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    Nexium Control Tablets

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    What is Nexium control

    Nexium Control works well in treating heartburn effects, which is a sense of pain, burning heat, and pressure in the chest that is related to acid reflux.

    How effective is Nexium Control?

    Nexium Control is a great and effective medication to treat heartburn. This medication contains esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate as the main active ingredient. Esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate is a proton pump inhibitor. This means that this ingredient helps to reduce the amount of acid being produced in your stomach. Doing that allows you to reduce your heartburn effectively and even minimize the chances of experiencing it later.

    A recent study involving about 130 volunteers who’d been experiencing severe heartburn shows that Nexium Control is an effective medication. In this study, experts gave these patients specific doses of different medications, including Nexium Control. After the survey, experts concluded that the patients who used Nexium Control reduced their heartburns more effectively compared to those who took different products. So, Nexium Control is the best and most effective medication that you can use for heartburn.

    Can I buy Nexium Control Online?

    You can buy this product online easily as many companies sell it. However, you have to be careful to ensure you only buy from qualified sellers. That way, you get high-quality medication that is worth your money.
    Click Pharmacy is one of the best places to order your Nexium Control from. Here, you get next day delivery services, and even proper guidance on the best way to use your Nexium Control to receive the best benefits. 

    What dose should I choose?

    Nexium control comes in a packet with 14 tablets, and can even be used by children. Every Nexium Control tablet contains about 20 mg of this product. Taking one tablet daily is the best dose for treating heartburn. However, if you are using Nexium Control to treat other conditions such as Gastroesophageal reflux, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, then you can take more tablets daily. However, consult a doctor before doing so to avoid severe side effects.

    How should I take Nexium Control?

    The best way to take Nexium Control is by swallowing them with water. However, if you have a problem swallowing the tablets, you can put them in a glass of water, stir for about a minute, then drink immediately when they start breaking up. For capsules, take them whole, or open them up, and put the contents in an empty glass, fill it with water, then drink immediately. You can also add more water in the glass, and drink to ensure no medicine is left at the bottom. Also, you can take Nexium Control with, or without food, thus making it suitable for any time.

    You can also incorporate taking this medication with other simple tricks like using ginger, and not smoking. Doing that helps reduce your heartburn more effectively and even minimize the need to take more doses during the day.

    How does Nexium Control work?

    Nexium Control contains the active ingredient esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate, which is a renowned proton pump inhibitor. Taking this product affects the parietal cells in your stomach responsible for secreting hydrochloric acid and intrinsic factor. So, Nexium Control allows you to reduce the amount of acid being produced by the cells that cause heartburn. Doing that helps to relieve your heartburn effectively, and without causing other side effects, thus making it a great medication.

    How long do I take Nexium Control for before I notice a difference?

    There is no exact amount of time that you can take this medication to help you treat your condition. You can feel some benefits immediately you take Nexium control, but they might not be powerful. This medication provides more significant benefits from the second or third day of use. However, you might need to take this product for a few weeks, or even months before it treats your heartburn entirely, depending on the severity. So, it would be best if you talked to your doctor before, and even when taking Nexium Control to help determine the duration of your treatment. If you don’t notice any significant benefits after using this medication for a few weeks, then consult an expert to decide what you might be doing wrong, or get another solution.

    What are the side effects of Nexium Control?

    Most people taking Nexium control do not experience any side effects. If you get side effects, they are usually mild and disappear after using the product for some time. Some of the most common side effects include:

    1. Stomach pain

    2. Constipation

    3. Diarrhoea

    4. Headaches

    5. Nausea or vomiting

    Although rare, you might also experience joint pains, and some abnormal changes in the skin like rashes, especially in body parts that get exposed to the sun a lot, such as your nose, cheeks, and arms. You might also experience yellow skin, tiredness, and dark pee, which are mostly symptoms of liver issues. If you experience these rare side effects, then you must tell your doctor or consult with a specialist from Click Pharmacy to get immediate help.

    When shouldn’t I take Nexium Control?

    Despite the efficacy and safety of this medication, some people should avoid using it. Do not take Nexium Control if:

    • You have liver problems

    • You are allergic to esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate, or any other Nexium Control ingredient to avoid more severe side effects

    • You are almost having an endoscopy to help get more effective results

    • Your body can’t absorb some sugar types including sucrose and glucose

    • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid the esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate from reaching the baby and causing some side effects

    What is the difference between Nexium Control, and other similar alternatives such as Esomeprazole? 

    Both Nexium Control and Esomeprazole contain as active ingredient Esomeprasole -proton pump inhibitor. Whereas Nexium can be purchased without prescription you need a precription to purchase Esomeprazole. 

    Patient Information Leaflet

    Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

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    18 September 2020

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