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Care Bicarbonate ear drops

Your ears need earwax to help them clear dirt and get rid of germs that can cause infections. Earwax usually passes out of your ears harmlessly, but can sometimes be in excessive amounts, thus causing some blockage. This blockage can be caused by factors like ears being hairy, producing too much wax, or even age. There are many medications available in pharmacies that you can use, but not all of them are effective. Care bicarbonate ear drops are the best so far when it comes to helping with ear blockage. This product contains sodium bicarbonate as the active ingredient, which enables you to soften the built-in wax making it easy to remove it.

You can also use some home remedies to try and unblock your ears. The simple ones include:


  • Drinking a lot of water

  • Using special earplugs

  • Using alcohol, or vinegar

The above simple home remedies are being used by many people around the world to relieve ear blockage. However, these tricks do not clear the entire blockage, thus making them less reliable. Care bicarbonate ear drops are a great product as they help you get rid of the ear blockage altogether, leaving you feeling free. Always consult with a professional before purchasing this product. Doing that allows you to understand how the product works, its benefits, and possible side effects. To get maximum information about Care bicarbonate ear drops and the best way to use to get maximum benefits you can call and discuss with the medical experts at Click Pharmacy.

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How effective are Care bicarbonate ear drops?

Care bicarbonate ear drops are the simplest and most natural option that you can use to clear any built-up wax in the ears. Using this product enables you to soften the hard earwax that's causing some blockage hence allowing you to remove it quickly. Sometimes, the hard earwax even falls out on its own after instilling these drops, thus making it easier to treat this problem without the need to visit the hospital too often.

This medication is licensed and not just a supplement. It has undergone several tests to verify its safety and effectiveness. Therefore, you can trust Care bicarbonate ear drops to help you unblock your ears effectively, and without causing side effects. Also, this product’s active ingredient-Sodium bicarbonate has been studied for many years now. All these studies conclude that using it can help you clear your ear blockage better, compared to any other alternatives.

Can I buy Care bicarbonate ear drops online?

Nowadays, you can buy any medication online, including Care bicarbonate ear drops. Many websites are always advertising this product, where you can order it. You, however, have to be careful before purchasing your Care bicarbonate ear drops from any buyer, as not all of them will deliver what they promise.

The best thing to do is to take your time before purchasing. That way, you can look at all those websites and see which ones seem more legit, depending on their professionalism, customer care availability, delivery terms, and even customer reviews. All these factors allow you to determine whether the dealer you pick, will deliver high-quality Care bicarbonate ear drops that will be worth your money.

What dose should I choose?

The 10 ml of this product comes in a unique bottle containing the Care bicarbonate ear drops. You should administer about 3 to 4 drops daily in each affected ear. The maximum amount of time that you can use this product is a week since longer than that can cause some side effects. Care bicarbonate ear drops are more suitable for adults and kids above 5 years old.

How should I take Care bicarbonate ear drops?

Here are the most vital steps to follow when administering Care bicarbonate ear drops to ensure maximum benefits, and reduce the likelihood of getting side effects:

  1. Wash your hands before opening the bottle

  2. Warm the Care bicarbonate ear drops to room temperature before using it. (Let your bottle stand in the house for about 30 minutes)

  3. Lie down and tilt your head to make the affected ear face upwards

  4. Pull the earlobe gently to straighten your ear canal

  5. Release about 3-4 Care bicarbonate ear drops into the ear canal. When doing so, avoid touching the inside part of your ear with the dropper

  6. Keep your head in the same slightly tilted position for around 5-10 minutes to allow the Care bicarbonate ear drops to get absorbed properly

  7. Repeat the same process in your other ear if it’s also affected, or if your doctor instructed you to

Always read the instructions that come with the Care bicarbonate ear drops to help you understand more on how to use it accurately. Also, if the drops are for a child, it is best that you first consult with a doctor to get advice on the best way to administer and the right dose.

How do Care bicarbonate ear drops work?

Care bicarbonate ear drops have the active ingredient-Sodium bicarbonate. When you add these drops in your blocked ear, the Sodium bicarbonate acts on the hard wax and softens it. Doing that breaks the built-up earwax into small pieces, thus making it easier to remove them yourself, or with the doctor’s help. Also, using this product can sometimes make the built-up wax to get out of the ears by itself, hence making it a very reliable medication to use.

How long do I take Care bicarbonate ear drops for before I notice a difference?

Most people experience some significant benefits after about a day of using Care bicarbonate ear drops. However, there is no exact period that these drops can take before providing some benefits. Expect to feel the benefits immediately after use, or from the second dose. If you don’t experience any difference after the first dose, don’t double dose to avoid side effects. Be patient, and you will feel the results within the first day.

What are the side effects of Care bicarbonate ear drops?

The most common side effect that many people report after using Care bicarbonate ear drops is some dryness in the ear canal. However, not every user experiences this side effect. If this dryness is extreme, then talk to your doctor to get immediate help.

When shouldn’t I take Care bicarbonate ear drops?

Do not take Care bicarbonate ear drops if:

  • You have a perforated eardrum

  • You’re allergic to Sodium bicarbonate, or any other ingredient in these drops

  • You are currently using other ear products

You should also consult with a doctor before using Care bicarbonate ear drops if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Doing that allows you to know if you are fit to use this product and, whether there are any possible risks.

What is the difference between Care bicarbonate ear drops and other alternatives such as Olive oil ear drops BP, and Debrox Earwax Removal Aid Drops?

You can use any of these medications for your ear blockage. The major difference between them is their efficacy and reliability. Care bicarbonate ear drops are effective and work faster, compared to the other alternatives, hence making them more reliable.

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