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What is Sanitirex Hand Sanitiser

Using a hand sanitiser gel is considered by experts as the best option for use during times where you cannot wash your hands, such as when out and accessing public transport. Hand sanitisers and gels when applied to hands kill germs and bacteria without the need for water and therefore protecting oneself and others from harmful and infectious diseases.

How effective are hand sanitisers?

Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gels with an alcohol concentration of 60 to 90% are found on The World Health Organisation’s list of essential medicines.  Whilst there are alcohol-free variations available, they have not yet been found to be effective enough for major health agencies, including the WHO and the National Institute for Clinical Evidence, to recommend them for protection against bacteria and viruses.

To compare the effectiveness of alcohol-based versus low or non-alcohol-based hand sanitiser gels, one study measured and compared the number of active micro-organisms (CFUs) on volunteers' hands before and after treatments of sanitisers.  Products containing 40% ethanol had no significant reduction, whereas when this gel was supplemented and given a 62% alcohol-based potency, the CFU dropped by 90%, demonstrating that the addition of alcohol at 60% or above makes a great difference to its effectiveness.

The 70% alcohol-based anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gels available from Click Pharmacy are proven to kill many types of bacteria, including E coli and MRSA, as well as viruses such as flu and COVID-19.

Hand Sanitiser vs Washing Hands?

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that we wash our hands with soap and water to fight the transmission of infection, but at times when this is not possible, hand gel is known to be an effective method for reducing and removing the types of germs found on the hands which can cause illness. 

When you are out and about, regularly using anti bacterial hand gel is a highly beneficial habit to get in to, to stop the spread of viruses.  By applying the gel to one hand then using the second hand to rub the product together for a minimum of 20 seconds, just as you would when washing with soap and water, you can be certain that you are reducing your chances of picking up or passing on any infection.  By taking 20 to 40 seconds to complete this process, you will ensure the best coverage of the whole hand, including wrists and between the fingers, which will aid in the removal of as many germs as possible.

Benefits of carrying a hand sanitiser gel

The general recommendation is that “if soap and water are not readily available, then use a hand sanitiser gel that contains at least 60% alcohol” is best.  The CDC first recommended this form of hand hygiene back in 2002 for both health care professionals and for day-to-day use as well.  As one of the biggest public health agencies in the world, this is in itself a great recommendation for the benefits of the product. 

Hand sanitiser gels with 60% or more alcohol content is proven to help reduce the bacterial count found on hands and, in turn, reduces the transmission of many infections and diseases in a practical and time-saving method. 

It is also considered to be more gentle on the skin than soap and water, which tend to strip the natural oils from the skin.  As such, the use of sanitiser can actually improve the condition of skin which has been irritated by soap.

It is a great option to have with you for quick, on-the-go hand hygiene when leaving the house.  Use it after touching something which may potentially carry bacteria, as well as after you sneeze or cough into your hands.

What to consider when buying hand sanitiser gels online

When buying anti bacterial hand sanitiser gels online, it is important to remember that not all products are made equal.  Those with lower than 60% concentrations of alcohol will not be effective enough against many types of virus and bacteria.  As such, be sure to check the ingredient quantities or the manufacturer's guide before purchasing your anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gel.  The hand sanitiser gels available from Click Pharmacy guarantee an alcohol content of 70%, which exceeds the recommended 60%.

If you have any questions regarding personal protection methods during the Covid-19 outbreak or any other time feel free to get in touch and one of health experts will be happy to assist.

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