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    What is Malarone Tablets

    Malarone is the brand name for a combination of drugs called atovaquone and proguanil. It’s used in the treatment and prevention of malaria, a potentially fatal disease caused by parasites passed on from female mosquitoes which carry the malaria infection. The mosquitoes pick up the infection from the blood of infected humans, so protecting yourself from malaria can also help to stop the spread of malaria in the areas you are travelling in.

    Atovaquone doesn’t work on its own; as such it’s always paired with proguanil for optimum results as they work in two separate ways to stop malarial parasites in the blood stream from reproducing and developing.

    What are Malarone Tablets used for?

    Malarone Tablets are used for the treatment and prevention of malaria.

    Do I need a prescription to purchase Malarone Tablets?

    Yes, you require a prescription to purchase Malarone Tablets. After completing a short online questionnaire on our website you will be provided with a prescription, allowing you to purchase Malarone Tablets.

    What size of Malarone Tablets can I buy?

    The amount of Malarone Tablets you buy will depend on your length of stay in an infected area. At Click Pharmacy, we offer the following amounts:

    • 1 week: 16 tablets
    • 2 weeks: 23 tablets
    • 3 weeks: 30 tablets
    • 4 weeks: 37 tablets
    • 8 weeks: 65 tablets
    • 12 weeks: 93 tablets

    When should I begin taking Malarone Tablets?

    You should begin taking Malarone Tablets 2 days before you travel to an infected area.

    Do I need to take Malarone Tablets once I have returned from an infected area?

    You should continue to take Malarone Tablets for up to a week after returning from an infected area.

    What dosage of Malarone Tablets should I take?

    It is recommended to take one tablet everyday. This is to ensure your body does not catch any germs or bacteria which may cause malaria.

    How should I take my dose of Malarone Tablets?

    You should take your dose of Malarone Tablets after consuming a fat containing meal. The tablet should be swallowed with a drink of water or a glass of milk. You should ensure you take your dose of Malarone Tablets at the same time everyday.

    How do Malarone Tablets prevent malaria?

    The active ingredients in Malarone Tablets are effective at blocking the certain enzyme parasites need to grow. This prevents reproduction and growth, meaning the infection is unable to grow.

    What if I forget to take my dose of Malarone Tablets?

    If you forget to take your dose of Malarone Tablets you should take them as soon as you remember, unless it is almost time for your next dose. If it is almost time for your next dose you should skip the dose you just missed and continue as normal. You should never take two doses at once even if you are making up for a missed dose.

    Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use Malarone Tablets?

    Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not avoid taking Malarone Tablets. This is because the risk of malaria to the mother and baby is far more dangerous than the interaction of this drug.

    Can I drink alcohol while taking Malarone Tablets?

    It is safe to drink alcohol while taking Malarone Tablets. There is no evidence to suggest that alcohol interferes with the way the drug works.

    Can I buy Malarone Online?

    Malarone can be purchased online with a prescription from either your GP or a doctor from Click Pharmacy. You will discuss your travel plans and look at your current health situation including any medications you currently take. After this assessment you will be prescribed the suitable amount of Malarone and advised how to take it.

    The medication comes in the follow pack amounts:

    1 week (16 tablets)

    2 week (23 tablets)

    3 week (30 tablets)

    4 week (37 tablets)

    8 week (65 tablets)

    12 week (93 tablets)

    Who is at risk of malaria?

    Anyone who travels through, stays at or lives in a country with malaria transmission is at risk of malaria and especially children, pregnant women and those travelling from countries without malaria. The malaria most commonly associated with life-threatening symptoms is known as Plasmodium falciparum which is found in the continent of Africa.

    Malarone is specifically used to prevent the spread of this type of malaria and is especially used in areas where the parasite is resistant to other medicines such as chloroquine.

    What dose should I choose?

    An adult tablet of Malarone contains 250mg of atovaquone and 100mg of proguanil hydrochloride.

    If you are using the drug to protect yourself from infection, you should take one tablet a day starting one or two days before you are scheduled to arrive in an area where there is a risk of malaria. Continue taking the medicine for the duration of your stay and for another week after you leave.

    • Malarone tablets contain 100mg proguanil and 250mg atovaquone. They are suitable for preventing malaria in adults and children weighing more than 40kg, and for treating malaria in adults and in children weighing between 11kg and 40kg.
    • Malarone paediatric tablets contain 25mg proguanil and 62.5mg atovaquone. They are suitable for preventing malaria in children weighing between 11kg and 40kg, and for treating malaria in children between 5kg and 11kg.

    You can get more information on dosages by speaking to your GP or by contacting the medical professionals here at Click Pharmacy

    How effective is Malarone?

    Malarone is one of the 3 most widely used medicines given to people travelling in high risk areas. It is particularly useful for preventing malaria in areas where this parasite is resistant to other antimalarial medicines, such as chloroquine.

    Its effectiveness can be diminished if taken on an empty stomach as the body cannot absorb as much of the drug as well as if you are sick within one hour of taking it. If this occurs, it is important to take another dose right away to ensure you receive the required amount for prevention or treatment of malaria

    How should I take Malarone?

    For optimal absorption, the tablets should be consumed with a fatty meal or a glass of milk, and you should take them at the same time each day.

    What are the advantages of taking Malarone?

    Malarone has a number of advantages for travellers to high risk areas. It can be started within 2 days of travel meaning it is useful for last minute plans and upon your return, you need only take it for 7 days rather than 4 weeks like some other antimalarials.

    In areas where malaria is an endemic, non immune travellers (those who are travelling from countries without malaria) showed a far lower adverse effect to treatment with Malarone and it is also approved for use in children travelling to high risk areas.

    How does Malarone work?

    The malaria causing parasite needs a certain enzyme to multiply, and the proguanil present in Malarone targets this enzyme and blocks it. At the same time, atovaquone interferes with the parasite’s reproductive process, making it almost impossible for the infection to take hold and spread.

    What are the side effects of Malarone?

    The treatment has fewer adverse side effects than other malaria drugs.

    Some people experience no symptoms at all, but there is a risk of the following:

    • vertigo
    • diarrhoea
    • loss of appetite
    • headaches
    • stomach upset
    • mouth sores
    • weakness
    • vomiting.

    Side Effects

    You are likely to experience a number of side effects from using Malarone Tablets. These side effects should not stop you from taking this drug, as the side effects of Malaria are far more dangerous than the side effects of this drug. Common side effects include the following:

    • Vertigo
    • Upset stomach
    • Diarrhoea
    • Headaches
    • Feeling weak
    • Vomiting
    • Nausea/feeling sick
    • Feeling tired

    Patient Information Leaflet

    Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.

    Authored by

    Jana Abelovska

    Last reviewed

    16 October 2020

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