please let your GP know about any and all medicines, including cough medicine, that you have been taking when you schedule a surgery.

    Side Effects

    After using Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup you are expected to experience a number of different side effects. Common side effects include the following:

    • Nausea
    • Feeling dizzy
    • Feeling drowsy
    • Feeling tired
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
    • Abdominal pains and aches

    If any of these side effects worsen, you should stop using Robitussin Chesty Cough Syrup immediately and seek medical advice from a professional as soon as possible.

    Patient Information Leaflet

    Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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    Jana Abelovska

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    08 October 2020

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