Urinary Incontinence


It is important to seek help from your doctor if you begin to notice any of these forms of incontinence as it can be treated in several ways including antispasmodic tablets such as Detrusitol.

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Treatments such as Vesicare can support you in getting control of your incontinence by relaxing the bladder’s muscles, reducing leaks and the urge to take regular trips to the bathroom.

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What is incontinence?

Incontinence is a condition which causes someone to urinate without control as the urinary sphinc-ter is weak or lost completely. It is very common though tends to be found more in women than men. It can come down to stress upon the bladder when a person sneezes or coughs. It can also develop due to age, a weakening pelvic floor after pregnancy or from obesity.

Incontinence affects the quality of a sufferers’life as it takes away the joy of normal daily life due to not wanting to be too far from a toilet or worrying about leaking through clothes.

In a normal functioning bladder, the urine will be held in the bladder until you are ready to release it. During this time the smooth muscles of the bladder walls are holding the urine in and the sphinc-ter muscles are also closed meaning urine does not leak. When someone has incontinence, the bladder muscles contract without warning and the sphincter opens up forcing out the urine before you are ready.

Incontinence can show itself in 4 different ways:

  • stress incontinence which occurs when a weakened bladder comes under stress through a sneeze, cough or orgasm.
  • a sense of urgency which comes on suddenly as the bladder muscles uncontrollably contract
  • total incontinence which means the bladder cannot hold any urine and leaks constantly.
  • chronic urinary retention which stops a bladder emptying upon urination, causing it to leak in-termittently

How effective are incontinence treatments?

Incontinence treatments are highly effective at easing the symptoms caused by the condition. They stop the bladder muscles from contracting, causing them to relax instead which in turn helps to ease the urge to urinate or the uncontrolled leaking.

The treatments for incontinence may cause mild side effects initially but the longterm effects can change a sufferers life for the better and your doctor will help you to find the best medication to ease your symptoms most effectively.

Is it safe to take the incontinence treatment?

Any medication has the possibility of causing short term side effects but generally speaking, they ease within a few weeks. Oral treatments for incontinence are generally found to be safe and effi-cient in studies, with only specific situations causing potential safety issues, for example, when medications are mixed with other drugs, or if a patient has other health issues such as kidney fail-ure, and disorders of the liver or stomach to name a few. Women who are pregnant or breastfeed-ing may also be advised not to take incontinence tablets, but you can discuss this further with your doctor if necessary.

What different incontinence treatments are available?

You will usually be offered support without the use of medication at first which may include pelvic floor training and bladder training as well as making certain lifestyle changes. For example, you may be asked to try losing weight if you are overweight or reducing your caffeine intake. You could also try electrical stimulation treatment which contracts your pelvic floor muscles for those people unable to due to loss of muscle. A small electrical probe is inserted into the vagina or the anus for men and this stimulation then begins to work the pelvic floor to help strengthen it.

If these types of options do not help you, then medication will usually be the second route to take and there are several options available. Most treatments relax the muscles of the bladder to stop it contracting which causes you to leak or feel the urge to urinate. A treatment which is part of the family of medicines known as antimuscarinics will be prescribed as the first line against urge incon-tinence and overactive bladder syndrome.

Finally, if lifestyle changes and medication have not worked, then surgery may be your best op-tion. Operations, including a sling to help support the bladder and urethral bulking agents which help to keep the urethra closed until ready to open, can all be effective.

Can I buy incontinence treatments online?

Incontinence treatments will be prescribed to you by a doctor at Click Pharmacy or your GP when you show signs of the condition. You can discuss the different options available to you but when purchasing online, you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire which will give the information needed to assess whether this is the right medication to treat your symptoms.

If approved, you will be given a prescription meaning you can purchase your treatment. It will be sent in discreet packaging to your chosen address via next day delivery.

Does incontinence treatment provide immediate protection?

Each medication has a different time scale for improvements to be seen by, but most patients no-tice the benefits have kicked in by around week 4 with full effects showing by week 12, though the medication will start to work on the issue from the time you begin taking it.

Some factors can help your body to have absorb the drugs more effectively such as eating food before taking your tablet.

After around 3 months, your doctor will want to review the treatment to ensure it is the best option for dealing most effectively with your symptoms.

What are the side effects of incontinence treatment?

The most common side effect found from taking incontinence treatments is a dry mouth as the ac-tive ingredient in some of the tablets focuses not just on the bladder but the salivary glands too.

Other side effects experienced by some patients also include stomach pains, headache, constipa-tion, indigestion and drowsiness. Most side effects wear off after a short period of taking the medi-cation and should be mild enough not to stop you from using it, but if you experience anything more severe, then you can speak to your Click Pharmacy doctor at any time for advice.