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Manifesting in the form of breathing difficulties varying from mild breathlessness to fatal attacks, asthma is a chronic disease which affects people of all ages. It most often starts in childhood though adults can develop it as well. Asthmatic symptoms tend to occur due to allergens triggering the sensitive airways of an asthma sufferer causing them to constrict and limit the amount of oxygen which can get down into the lungs.

Ensuring you have a management plan in place which includes medication such as Bricanyl to help you treat or even prevent asthma attacks is vital if you are to stay safe as you go about your life with asthma. Triggers can affect you at any time and being able to recognise them and either preempting them or preventing them is the safest way to live with asthma.

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How effective is Bricanyl?

Bricanyl’s active ingredient, terbutaline sulfate works to open the airways and enable easier breathing for anyone suffering from asthmatic symptoms or an attack. A study performed on Bricanyl demonstrated that it is a highly effective long term treatment for asthma as it lowered the need for additional inhalations when a patient comes into contact with triggers which kickstarts an asthma attack.

An inhaler is most effective when a complete dose is taken and with the spray inhalers this can be hard for some people who struggle to coordinate breathing in and pressing on the cannister. The Bricanyl inhaler is a dry powder which you release into the inhaler before breathing in when you are ready without any need to synchronise the breath and the pressing. This enables you to take in a full dose more easily.

Why choose Bricanyl?

Bricanyl is a reliever treatment designed to be used when someone is suddenly suffering from breathlessness or wheezing and can be used as and when required up to 4 doses a day to help ease this. It should be the first line of defence against an asthma attack as, once used, your airways open up quickly meaning the medication from any other inhalers will be able to work more effectively.

A Bricanyl inhaler is also appropriate to be used in children as young as 5 as well as by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (once discussed with your doctor) making it a safe and accessible form of asthma treatment.

Can I buy Bricanyl Turbohaler Online?

Bricanyl inhalers can only be bought with a prescription and you can receive one from our online doctors at Click Pharmacy rather than booking an appointment with your GP. You will be prompted to fill in a health questionnaire and your answers will be assessed by our in-house doctors who can approve you for this medication. If from your answers they feel this would not be the most appropriate option for your asthma management based on factors such as an allergy to ingredients, they will advise you on alternatives which would be preferable.

With your prescription, you can then purchase your medication online and have it sent directly to your address. Once you have a prescription you do not need to fill in the questionnaire again for this product and can simply purchase your medication as and when you require a new inhaler.

What is contained in Bricanyl?

The only ingredient in a Bricanyl inhaler is terbutaline sulfate.

How should I take Bricanyl?

Unscrew the cover and remove it being careful not to hold your inhaler by the mouthpiece.

Hold the inhaler upright and turn the grip at the bottom as far as possible to the right and then back to the left. You should hear it click into place.

The medication is now ready. To take a dose, breathe out as far as possible then place the mouthpiece gently between your teeth and create a seal with your lips, and breathe in very deeply. Then continue to breathe as normal.

Replace the mouthpiece cover.

Rinse your mouth out and brush your teeth if you can after every use.

How does Bricanyl work?

The active ingredient terbutaline sulfate is from the family of medicines known as short-acting beta 2 agonists which work directly on the beta 2 receptors in the lungs. When the airways become constricted due to contact with an allergen such as pollen or pet fur, or when exercising for example, the medication stimulating the beta 2 receptors cause the muscles in the airways to relax and reopen allowing breath to begin to more easily flow in and out once again.

How long can I take Bricanyl for?

Your doctor will prescribe you with Bricanyl for as long as it is effective. If you find that it is no longer working quickly enough for you you may find that your asthma is worsening and a stronger dose or different medication may be required.

Whilst using Bricanyl you can use it up to 4 times a day as and when required.

What are the side effects of Bricanyl?

The chance of developing side effects is lowered due to using the inhaler method instead of orally because it is taken directly down into the lungs where it is required. One of the main possible side effects with an inhaler though is oral thrush due to residual medication staying in the mouth after inhalation, so rinsing the mouth and brushing teeth is important after each use.

Other possible side effects from Bricanyl include a tremor of the hands and a headache and some people suffer from a raised heart rate or muscle cramps. None of these issues should be severe enough to stop you from using the medication and your body should begin to tolerate the treatment as you use it more meaning the side effects will lessen, but if you have any concerns over your reaction to using Bricanyl then book a free, online appointment with a Click Pharmacy doctor at any time. If you experience any very severe issues or allergic reactions then seek medical help right away.

Other Warnings to consider

You cannot mix beta-blockers with the active ingredient found in Bricanyl because whilst the inhaler is designed to open the airways, beta-blockers can cause the opposite action resulting in breathing difficulties. Aside from beta-blockers, ensure you tell your doctor if you are taking any other medication including herbal supplements or vitamins prior to getting a prescription for Bricanyl.

Some inhalers cause wheezing right after use called paradoxical bronchospasm. If this occurs, stop using the treatment and consult your doctor to discuss an alternative treatment.

Patient Information Leaflet
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