Low sex drive? Here are some signs and methods to cure it

Low sex drive? Here are some signs and methods to cure it

It happens to a lot of us but seldom do we feel comfortable to discuss it openly or even to get it treated. Low sex drive is a common problem these days, and a lot of people have their relationships on a stake because of this.

Not being in the ‘mood’ is not only frustrating to your partner, but it can be for you too. A lot of men and women complain of low sex drives. There could be different reasons behind it.

If you are a victim and can’t gather the courage to visit the doctor, here are some causes, signs, and treatment options you can consider.

Causes of Low Libido

It can be psychological and physical factors that result in low sex drive, and sometimes both of them work together to cause the problem.

Some physical issues, such as low sex-related hormones, use of prescription medicines, too much or too little exercise, use of alcohol and drugs etc., can result in low sex drive. On the other hand, depression, stress, and problems in personal life are some of the psychological factors that may be affecting your sex drive.

As the experts at Click Pharmacy say, there is not a single thing that we can hold responsible solely for low libido. It is best to talk to a doctor to get the cause treated instead of relying on temporary solutions. If you clearly know what is causing it, some of the remedies discussed in this article might help.


Some of the common signs of low sex drive include:

  1. Fatigue and low energy levels
  2. Genital impassiveness
  3. Mood swings
  4. Increased levels of body fat
  5. Reduced muscle mass
  6. Low volume of semen
  7. Hair loss
  8. Gynecomastia (An imbalance of hormones in men)
  9. ED (Erectile Dysfunction)
  10. Lack or absence of morning erections

Treatment Options

If you are experiencing low sex drive and are looking to spice up your sex life, there is a host of remedies and products you can try that can help boost your libido and improve your sex life. Click Pharmacy recently conducted a research in which different natural and unnatural remedies were tried on their patients suffering from this problem.

Amongst all those tried, following are some remedies which yielded the best results.

1. Some Fruits

Although fruits don’t work for everyone, there is no harm in trying this natural method to combat low sex drive. Frits, including figs, bananas, and avocados, are said to be libido-boosting foods, known as aphrodisiacs. These foods have essential vitamins and minerals that improve your blood flow to the genitals and result in an enhanced sex life.

2. Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? It is a famous symbol of desire and passion and this is not only because of its taste. Chocolate is a powerful food that improves energy levels in the body and increases sexual pleasure.

Another study says that chocolates stimulate the production and release of phenylethylamine and serotonin in the body, which ultimately yield some aphrodisiac and mood-lifting effects.

One more study suggests that the chocolates have more psychological effects on sexuality than biological.

3. Daily Herbs

Daily herbs can also be of a lot of help. Consider adding a little basil or garlic to your dinner, as research shows that their smell rouses the senses, while garlic is packed with allicin that upsurges blood flow. This helps men with erectile dysfunction (ED).

4. Yohimbine

An alkaloid produced in western Africa known as Yohimbine works to resemble Viagra. Studies show that the bark of Yohimbine helps maintain an erection and enhance the quality of an erection too. Nonetheless, the effects are not as strong as Viagra itself.

5. Wine Consumption

If you have a low sex drive, two glasses of wine may be too much for you. One glass of wine is enough to put yourself at ease if you are habitual and can also provoke you to becoming intimate. A high amount of alcohol in the body can keep you from giving a good performance in bed by influencing your erectile function.

6. Meditation

A lot of people think that being physically healthy is enough; however, that’s just another fallacy! Regardless of how healthy you physically are, small things such as being stressed out or depressed are going to affect your libido. Surprisingly, women are more likely to be affected by mental health problems which can result in low sex drive, while men tend to use sex to relieve stress. These differences in the approach to sex cause conflicts and result in relationship problems too.

If you think it is your mental health that is the culprit, try meditation and mindfulness to relieve stress. As much as you can, take part in sports activities, take yoga/meditation classes, and practice tai chi.

7. Quality Sleep

Amidst our busy lives, we often tend to compromise sleep to fulfil other responsibilities. This possibly is the worst you can do to yourself, especially when it is your sex life that is at risk. The right amount of quality sleep is extremely important for your health and relationships too.

 Try getting a good night’s sleep every day to manage low sex drive and enhance it.

8. Relationship Management

If your relationship isn’t working well, talk it out instantly. Research shows that your sex drive reduces drastically after you have had an argument with your partner or anyone else. For women particularly, sensing emotional intimacy is important to develop sexual intimacy, and unresolved conflicts can badly affect their sexual relationships.

Communication is the key. Do whatever it takes but don’t go to bed holding a grudge!

9. Viagra

Although not a natural method, Viagra and other related pills are extremely effective in improving sex drive and the quality and span of erections.

The best part is that it acts immediately, so you can keep it as your one-stop solution for abrupt situations.


Whether or not the above-given remedies work for you, it is best to see the doctor at least once and discuss your problem. Only the professionals can help you identify underlying problems.

If you are ready for this activity, get in touch the doctor today. Make sure they guarantee confidentiality and listen carefully to suggest strategies for enhancing sexual health.

Good luck!

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