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Movicol Sachets

Movicol is a kind of medicine generally known as an osmotic laxative, which in itself, is a kind of stool softener used in the executive of constipation.

How effective Is Movicol?

Movicol is a very effective way to combat constipation and has been shown to successful and well-tolerated in studies that last for over 2 years. It works incredibly well because it uses the body's water and its own processes to facilitate regular bowel movement, so in the end, Movivol and your own body synergise wonderfully and bring quick and efficient results. Also, Movicol is available for purchase without the need for a prescription, so when you feel constipated, you can get Movicol asap.

Can I buy Movicol online?

Movicol can be easily purchased online and come in packages of 30, 60, and 90 sachets and they are very affordable, especially considering what you are planning to deal with and considering that you need a prescription to buy Movicol, nothing is stopping you from buying it.

Feel free to speak to medical professionals at Click Pharmacy if you need further advice on how to use the medication or if it right for you.

What dose should I choose?

The dose depends on how your body reacts to the treatment, however, if you are suffering from faecal impaction, take 8 sachets a day for 3 days (don't take more than 2 in 1 hour if you suffer from a heart condition). If you are suffering from relatively normal constipation, take 1- 3 according to the severity of your constipation and gradually decrease the dosage to or 2 a day (depending on if you started at 3) as symptoms improve and as the days go on. Do not give any dosage to anyone under the age of 12, if you have any doubts on what dosage you should take, consult your doctor. 

How should I take Movicol? 

Movicol is only for oral use and can be taken at any time with or without food. Open the sachet and pour the contents into a glass or cup. Afterwards, add about 125ml of water to the glass. Stir well but not too hard until all the powder has been dissolved, you will know it is ready because, with the result, the glass will be hazy. If you are suffering from faecal impaction and you don't suffer from a heart condition, it is recommended that you take 8 sachets and dissolved them in 1 letre of water, if you do suffer from a heart condition, distribute the 8 sachets throughout the day but do not take more than 2 sachets within 1 hour. If you suffer from "normal" constipation, take 1 to 3 sachets depending on the severity.

How does Movicol work? 

The reason Movicol works the way it does is due to its active ingredients and how they synergise with the body. There's no loss of body water when using Movicol because it's mixed into the water, so it forms an "Iso-Osmotic" solution, which is less likely to dehydrate the body. Firstly it brings water to the hard, dry stool, after that it acts locally to relieve constipation. The water that was brought up contains Movicol, which then loosens and slightly bulks it up, as it bulks up, it naturally triggers colonic activity and thus, bowel movement. Also, because of the natural lubrication in Movicol, the bowel movement feels comfortable.

How long do I take Movicol?

This depends on the severity of your symptoms, but usually, the treatment lasts for about 2 weeks at most for constipation or 3 days of intense use for faecal impaction. If symptoms do not improve or even worse after the recommended duration of the treatment, you should consult a doctor. However, if after 2 weeks of use (for constipation) and the doctor still recommends Movicol, you can still take it for however long the doctor tells you to. If symptoms haven't improved or worsen when the treatment is for Faecal impaction, you should immediately consult your doctor.

What are the side effects of Movicol?

Some side effects accompany Movicol. However, not everybody will experience them, these adverse effects include abdominal pain, feeling sick or vomiting, swelling or bloating of the abdomen, abdominal rumbling and gurgling sounds due to movement in the intestines, wind (flatulence), anal discomfort, diarrhoea, headache. A disturbance in the level of electrolytes (particularly potassium) in the blood, this can lead to symptoms such as feeling weak, fatigued, breathless, very thirsty with a headache or swollen ankles. If you think any of these symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor or an emergency service.

When shouldn’t I take Movicol?

Do not take Movicol if you are allergic to any of the ingredients as these could cause undesired and dangerous effects. Do not take Movicol if you have a hole in your gut (intestinal perforation). Do not give this to anyone under the age of 12 years. If you have an inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis, toxic megacolon or Crohn’s disease, do not take this medicine. Do not take this medicine if you have a blockage in your gut (intestinal obstruction) caused by a structural or functional disorder in the gut wall.

What is the difference between Movicol, Laxido, and Fybogel?

The main difference between Movicol and Laxido is the taste, the latter comes only in an orange flavour. In contrast, the former comes in lemon, lime, chocolate or a plain flavour.

The main difference between Movicol and Fybogel is the main active ingredient of the latter is Ispagula husk, and the former’s active ingredient is Macrogol 3350.

Patient Information Leaflet

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Content reviewed 06 April 2020, Last updated 06 April 2020

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