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Estriol Cream

When women reach menopause age several biological changes begin to occur, one of which is a decrease in oestrogen production. One of the results of this is a vaginal dryness causing inflammation, itching and pain as the sensitive lining of the vagina becomes affected. Not only can this increase the likelihood of urinary and vaginal infections, it can also lead to painful sex so hormone replacement treatments such as Estriol cream can be life-changing for many women.

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Can I buy Estriol Online?

Before you can purchase Estriol cream online you will be prompted to fill in a medical questionnaire to ensure this is the safest and most appropriate product for your situation. Your answers will be assessed by our in-house doctors and if approved you will be prescribed the product and able to purchase your treatment right away. It will then be sent quickly and discreetly to your chosen address.

If you have queries about the product or any health concerns then you can book a free, confidential online appointment with our doctors who can offer advice and answer your questions.

How effective is Estriol?

Oestrogen cream is a very effective form of treatment for the thinning of the cells lining the urethra and vagina as it helps to restore the cells and pause the continued depletion. One major benefit to the cream being applied directly to the affected area is that the required dose is lower than orally taken oestrogen and yet still achieves highly effective results. Clinical trials demonstrated that relief from symptoms of the vagina such as dryness, itching and inflammation was achieved during the first weeks of treatment.

Why choose Estriol?

Estradiol, estrone, and estriol are the three naturally occurring oestrogen hormones. Since estriol had always been considered the weakest of the three due to the level of its oestrogenic effects within the body, it had often been overlooked in the treatment of menopausal side effects. And yet, more recently, studies have discovered that due to this supposed weakness, it comes with fewer potential side effects and possible dangers than when using hormone replacement products with higher potency oestrogens. Issues linked to synthetic hormones circulating through the body when taken orally can include the stimulation of the ductal cells in the breast, uterine lining and endometrial cells, increasing the risk of cancers in these areas.

Conversely, studies so far have demonstrated that when used over a longterm basis, low dose vaginal oestrogen creams did not instigate such stimulated growth. It also gives a good alternative option to women who either cannot or do not want to use HRT tablets or patches.

What is contained in Estriol?

The active ingredient in each dose is estriol.

The inactive ingredients are:

  • eutanol G
  • lactic acid
  • sodium hydroxide
  • purified water
  • sorbitan monostearate
  • cetyl palmitate
  • glycerol, stearyl alcohol
  • cetyl alcohol
  • polysorbate 60
  • chlorhexidine hydrochloride.
How should I take Estriol?

The cream comes with a plastic application which can be used to apply the correct amount of medication.

  • remove the tube cap and open the tube if it is the first time you have used it
  • screw the end of the applicator onto the tube
  • squeeze the tube until the tube is filled up to the marker signifying one dose
  • place the cap back on the tube once you have removed the applicator
  • lie down, place the applicator into the vagina and push the free end down until the full dose is inserted.
  • Wash both the barrel and plunger in hot soapy water and rinse well. Do not use detergents or boiling water on the applicator.
  • stay lying down once applied if possible to avoid leaking

For menopausal problems, you will usually be prescribed enough for one full applicator of cream to be used each night for either two or three weeks. This may then be reduced to twice a week once your symptoms decrease, but your doctor will discuss your current symptoms with you and give you a personalised prescription based on these and your answers given in the medical assessment form.

It is generally recommended you take a break from using the cream every 8 to 12 weeks to discover whether you still require it. The length of time it’s used for, as well as any necessary breaks can be reviewed with your doctor and if you have any queries about how long to use Estriol for, then you can book a free doctor appointment online at any time.

How does Estriol work?

When the menopause causes the vaginal tissues to thin, the resulting symptoms such as dryness and inflammation can be difficult to live with. The use of an oestrogen medication such as Estriol supplements the vagina with the oestrogen the ovaries now no longer produce naturally, easing the symptoms and giving relief.

How long can I use Estriol for?

Women are usually recommended to use the cream each night before bed for 2 or 3 weeks before this is lowered to twice a week, but this will be discussed with you.

It has been studied and seen to be safe for long term use with regular reviews by your doctor to ensure it is still the most appropriate and effective medication for you.

What are the side effects of Estriol?

Estriol can cause side effects but not everyone will develop them. If you experience any of these side effects mentioned below, or develop any other issues after starting to use this cream then contact your doctor and as they may decide to stop or change the treatment.

Side effects of using Estriol can include:

  • irritation or itching in or around your vagina
  • discharge or bleeding
  • a rash
  • sensitivity to the sunshine
  • swollen or tender breasts
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • flu symptoms
  • vomiting
Other Warnings to consider

Levels of oestrogen being absorbed into the bloodstream are very low due to being taken topically rather than orally or injected. As such it is unlikely to affect any other medications your use but be sure to discuss other treatments you currently take with your doctor before starting Estriol to be certain.

Though studies have shown that oestrogen applied topically lowers the chance of more serious conditions developing such as cancer it is always wise to assume that increased risks are a possibility. Keep this in mind and make sure you book in regular reviews of your treatment with your doctor.

Ensure you do not let other people touch the cream as it is absorbed through the skin and they may get a dose of the oestrogen. Ensure to wash and dry your hands well after use for this same reason.

Patient Information Leaflet
Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.