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With symptoms ranging from mild to fatal, asthma is a long term lung condition which needs to be managed well with the support of medication. With airways sensitive to any number of triggers such as pollen and pollution, someone with asthma could find their symptoms flaring up unexpectedly and without the appropriate treatment to hand it can swiftly turn very serious as the airways begin to tighten and the muscles contract from the reaction.

An inhaler such as Atrovent helps someone prevent their body from reacting to triggers as well helping when the chest starts getting tight and breath feels laboured as it is designed to relax these muscles and increase the air flow into the lungs.

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How effective is Atrovent?

A study performed on the effectiveness of Atrovent showed that two inhalations or a single dose of the medicine greatly improved pulmonary function and just 6 hours after the initial treatment, the lung function was far better when compared to those using a placebo.

Why choose Atrovent?

Atrovent would not be the first line of defence against an asthma attack. It is a bronchodilator which is most effective when used regularly as directed by your doctor for prevention. As it is a slightly milder medication, whose full benefits are usually felt up to around 2 hours after use as opposed to immediately, it can be used for maintenance alongside other forms of an inhaler to help support you in preventing symptoms and attacks where just one form of medication is not enough.

Can I buy Atrovent Online?

Atrovent is a prescribed medication designed to help those suffering from asthma and as such it requires a doctor’s approval before it can be purchased. Instead of booking an appointment with your GP you can purchase Atrovent online via the Click Pharmacy website by filling in the health questionnaire which will be assessed by our in-house doctors. If approved for the medication you will be able to buy it and have it sent directly to your address.

Once approved, you do not need to redo the questionnaire when getting a repeat prescription for this product though it is crucial for your asthma management to have your medication reviewed at least once a year so if you have any questions or queries about your treatment you can book a free online appointment with a doctor.

What is contained in Atrovent?

The active ingredient Atrovent is ipratropium bromide.

The inactive ingredients are citric acid-anhydrous, purified water, norflurane and ethanol.

How should I take Atrovent?

Prime the inhaler twice before first use (or if unused for 3 days) by activating it twice into the air and away from your face.

  • Place your thumb at the bottom of the inhaler and your index finger on top.
  • Breathe out fully before placing your lips around the mouthpiece to create a seal
  • Begin to breathe in slowly and as you do, press down on the inhaler firmly to release your dose.
  • Continue your in breath and hold it in for 10 seconds whilst removing the inhaler from your mouth, then breathe out slowly.
  • Replace the mouthpiece as soon as possible after use and rinse your mouth out and/or clean your teeth.
How does Atrovent work?

The active ingredient found in Atrovent, ipratropium bromide, is a medicine known as an anticholinergic bronchodilator which works to open the airways.

When an asthma sufferer comes into contact with a trigger such as pollen or pet fur the muscles around the airways tighten. The medication blocks certain receptors found on these muscles causing the restriction and this helps them to stop their allergic-type tightening response to the trigger. They can then begin to relax and breathing is eased.

How long can I take Atrovent for?

As a maintenance and reliever inhaler Atrovent can be continued as required and for as long as the doctor prescribes it to you. You should have your medications reviewed at least once a year.

Ideally, patients should take two inhalations of Atrovent up to 4 times a day and must not take more than 12 in 24 hours. This will be discussed and confirmed with you prior to being prescribed the medication and it is important to always follow your doctor's instructions on how and when to use your inhaler.

What are the side effects of Atrovent?

Medications will affect each person differently but some of the most common side effects with Atrovent include:

  • mucus cough
  • bladder pain
  • urge to urinate
  • shortness of breath

Less common side effects include:

  • sore throat
  • headache
  • fever
  • tiredness

Most of the above side effects do not require medical treatment and as your body gets used to the treatment many will relieve themselves over time. If you are concerned at any time though you can book an online appointment with a Click Pharmacy doctor. Extremely rare side effects can occur in some patients and can include:

  • fainting
  • irregular heartbeat
  • bloating and constipation
  • swelling of the eyes, lips or face.

If any of these side effects occur then contact your doctor and if the effects are more serious or rare, seek medical help right away.

Other Warnings to consider

If you experience a tight chest, coughing and/or wheezing right after using the medication you could be experiencing the condition known as bronchospasm. Stop using the medication and get support right away.

If you get any of the spray into your eyes you could develop the condition known as glaucoma. Contact your doctor immediately if you get pain in your eyes or blurred vision/halos in your sight during or after use.

Always let your doctors know of any other medication you already take prior to starting Atrovent, and remind them that you are using it before starting any other forms of treatment both for asthma or otherwise, in case of any issues between the ingredients.

Patient Information Leaflet
Always read the patient information leaflet before starting your treatment. The patient information can be found here.